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musculus columnae vertebralis

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum musculus Short Extended
Current level musculus columnae vertebralis
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
22594 14550
musculus columnae vertebralis
muscle of vertebral column
32515 14551
musculus postvertebralis
postvertebral muscle
32561 10494
musculus postvertebralis profundus
deep postvertebral muscle
71302 1789
musculus erector spinae
erector muscle of spine ; erector spinae muscle
71303 1806
musculus spinotransversalis
spinotransversal muscle
71304 1810
musculus transversospinalis
transversospinal muscle
22841 1823
musculus interspinalis
interspinal muscle
22847 1826
musculus interspinalis cervicalis
cervical interspinal muscle
22892 10729
(musculus interspinalis cervicalis primus )
(first cervical interspinal muscle )
295333 10730
musculus interspinalis cervicalis secundus
second cervical interspinal muscle
81596 10731
musculus interspinalis cervicalis tertius
third cervical interspinal muscle
81597 10732
musculus interspinalis cervicalis quartus
fourth cervical interspinal muscle
81598 10733
musculus interspinalis cervicalis quintus
fifth cervical interspinal muscle
81599 10734
musculus interspinalis cervicalis sextus
sixth cervical interspinal muscle
22893 10735
musculus interspinalis cervicalis septimus
seventh cervical interspinal muscle
22846 1825
musculus interspinalis thoracicus
thoracic interspinal muscle
327090 10753
musculus interspinalis thoracicus primus
first thoracic interspinal muscle
(musculus interspinalis thoracicus secundus )
(second thoracic interspinal muscle )
327091 10752
musculus interspinalis thoracicus undecimus
eleventh thoracic interspinal muscle
(musculus interspinalis thoracicus duodecimus )
(twelfth thoracic interspinal muscle )
22844 1824
musculus interspinalis lumbalis
lumbar interspinal muscle
22888 10762
musculus interspinalis primus
first interspinal muscle
22889 10763
musculus interspinalis secundus
second interspinal muscle
81612 10764
musculus interspinalis tertius
third interspinal muscle
81613 10772
musculus interspinalis quartus
fourth interspinal muscle
(musculus interspinalis quintus )
(fifth interspinal muscle )
22848 1827
musculus intertransversarius
intertransverse muscle
22859 10726
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis
cervical intertransverse muscle
23075 1782
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis anterior
anterior cervical intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis anterior septimus
seventh anterior cervical intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis anterior primus
first anterior cervical intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis anterior secundus
second anterior cervical intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis anterior tertius
third anterior cervical intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis anterior quartus
fourth anterior cervical intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis anterior quintus
fifth anterior cervical intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis anterior sextus
sixth anterior cervical intertransverse muscle
23076 1783
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis posterior
posterior cervical intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius cervicalis
cervical intertransverse muscle
22849 10727
musculus intertransversarius lumbalis
lumbal intertransverse muscle
22850 1784
musculus intertransversarius lumbalis lateralis
lateral lumbar intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius lumborum lateralis primus
first lateral lumbar intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius lumborum lateralis secundus
second lateral lumbar intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius lumborum lateralis tertius
third lateral lumbar intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius lumborum lateralis quartus
fourth lateral lumbar intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius lumborum lateralis quintus
fifth lateral lumbar intertransverse muscle
71311 1829
musculus intertransversarius thoracis
intertransverse muscle of thorax
musculus intertransversarius decimus thoracis
tenth intertransverse muscle of thorax
musculus intertransversarius undecimus thoracis
eleventh intertransverse muscle of thorax
musculus intertransversarius duodecimus thoracis
twelfth intertransverse muscle of thorax
22853 10728
musculus intertransversarius thoracicus
thoracic intertransverse muscle
22902 15124
musculus intertransversarius thoracicus decimus
tenth thoracic intertransverse muscle
22903 15125
musculus intertransversarius thoracicus undecimus
eleventh thoracic intertransverse muscle
81565 15126
musculus intertransversarius thoracicus duodecimus
twelfth thoracic intertransverse muscle
76775 1828
musculus intertransversarius lumbalis
lumbar intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius lumborum medialis
medial lumbar intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius lumborum medialis primus
first medial lumbar intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius lumborum medialis secundus
