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ramus arteriae subclaviae

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Top level pars principalis organi Short Extended
Level 2 segmentum organi Short Extended
Level 3 arteria Short Extended
Current level ramus arteriae subclaviae
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
70345 23111
ramus arteriae subclaviae
branch of subclavian artery
3956 4051
arteria vertebralis
vertebral artery
76259 23113
ramus arteriae vertebralis
branch of vertebral artery
72623 23120
ramus transversarius arteriae vertebralis
transversary branch of vertebral artery
50505 4054
ramus spinalis partis cervicalis arteriae vertebralis
spinal branch of cervical part of vertebral artery
ramus muscularis partis cervicalis arteriae vertebralis
muscular branch of cervical part of vertebral artery
ramus atlanticus arteriae vertebralis
atlantic branch of vertebral artery
(arteria proatloidea )
(proatloid artery )
ramus muscularis partis labii arteriae vertebralis
muscular branch of atloid part of vertebral artery
76264 23122
ramus intracranialis arteriae vertebralis
intracranial branch of vertebral artery
50515 4060
ramus meningeus partis intracranialis arteriae vertebralis
meningeal branch of intracranial part of vertebral artery
50518 4061
arteria cerebelli inferior posterior
posterior inferior cerebellar artery
50518 23123
ramus arteriae posterioris inferioris cerebelli
branch of posterior inferior cerebellar artery
50525 4063
ramus tonsillae cerebelli
cerebellar tonsillar branch
50528 4064
ramus choroideus ventriculi quarti
choroidal branch to fourth ventricle
50522 4062
arteria spinalis posterior
posterior spinal artery
50534 4066
ramus medullaris medialis arteriae vertebralis
medial medullary branch of vertebral artery ; paramedian medullary branch of vertebral artery
50537 4067
ramus medullaris lateralis arteriae vertebralis
lateral medullary branch of vertebral artery ; short circumferential medullary branch of vertebral artery
3960 4078
arteria thoracica interna
internal thoracic artery
70358 13670
ramus arteriae thoracicae internae
branch of internal thoracic artery
10637 4079
ramus mediastinalis arteriae thoracicae internae
mediastinal branch of internal thoracic artery
10647 4080
ramus thymicus arteriae thoracicae internae
thymic branch of internal thoracic artery
281880 4081
(ramus bronchialis arteriae thoracicae internae )
(bronchial branch of internal thoracic artery )
103757 4082
(ramus trachealis arteriae thoracicae internae )
(tracheal branch of internal thoracic artery )
3964 4083
arteria pericardiodiaphragmatica
pericardiodiaphragmatic artery
70367 4084
ramus sternalis arteriae thoracicae internae
sternal branch of internal thoracic artery
70370 4085
ramus perforans arteriae thoracicae internae
perforating branch of internal thoracic artery
10648 4086
ramus mammarius medialis arteriae thoracicae internae
medial mammary branch of internal thoracic artery
3963 4087
(ramus costalis lateralis arteriae thoracicae internae )
(lateral costal branch of internal thoracic artery )
10641 4088
ramus intercostalis anterior arteriae thoracicae internae
anterior intercostal branch of internal thoracic artery
10645 4089
arteria musculodiaphragmatica
musculodiaphragmatic artery
10646 4090
arteria epigastrica superior
superior epigastric artery
3990 4091
arteria thyrocervicalis
thyrocervical artery
70346 13671
divisio arteriae thyrocervicalis
subdivision of thyrocervical artery
10662 4092
arteria thyroidea inferior
inferior thyroid artery
70373 13706
res generica
52489 4098
arteria cervicalis ascendens
ascending cervical artery
10663 4100
arteria suprascapularis
suprascapular artery
70389 13716
10664 4102
arteria cervicalis transversa ; arteria transversa cervicis
transverse cervical artery
86020 13717
79658 4107
(arteria scapularis dorsalis )
(dorsal scapular artery )
10636 4108
arteria costocervicalis
costocervical artery
70350 13672
divisio arteriae costocervicalis
subdivision of costocervical artery
10659 4109
arteria cervicalis profunda
deep cervical artery
76998 4110
arteria intercostalis suprema
supreme intercostal artery
71529 4117
ramus subscapularis
subscapular branch
22668 4118
arteria thoracica superior
superior thoracic artery
23152 13666
ramus arteriae thoracicae superioris
branch of superior thoracic artery
22671 4119
