Taxonomic list T3, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

bursa synovialis

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum cum cavitam Short Extended
Current level bursa synovialis
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Non Latin primary language
Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
9692 15111
bursa synovialis
synovial bursa
32426 15112
bursa subcutanea
subcutaneous bursa
43581 2226 part
bursa subcutanea trochanterica
subcutaneous trochanteric bursa
45198 2238 part
bursa subcutanea prepatellaris
subcutaneous prepatellar bursa
43791 2242 part
bursa subcutanea infrapatellaris
subcutaneous infrapatellar bursa
45036 2244 part
bursa subcutanea tuberositatis tibiae
subcutaneous bursa of tibial tuberosity
45039 2252 part
bursa subcutanea malleoli lateralis
subcutaneous bursa of lateral malleolus
45042 2253 part
bursa subcutanea malleoli medialis
subcutaneous bursa of medial malleolus
45045 2255 part
bursa subcutanea calcanea
subcutaneous calcaneal bursa
76877 2186 part
bursa subcutanea prominentis laryngeae
subcutaneous bursa of laryngeal prominence
32427 15113
bursa subtendinea
subtendinous bursa
45021 2232 part
bursa subtendinea musculi obturati interni
subtendinous bursa of internal obturator muscle
45022 2236 part
bursa subtendinea iliaca
subtendineous bursa of iliac muscle
45051 2240 part
(bursa subtendinea prepatellaris )
(subtendinous prepatellar bursa)
45027 2245 part
bursa subtendinea musculi sartorii
subtendinous bursa of sartorius muscle
45030 2247 part
bursa subtendinea inferior musculi bicipitis femoris
inferior subtendinous bursa of biceps muscle of thigh
45054 2249 part
bursa subtendinea capitis lateralis musculi gastrocnemii
subtendinous bursa of lateral head of gastrocnemius muscle
45057 2250 part
bursa subtendinea capitis medialis musculi gastrocnemii
subtendinous bursa of medial head of gastrocnemius muscle
45033 2254 part
bursa subtendinea musculi tibialis anterioris
subtendinous bursa of anterior tibial muscle
321553 2225 part
bursa membri inferioris
bursa of lower limb
45195 2237 part
bursa superior musculi bicipitis femoris
superior bursa of biceps muscle of thigh
43794 2243 part
bursa infrapatellaris profunda
deep infrapatellar bursa
2189 part
bursa membri superioris
bursa of upper limb
45063 2227 part
bursa trochanterica musculi glutei maximi
trochanteric bursa of superficial gluteal muscle
45072 2228 part
bursa trochanterica musculi glutei medii
trochanteric bursa of intermediate gluteal muscle
45066 2229 part
bursa trochanterica musculi glutei minimi
trochanteric bursa of deep gluteal muscle
45078 2231 part
bursa ischiadica musculi obturati interni
ischial bursa of internal obturator muscle
45061 2233 part
bursae intermusculares musculorum gluteorum
intermuscular gluteal bursae
45075 2234 part
bursa ischiadica musculi glutei maximi
ischial bursa of superficial gluteal muscle
75385 2235 part
(bursa iliopectinea )
(iliopectineal bursa )
45048 2239 part
(bursa subfascialis prepatellaris )
(prepatellar subfascial bursa )
45201 2246 part
bursa anserina
anserine bursa
45084 2256 part
bursa tendinis calcanei
bursa of calcaneal tendon ; bursa of calcaneal tendon; retrocalcaneal bursa
45069 2230 part
bursa musculi piriformis
bursa of piriform muscle
76876 2185 part
bursa musculi tensoris veli palati
bursa of tensor muscle of soft palate
75391 2187 part
bursa infrahyoidea
infrahyoid bursa
76878 2188 part
bursa retrohyoidea
retrohyoid bursa
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Scientific notes
Type of list T3
List Unit Identifier 15111
Subtotals subchildren 0 subunits 0
Proper children 98
Number of children 98 (validated)
Proper units 37
Number of units 37 (validated)
Signature 1900 (validated since 10.6.2024)
Date: 13.06.2024