Taxonomic list T3, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

regio mucosae

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Top level pars principalis organi Short Extended
Level 2 regio componentis organi Short Extended
Current level regio mucosae Extended
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Non Latin primary language
Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
85358 22531
regio mucosae
region of mucosa
85361 22532
region of viscerocranial mucous membrane
17052 16048
tunica mucosa zonae gastris
mucous layer of zone of stomach
322983 2555
area gastrica
gastric area
7471 2927 part
tunica mucosa tracheae
mucosa of trachea; mucous membrane of trachea
62652 2961 part
tunica mucosa bronchi
mucosa of bronchus; mucous membrane of bronchus
21577 15717
mucosa regionis ureteris
17931 3103 part
tunica mucosa pelvis renalis
mucosa of renal pelvis; mucous membrane of renal pelvis
85360 16490
mucous layer of region of male genital duct ♂
85390 16522
mucous layer of segment of male urethra
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Scientific notes
Type of list T3
List Unit Identifier 22531
Sublist 1 16490 tunica mucosa regionis ductus genitalis masculini 9/4 on 20.6.2024
Sublist 2 16522 tunica mucosa segmenti urethrae masculinae 3/4 on 20.6.2024
Sublist 3 22532 regio mucosae viscerocranialis 17/14 on 20.6.2024
Subtotals subchildren 29 subunits 22
Proper children 11
Number of children 40 (validated)
Proper units 7
Number of units 29 (validated)
Signature 4954 (validated since 20.6.2024)
Date: 06.07.2024