arteria thoracoacromialis
thoracoacromial artery
70408 13656
divisio arteriae thoracoacromialis
subdivision of thoracoacromial artery
23065 4120
ramus acromialis arteriae thoracoacromialis
acromial branch of thoracoacromial artery
23066 4122
ramus clavicularis arteriae thoracoacromialis
clavicular branch of thoracoacromial artery
23067 4123
ramus deltoideus arteriae thoracoacromialis
deltoid branch of thoracoacromial artery
71530 4124
ramus pectoralis arteriae thoracoacromialis
pectoral branch of thoracoacromial artery
22674 4125
arteria thoracica lateralis
lateral thoracic artery
23160 13668
ramus arteriae thoracicae lateralis
branch of lateral thoracic artery
71531 4126
ramus mammarius lateralis
lateral mammary branch
22677 4127
arteria subscapularis
subscapular artery
70389 13669
ramus arteriae subscapularis
branch of subscapular artery
66320 4128
arteria thoracodorsalis
thoracodorsal artery
23179 4129
arteria circumflexa scapulae
scapular circumflex artery
arteria circumflexa humeralis
humeral circumflex artery
22680 4130
arteria circumflexa humeri anterior
anterior humeral circumflex artery
22684 4131
arteria circumflexa humeri posterior
posterior humeral circumflex artery
22693 13673
ramus arteriae brachialis
branch of brachial artery
77135 4133
(arteria brachialis superficialis )
(superficial brachial artery )
22695 4134
arteria brachialis profunda
deep brachial artery ; deep artery of arm
23117 13742
ramus arteriae brachialis profundae
branch of deep brachial artery
70799 4135
arteria humeralis nutricia ; humeri
nutriens humeral artery
71533 4136
ramus deltoideus arteriae brachialis profundae
deltoid branch of deep brachial artery
23119 4137
arteria collateralis media
middle collateral artery
23120 4138
arteria collateralis radialis
radial collateral artery
22706 4139
arteria collateralis ulnaris superior
superior ulnar collateral artery
22710 4140
arteria collateralis ulnaris inferior
inferior ulnar collateral artery
22730 4141
arteria radialis
radial artery
22738 13674
ramus arteriae radialis
branch of radial artery
22748 4142
arteria recurrens radialis arteriae radialis
radial recurrent artery of radial artery
77139 4143
arteria nutricia radialis ; arteria nutriens radii
radial nutriens artery
22750 4144
ramus carpalis palmaris arteriae radialis
palmar carpal branch of radial artery
22752 4145
ramus carpalis superficialis arteriae radialis
superficial carpal branch of radial artery
22755 4146
ramus carpalis dorsalis arteriae radialis
dorsal carpal branch of radial artery
321491 13798
327784 13745
ramus rami carpalis dorsalis arteriae radialis arteriae radialis
branch of dorsal carpal branch of radial artery of radial artery
22755 4147
rete carpale dorsale
dorsal carpal arch
321492 13799
22762 4150
arteria princeps pollicis
princeps pollicis artery
22763 4151
arteria radialis indicis
radialis indicis artery
22796 4155
arteria ulnaris
ulnar artery
22799 13676
ramus arteriae ulnaris
branch of ulnar artery
77140 4156
arteria recurrens ulnaris
ulnar recurrent artery
77442 4159
rete articulare cubiti
cubital anastomosis
77141 4160
arteria nutricia ulnae ; arteria nutriensulnae
nutriens artery of ulna
22806 4161
arteria interossea communis
common interosseous artery
22820 4167
ramus carpalis dorsalis arteriae ulnaris
dorsal carpal branch of ulnar artery
22817 4168
ramus carpalis palmaris arteriae ulnaris
palmar carpal branch of ulnar artery
22824 4169
ramus palmaris profundus arteriae ulnaris
deep palmar branch of ulnar artery
22834 4170
arcus palmaris superficialis
superficial palmar arch
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
This update of TA (pages 83-85, 93-95) is mainly based on Lang (Kopf A, Kopf B. von Lanz and Wachsmuth Praktische Anatomie, 1985 and 1979, respectively; Springer; Rhoton AL Jr 2002a Neurosurgery 51, Suppl 1:S53-S120 (The supratentorial arteries), Rhoton AL Jr 2002b, S1:S159-204 (The cerebral veins), and Rhoton AL Jr 2007 The cerebrum (Neurosurgery 61, Suppl 1:SHC37-SHC120; and Harrigan MR, Deveikis JP (2013) Hb Cerebrovascular Diseases and Neurointerventional Techniques, Humana Press, pp 1-85. For the Brain stem and Cerebellum, Duvernoy HM (1995 The Human Brain Stem and Cerebellum. Springer, Vienna) is followed. The various arteries to the Brain are listed to their blood flow as Carotid and Vertebrobasilar systems.
Date: 27.08.2022