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divisio laminae muscularis

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Top level pars principalis organi Short Extended
Level 2 componens organi Short Extended
Level 3 lamina componentis organi Short Extended
Current level divisio laminae muscularis
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Non Latin primary language
Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
83563 14891
divisio laminae muscularis
subdivision of muscular layer
12154 14892
musculus papillaris
papillary muscle
7259 14851
musculus papillaris ventriculi dextri
papillary muscle of right ventricle
9352 14877
musculus papillaris ventriculi sinistri
papillary muscle of left ventricle
62899 14823
lamina interna musculi
internal layer of muscle
85406 14826
lamina interna musculi regionis organi
internal layer of muscle of region of organ
7269 14827
trabecula carnea
carneus trabecula
7270 14860
trabecula carnea ventriculi dextri
carneus trabecula of right ventricle
7271 14878
trabecula carnea ventriculi sinistri
carneus trabecula of left ventricle
7272 3679 part
trabecula septomarginalis
septomarginal trabecula ; septal band
trabecula apicalis
apical trabecula
trabecula apicalis crassa ; trabecula carnea ventriculi dextri
coarse apical trabecula
trabecula apicalis tenuis
fine apical trabecula
85405 16041
lamina interna muscularis organi
muscular internal layer of organ
14911 2548 part
stratum musculare circulare tunicae muscularis gastris
circular muscular layer of muscular layer of stomach
14935 2564 part
stratum circulare ; stratum helicoidale brevis gradus
circular layer ; short pitch helicoidal layer
63640 16018 part
stratum musculare circulare
circular muscular layer
83565 16042
lamina media muscularis
muscular middle layer
85407 16044
lamina media muscularis organi
muscular middle layer of organ
77276 2550
fibra obliqua musculi sphincteris pylorici
oblique fibre of pyloric sphincter muscle
62900 16043
lamina externa muscularis
muscular external layer
85410 16045
lamina externa muscularis organi
muscular external layer of organ
14910 2547 part
stratum musculare longitudinale tunicae muscularis gastris
longitudinal muscular layer of muscular layer of stomach
14936 2563 part
stratum longitudinale ; stratum helicoidale longi gradus
longitudinal layer ; long pitch helicoidal layer
63639 16016 part
stratum musculare longitudinale
longitudinal muscular layer
67986 16313
divisio laminae muscularis vesicae urinariae
subdivision of muscular layer of urinary bladder
68018 3124 part
musculus detrusor vesicae urinariae
detrusor muscle of urinary bladder
15933 3130 part
musculus pubovesicalis
pubovesicalis muscle; pubovesicalis
68051 3131 part
musculus vesicoprostaticus ♂
vesicoprostaticus muscle ♂; vesicoprostaticus ♂
68052 3132 part
musculus vesicovaginalis ♀
vesicovaginalis muscle ♀; vesicovaginalis ♀
15945 1946 part
musculus rectovesicalis
rectovesicalis muscle; rectovesicalis
72004 3121
musculus trigoni vesicae urinariae
muscle of trigone of urinary bladder
67991 16314
divisio musculi trigoni vesicae urinariae
subdivision of muscle of trigone of urinary bladder
67992 3122 part
musculus trigoni vesicae urinariae superficialis
superficial trigone muscle
63193 3123 part
musculus trigoni vesicae urinariae profundus
deep trigone muscle
81158 16384
divisio tunicae muscularis vaginae ♀
subdivision of muscular layer of vagina ♀
19980 16377 part
stratum musculare longitudinale ♀
longitudinal muscular layer ♀
19981 16378 part
stratum musculare circulare ♀
circular muscular layer ♀
79992 16493
divisio tunicae muscularis ductus deferentis
subdivision of muscular layer of ductus deferens
18378 16438 part
stratum musculare longitudinale externum ♂
external longitudinal muscular layer ♂
18380 16439 part
stratum musculare circulare ♂
circular muscular layer ♂
18381 16440 part
stratum musculare longitudinale internum ♂
internal longitudinal muscular layer ♂
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The trabecula septomarginalis contains the right crus of the atrioventricular bundle. It is situated at the lower, apical end of the right ventricle and connects the septum to the base of the anterior papillary muscle. The term septomarginal trabeculation is used for the body of the prominent myocardial bundle that reinforces the septal surface of the right ventricle. The so-called moderator band is one of a series of septoparietal trabeculations.
The coarse nature of the apical trabeculations of the right ventricle allows the chamber to be distinguished from the left ventricle, which has fine apical trabeculations (Ho and Nihoyannopoulos 2009 Heart 92, Suppl 1).
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Date: 06.07.2024