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regio parietis systematis ventricularis

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Top level pars principalis organi Short Extended
Level 2 regio componentis organi Short Extended
Current level regio parietis systematis ventricularis
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Non Latin primary language
Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
242770 19870
regio parietis systematis ventricularis
region of wall of ventricular system
83705 11440
regio parietis ventriculi lateralis
region of wall of lateral ventricle
78460 11441
regio parietis ventriculi tertii
region of wall of third ventricle
78476 11442
regio parietis ventriculi quarti
region of wall of fourth ventricle
78490 5287
78488 8277
tuberculum acusticum
acoustic tubercle
78481 5570
fovea superior
superior fovea
78482 5571
fovea inferior
inferior fovea
78480 5550
colliculus facialis
facial colliculus
78489 5553
trigonum nervi hypoglossi ; trigonum hypoglossum
trigone of hypoglossal nerve ; hypoglossal trigone
78445 5554
trigonum nervi vagi ; trigonum vagale
trigone of vagus nerve ; vagal trigone
78439 5558
tegmen ventriculi quarti
roof of fourth ventricle
78484 5552
stria medullaris ventriculi quarti
medullary stria of fourth ventricle
78477 5559
78479 5549
eminentia medialis
medial eminence
78478 5555
area vestibularis
vestibular area
78483 5556
funiculus separans
separans cord
242849 7767
tela choroidea piae matris piae matris cranialis
choroid canvas of cranial pia mater
plexus choroideus
choroid plexus
glomus choroideum
choroid glomus
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Date: 06.02.2024