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musculus cruris

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum musculus Short Extended
Level 3 musculus membri inferioris Short Extended
Current level musculus cruris
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
22471 14961
musculus cruris
muscle of leg
51052 14978
musculus compartimenti cruris anterioris
muscle of anterior compartment of leg
22532 2107
musculus tibialis anterior
anterior tibial muscle ; tibialis anterior muscle
22534 2108
musculus extensor digitorum longus
long extensor muscle of toes ; extensor digitorum longus muscle
22538 2109
musculus fibularis tertius ; musculus peroneus tertius
third fibular muscle ; third peroneus muscle; fibularis tertius muscle; peroneus tertius muscle
22533 2110
musculus extensor hallucis longus
long extensor muscle of great toe ; extensor hallucis longus muscle
22473 10639
musculus compartimenti cruris lateralis
muscle of lateral compartment of leg
22539 2111
musculus fibularis longus ; musculus peroneus longus
long fibular muscle ; long peroneus muscle; fibularis longus muscle; peroneus longus muscle
22540 2112
musculus fibularis brevis ; musculus peroneus brevis
short fibular muscle ; short peroneus muscle; fibularis brevis muscle; peroneus brevis muscle
22474 14979
musculus compartimenti cruris posterioris
muscle of posterior compartment of leg
65004 14964
musculus superficialis compartimenti cruris posterioris
superficial muscle of posterior compartment of leg
51062 2113
musculus triceps surae
triceps muscle of calf ; triceps surae muscle
22541 2114
musculus gastrocnemius
gastrocnemius muscle
22542 2117
musculus soleus
soleus muscle
22543 2119
musculus plantaris
plantar muscle ; plantaris muscle
65008 14965
musculus profundus compartimenti cruris posterioris
deep muscle of posterior compartment of leg
22590 2120
musculus popliteus
popliteal muscle ; popliteus muscle
51099 2121
musculus tibialis posterior
posterior tibial muscle ; tibialis posterior muscle
51071 2122
musculus flexor digitorum longus
long flexor muscle of toes ; flexor longus digitorum muscle
22593 2123
musculus flexor hallucis longus
long flexor muscle of great toe ; flexor hallucis longus muscle
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Date: 01.01.2023