second medial lumbar intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius lumborum medialis tertius
third medial lumbar intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius lumborum medialis quartus
fourth medial lumbar intertransverse muscle
musculus intertransversarius lumborum medialis quintus
fifth medial lumbar intertransverse muscle
32582 10497
musculus suboccipitalis posterior
posterior suboccipital muscle
32528 1745
musculus obliquus capitis inferior
inferior oblique muscle of head ; obliquus capitis inferior muscle
32527 1744
musculus obliquus capitis superior
superior oblique muscle of head ; obliquus capitis superior muscle
326824 10541
musculus rectus posterior capitis
posterior rectus capitis
32525 1742
musculus rectus capitis posterior major
greater posterior rectus muscle of head ; rectus capitis posterior major muscle
32526 1743
musculus rectus capitis posterior minor
smaller posterior rectus muscle of head; rectus capitis posterior minor muscle
23081 1819
musculus rotator
rotator muscle
23082 1822
musculus rotator cervicis ; musculus rotator cervicis
rotator muscle of neck of tooth of tooth ; rotator cervicis muscle
23083 1821
musculus rotator thoracis
rotator muscle of thorax ; rotatores thoracis muscle
81495 15127
musculus rotator thoracis primus
first rotator muscle of thorax
81496 15128
musculus rotator thoracis secundus
second rotator muscle of thorax
81497 15129
musculus rotator thoracis tertius
third rotator muscle of thorax
81498 15130
musculus rotator thoracis quartus
fourth rotator muscle of thorax
81499 15131
musculus rotator thoracis quintus
fifth rotator muscle of thorax
81500 15132
musculus rotator thoracis sextus
sixth rotator muscle of thorax
81501 15133
musculus rotator thoracis septimus
seventh rotator muscle of thorax
81502 15134
musculus rotator thoracis octavus
eighth rotator muscle of thorax
81503 15135
musculus rotator thoracis nonus
ninth rotator muscle of thorax
81504 15136
musculus rotator thoracis decimus
tenth rotator muscle of thorax
81505 15137
musculus rotator thoracis undecimus
eleventh rotator muscle of thorax
23084 1820
(musculus rotator lumborum )
(rotator muscle of loins )
32560 10495
musculus postvertebralis medialis
intermediate postvertebral muscle
22827 1811
musculus multifidus
multifidus muscle
22831 1812
musculus multifidus lumborum
multifidus muscle of loins ; multifidus lumborum muscle
22832 1813
musculus multifidus thoracis
multifidus muscle of thorax ; multifidus thoracis muscle
22833 1814
musculus multifidus cervicis ; musculus multifidus cervicis
multifidus muscle of neck of tooth of tooth ; multifidus cervicis muscle
22823 1815
musculus semispinalis
semispinal muscle
22830 1818
musculus semispinalis capitis
semispinal muscle of head ; semispinalis capitis muscle
22829 1817
musculus semispinalis cervicis ; musculus semi spinalis colli cervicis
semispinal muscle of neck of tooth of tooth ; semispinalis cervicis muscle
22828 1816
musculus semispinalis thoracis
semispinal muscle of thorax ; semispinalis thoracis muscle
32559 10496
musculus postvertebralis superficialis
superficial postvertebral muscle
77177 1792
musculus iliocostalis
iliocostal muscle ; iliocostalis muscle
22704 1796
musculus iliocostalis cervicis
iliocostal muscle of neck; iliocostalis cervicis muscle
77175 1795
pars thoracica musculi iliocostalis lumborum
thoracic part of iliocostal muscle of loin
77174 1794
pars lumbalis musculi iliocostalis lumborum ; divisio lateralis musculi erectoris spinae lumborum
lumbar part of iliocostal muscle of loin ; lateral division of lumbar erector spinae
77178 1797
musculus longissimus
longissimus muscle
22714 1801
musculus longissimus capitis
longissimus muscle of head ; longissimus capitis muscle
22711 1800
musculus longissimus cervicis
longissimus muscle of neck ; longissimus cervicis muscle
22709 1798
musculus longissimus thoracis
longissimus muscle of thorax ; longissimus thoracis muscle
77179 1802
musculus spinalis
spinal muscle
22775 1805
musculus spinalis capitis
spinal muscle of head ; spinalis capitis muscle
22770 1804
musculus spinalis cervicis
spinal muscle of neck ; spinalis cervicis muscle
22765 1803
musculus spinalis thoracis
spinal muscle of thorax ; spinalis thoracis muscle
77180 1807
musculus splenius
splenius muscle
22653 1808
musculus splenius capitis
splenius muscle of head ; splenius capitis muscle
22681 1809
musculus splenius cervicis
splenius muscle of neck ; splenius cervicis muscle
32514 14905
musculus prevertebralis
prevertebral muscle
13370 1732
musculus longus cervicis ; musculus longus colli
long muscle of neck ; longus colli muscle
46308 1733
musculus longus capitis
long muscle of head ; longus capitis muscle
323236 10596
musculus psoas
psoas muscle
18060 2074
musculus psoas major
greater psoas muscle ; psoas major muscle
22350 2075
(musculus psoas minor )
(lesser psoas muscle ; psoas minor muscle)
musculus suboccipitalis anterior
anterior suboccipital muscle
46312 1740
musculus rectus capitis anterior
anterior rectus muscle of head ; rectus capitis anterior muscle
46316 1741
musculus rectus capitis lateralis
lateral rectus muscle of head ; rectus capitis lateralis muscle
musculus suboccipitalis
suboccipital muscle
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