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segmentum neuraxis

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Top level pars principalis organi Short Extended
Level 2 segmentum organi Short Extended
Current level segmentum neuraxis Extended
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
256237 19587
segmentum neuraxis
segment of neuraxis
50801 5257
55676 19588
segmentum systematis nervosi centralis
segment of central nervous system
61815 19589
segmentum principalis encephali
cardinal segment of brain
61992 5262
61993 5261
mesencephalon ; midbrain
67687 5258
61996 19590
segmentum prosencephali
segment of prosencephalon
62000 5264
telencephalon ; cerebrum
telencephalon ; brain
62374 19593
segmentum telencephali
segment of telencephalon
61820 18769
segmentum hemispherii cerebri
segment of cerebral hemisphere
facies superolateralis hemispherii cerebri
superolateral surface of cerebral hemisphere
facies inferomedialis hemispherii cerebri
inferomedial surface of cerebral hemisphere
83874 5973
gyrus cerebri T4 173 children
cerebral gyrus
67957 11525
segmentum gyri cerebri T4 54 children
segment of cerebral gyrus
61823 5974
lobus cerebri
cerebral lobe
61824 5991
lobus frontalis
frontal lobe
61826 6004
lobus parietalis
parietal lobe
67325 6013
lobus occipitalis
occipital lobe
61825 6017
lobus temporalis
temporal lobe
67329 6030
insula ; insular lobe
72719 6066
lobus limbicus
limbic lobe
256204 12422
segmentum lobi cerebri
segment of cerebral lobe
62001 5263
62005 19594
segmentum diencephali
segment of diencephalon
61817 5971
hemispherium cerebri
cerebral hemisphere
61997 19591
segmentum mesencephali
segment of mesencephalon
83902 5669
tectum mesencephali
tectum of mesencephalon
62398 19595
segmentum tecti mesencephali
segment of tectum of midbrain
62393 5578
tegmentum mesencephali
tegmentum of mesencephalon
62399 19596
segmentum tegmenti mesencephali
segment of tegmentum of midbrain
61998 19592
segmentum rhombencephali
segment of rhombencephalon
rhombencephalon rostrale
rostral rhombencephalon ; rostral hindbrain
72244 5431
pons ; pars basilaris nominis pontis
pons ; basilar part of word pons
rhombencephalon caudale
caudal rhombencephalon ; caudal hindbrain
7647 5138
medulla spinalis
spinal cord
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The Diencephalon in its classic, columnar view was divided into four dorsoventrally arranged columns separated by ventricular sulci: the Epithalamus, the Dorsal thalamus, the Ventral thalamus and the Hypothalamus. Extensive embryological studies made it clear that the thalamic 'columns' are derived from transversely oriented zones, the Prosomeres (see TE). Currently, the (Caudal) Diencephalon is subdivided into three segmental units, which from caudal to rostral, contain in their alar domains the Pretectum (prosomere 1 or P1), the Epithalamus and the Thalamus (P2) and the Ventral thalamus or Prethalamus (P3). The diencephalic basal plate contains the rostral part of the Substantia nigra-VTA complex and some other nuclei, collectively forming the Diencephalic or Prerubral tegmentum between the Mesencephalon and the Hypothalamus. The entire Hypothalamus or Rostral diencephalon arises from the alar and basal components of the secondary prosencephalon. The Preoptic area is one of the subpallial developmental domains (Puelles L, Harrison M, Paxinos G, Watson C 2013 A developmental ontology for the mammalian brain based on the prosomeric model. Trends Neurosci 36:570-578).
Some new items have been added from ten Donkelaar HJ, Tzourio-Mazoyer N, Mai JK (2018) Toward a common terminology for the gyri and sulci of the human cerebral cortex. Front Neuroanat 12:93.
See note # 9188
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