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ramus arteriae ophthalmicae

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Top level pars principalis organi Short Extended
Level 2 segmentum organi Short Extended
Level 3 arteria Short Extended
Current level ramus arteriae ophthalmicae
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
49872 23484
ramus arteriae ophthalmicae
branch of ophthalmic artery
49879 3921
arteria centralis retinae
central retinal artery
ramus arteriae centralis retinae
branch of central retinal artery
arteriola retinalis superior
superior retinal arteriole
ramus arteriolae retinalis superioris
branch of superior retinal arteriole
49912 6985
arteriola retinalis temporalis superior
superior temporal retinal arteriole
49909 6987
arteriola retinalis nasalis superior
superior nasal retinal arteriole
arteriola retinalis inferior
inferior retinal arteriole
ramus arteriolae retinalis inferioris
branch of inferior retinal arteriole
49917 6986
arteriola retinalis temporalis inferior
inferior temporal retinal arteriole
49915 6988
arteriola retinalis nasalis inferior
inferior nasal retinal arteriole
51904 6989
arteriola macularis superior
superior macular arteriole
51905 6990
arteriola macularis inferior
inferior macular arteriole
51906 6991
arteriola macularis media
middle macular arteriole
49927 3924
arteria lacrimalis
lacrimal artery
ramus arteriae lacrimalis
branch of lacrimal artery
49940 3926
arteria palpebralis lateralis
lateral palpebral artery
51965 3925
ramus anastomoticus arteriae meningeae mediae arteriae lacrimalis
anastomotic branch of middle meningeal artery of lacrimal artery
49952 8917
arteria ciliaris posterior
posterior ciliary artery
49956 3928
arteria ciliaris posterior brevis
short posterior ciliary artery
49955 3929
arteria ciliaris posterior longa
long posterior ciliary artery
51968 3927
ramus meningeus recurrens arteriae ophthalmicae
recurrent meningeal branch of ophthalmic artery
49961 3930
arteria muscularis arteriae ophthalmicae
muscular artery of ophthalmic artery
ramus arteriae muscularis arteriae ophthalmicae arteriae ophthalmicae
branch of muscular artery of ophthalmic artery of ophthalmic artery
49962 3931
arteria ciliaris anterior
anterior ciliary artery
49967 3932
arteria conjunctiva anterior arteriae ophthalmicae
anterior conjunctival artery of ophthalmic artery
49970 3933
arteria episcleralis arteriae ophthalmicae
episcleral artery of ophthalmic artery
49973 3934
arteria supraorbitalis
supraorbital artery
arteria ethmoidalis
ethmoidal artery
49989 3940
arteria ethmoidalis posterior
posterior ethmoidal artery
ramus arteriae ethmoidalis posterioris
branch of posterior ethmoidal artery
49986 3936
arteria ethmoidalis anterior
anterior ethmoidal artery
ramus arteriae ethmoidalis anterioris
branch of anterior ethmoidal artery
49993 3937
ramus meningeus anterior arteriae ethmoidalis anterioris
anterior meningeal branch of anterior ethmoidal artery
49994 3938
ramus septalis anterior arteriae ethmoidalis anterioris
anterior septal branch of anterior ethmoidal artery
ramus nasalis anterior lateralis arteriae ethmoidalis anterioris
lateral anterior nasal branch of anterior ethmoidal artery
50012 3941
arteria palpebralis medialis
medial palpebral artery
arteria palpebralis medialis superior
superior medial palpebral artery
ramus arteriae palpebralis medialis superioris
branch of superior medial palpebral artery
arteria conjunctiva posterior superior
superior posterior conjunctival artery
50018 3944
arcus palpebralis superior
superior palpebral arch
arteria palpebralis medialis inferior
inferior medial palpebral artery
ramus arteriae palpebralis medialis inferioris
branch of inferior medial palpebral artery
49983 3935
ramus diploicus arteriae supraorbitalis
diploic branch of supraorbital artery
50016 3942
arteria conjunctiva posterior inferior
inferior posterior conjunctival artery
50017 3943
arcus palpebralis inferior
inferior palpebral arch
ramus terminalis arteriae ophthalmicae
terminal branch of ophthalmic artery
50000 3946
arteria nasalis dorsalis
dorsal nasal artery
50025 3945
arteria supratrochlearis
supratrochlear artery
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