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nucleus medullae spinalis

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 substantia grisea systematis nervosi centralis Short Extended
Current level nucleus medullae spinalis
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
77011 19632
nucleus medullae spinalis
nucleus of spinal cord
222975 14774
nucleus nervi spinalis
nucleus of spinal nerve
80374 10276
nucleus originis nervi spinalis
nucleus of origin of spinal nerve
nucleus terminationis nervi spinalis
terminal nucleus of spinal nerve
73921 5189
nucleus cervicalis lateralis medullae spinalis
lateral cervical nucleus of spinal cord
77022 5191
nucleus spinalis lateralis ; nucleus posterior funiculi lateralis medullae spinalis
lateral spinal nucleus ; posterior nucleus of lateral funiculus of spinal cord of spinal cord
73912 5197
nucleus thoracicus posterior ; nucleus thoracicus dorsalis
posterior thoracic nucleus ; dorsal thoracic nucleus
77021 5190
nucleus cervicalis centralis
central cervical nucleus
73918 5199
nucleus intermediomedialis
intermediomedial nucleus
nucleus intercalatus spinalis
spinal intercalated nucleus
77764 5200
nucleus parasympathicus sacralis
sacral parasympathetic nucleus
73915 5195
nucleus intermediolateralis
intermediolateral nucleus
nucleus motorius medialis medullae spinalis
medial motor nucleus of spinal cord
73930 5169
nucleus anteromedialis medullae spinalis ; nucleus ventromedialis medullae spinalis
anteromedial nucleus of spinal cord ; ventromedial nucleus of spinal cord
77015 5172
nucleus posteromedialis medullae spinalis ; nucleus dorsomedialis medullae spinalis
posteromedial nucleus of spinal cord ; dorsomedial nucleus of spinal cord
nucleus motorius lateralis medullae spinalis
lateral motor nucleus of spinal cord
77016 5173
nucleus centralis medullae spinalis
central nucleus of spinal cord
77012 5168
nucleus anterior medullae spinalis ; nucleus ventralis medullae spinalis
anterior nucleus of spinal cord ; ventral nucleus of spinal cord
73934 5167
nucleus anterolateralis medullae spinalis ; nucleus ventrolateralis medullae spinalis
anterolateral nucleus of spinal cord ; ventrolateral nucleus of spinal cord
77013 5170
nucleus posterolateralis medullae spinalis; nucleus dorsolateralis medullae spinalis
posterolateral nucleus of spinal cord; dorsolateral nucleus of spinal cord
77014 5171
nucleus retroposterolateralis medullae spinalis ; nucleus retrodorsolateralis medullae spinalis
retroposterolateral nucleus of spinal cord ; retrodorsolateral nucleus of spinal cord
83965 5174
nucleus nervi accessorii medullae spinalis
nucleus of accessory nerve of spinal cord ; spinal accessory nucleus
77458 5175
nucleus nervi phrenici medullae spinalis
nucleus of phrenic nerve of spinal cord
77024 5201
nucleus nervi pudendi medullae spinalis
nucleus of pudendal nerve of spinal cord
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