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regio substantiae griseae systematis nervosi centralis

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 regio substantiae griseae systematis nervosi centralis Short Extended
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
277749 19689
regio substantiae griseae systematis nervosi centralis
region of grey matter of central nervous system
segmentum substantiae griseae systematis nervosi centralis
segment of grey matter of central nervous system
segmentum substantiae griseae telencephali
segment of grey matter of telencephalon
83926 19690
segmentum substantiae griseae medullae spinalis
segment of grey matter of spinal cord
256530 5176
columna posterior medullae spinalis ; columna dorsalis medullae spinalis
posterior column of spinal cord ; dorsal column of spinal cord
256536 5192
columna intermedia medullae spinalis
intermediate column of spinal cord
256541 5164
columna anterior medullae spinalis ; columna ventralis medullae spinalis
anterior column of spinal cord ; ventral column of spinal cord
cornu posterius medullae spinalis ; cornu dorsale medullae spinalis
posterior horn of spinal cord ; dorsal horn of spinal cord
256541 5165
cornu anterius medullae spinalis ; cornu ventrale medullae spinalis
anterior horn of spinal cord ; ventral horn of spinal cord
256536 5194
cornu laterale medullae spinalis
lateral horn of spinal cord
68861 19730
lamina substantiae griseae medullae spinalis
lamina of grey matter of spinal cord
68862 5179
lamina spinalis I medullae spinalis ; zona marginalis medullae spinalis
spinal layer I of spinal cord ; marginal zone of spinal cord
74019 5181
lamina spinalis II ; substantia gelatinosa
spinal layer II ; gelatinous matter
73906 5183
lamina spinalis III-IV ; nucleus proprius
spinal layer III-IV ; nucleus proprius
68866 5184
lamina spinalis V
spinal layer V
73909 7821
processus reticularis medullae spinalis
reticular process of spinal cord
68867 5186
lamina spinalis VI
spinal layer VI
68868 5193
lamina spinalis VII
spinal layer VII
68869 7860
lamina spinalis VIII
spinal layer VIII
68870 7861
lamina spinalis IX
spinal layer IX ; motor nuclei
16509 6711
nervus musculi piriformis
nerve to piriformis muscle
16510 6713
nervus gluteus superior
superior gluteal nerve
68871 5252
area spinalis X medullae spinalis
spinal area X of spinal cord
83137 5196
substantia intermedia centralis medullae spinalis
central intermediate substance of spinal cord
83928 5198
substantia intermedia lateralis medullae spinalis
lateral intermediate substance of spinal cord
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The dorsal horn consists of layer I to layer VI, including the sensory layers I-IV and the mixed layers V and VI (VI only present in the intumescences) as advocated in TA and by Sengul G, Watson C (2012) Spinal cord: regional anatomy, cytoarchitecture and chemoarchitecture. In: Mai JK, Paxinos G, eds: The Human Nervous System, 3rd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 186-232. Layers I and II form the superficial dorsal horn, and layers III to VI the deep dorsal horn. The intermediate zone is interpreted as layer VII only, and the ventral horn consists of the layer VIII and layer IX.
Date: 20.03.2022