Taxonomic list T4, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

fissura subarachnoidea

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Top level res incorporea Short Extended
Level 2 spatium anatomicum Short Extended
Level 3 spatium compartimenti capitis Short Extended
Current level fissura subarachnoidea
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
75136 13532
fissura subarachnoidea
subarachnoid fissure
83727 5976 part
fissura longitudinalis cerebri
longitudinal cerebral fissure
74512 6114 part
fissura choroidea
choroid fissure
83734 5267 part
fissura mediana anterior ; fissura mediana ventralis
anterior median fissure ; ventral median fissure
83735 5144 part
fissura mediana anterior ; fissura mediana ventralis
anterior median fissure ; ventral median fissure
fissura cerebelli
fissure of cerebellum
8267 part
fissura cerebellomesencephalica
cerebellomesencephalic fissure
8269 part
fissura cerebellopontina
cerebellopontine fissure
8270 part
fissura cerebellomedullaris
cerebellomedullary fissure
fissura interlobaris cerebelli
interlobar fissure of cerebellum
fissura lobi anterioris cerebelli
fissure of anterior lobe of cerebellum
83731 5701 part
fissura precentralis ; fissura postlingularis
precentral fissure ; postlingular fissure
83736 5708 part
fissura postcentralis ; fissura preculminalis
postcentral fissure ; preculminate fissure
83737 5711 part
fissura intraculminalis
intraculminate fissure
fissura lobi posterioris cerebelli
fissure of posterior lobe of cerebellum
84043 5736 part
fissura secundaria ; fissura postpyramidalis
secondary fissure ; postpyramidal fissure
83733 5721 part
fissura posterior superior ; fissura postclivalis
superior posterior fissure ; postclival fissure
75135 5725 part
fissura horizontalis ; fissura intercruralis
horizontal fissure ; intercrural fissure
75137 5727 part
fissura lunogracilis ; fissura ansoparamediana
lunogracile fissure ; ansoparamedian fissure
75138 5730 part
fissura prebiventralis ; fissura prepyramidalis
prebiventral fissure ; prepyramidal fissure
75139 5734 part
fissura intrabiventralis
intrabiventral fissure
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