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nucleus trunci encephali

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 substantia grisea systematis nervosi centralis Short Extended
Current level nucleus trunci encephali Short
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
nucleus trunci encephali
nucleus of brain stem
nucleus somatosensorius T4 59 children
somatosensory nucleus
nucleus somatosensorius tegmenti mesencephali
somatosensory nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
nucleus intercollicularis
intercollicular nucleus
54568 5494
nucleus mesencephalicus nervi trigeminalis
mesencephalic nucleus of trigeminal nerve
nucleus somatosensorius rhombencephali rostralis
somatosensory nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
54533 5491
nucleus sensorius principalis nervi trigeminalis
principal sensory nucleus of trigeminal nerve
83462 10778
divisio nuclei sensorii principalis nervi trigeminalis
subdivision of principal sensory nucleus of trigeminal nerve
83464 5492
nucleus posteromedialis nervi trigeminalis ; nucleus dorsomedialis nervi trigeminalis
posteromedial nucleus of trigeminal nerve ; dorsomedial nucleus of trigeminal nerve
83957 5493
nucleus anterolateralis nervi trigeminalis ; nucleus ventrolateralis nervi trigeminalis
anterolateral nucleus of trigeminal nerve ; ventrolateral nucleus of trigeminal nerve
54565 5489
nucleus spinalis nervi trigeminalis
spinal nucleus of trigeminal nerve
nucleus somatosensorius rhombencephali caudalis
somatosensory nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
72602 5336
nucleus gracilis
gracile nucleus
68465 5340
nucleus cuneatus
cuneate nucleus
72603 5343
nucleus cuneatus accessorius ; nucleus cuneatus externus
accessory cuneate nucleus ; external cuneate nucleus
77073 5344
nucleus precuneatus accessorius
accessory precuneate nucleus ; cell group X
72600 5400
nucleus peritrigeminalis
peritrigeminal nucleus
72605 5394
nucleus pericuneatus medialis
medial pericuneate nucleus
72604 5395
nucleus pericuneatus lateralis
lateral pericuneate nucleus
77099 5393
nucleus endolemniscalis
endolemniscal nucleus
72606 5346
subnucleus caudalis nuclei spinalis nervi trigeminalis
caudal subnucleus of spinal nucleus of trigeminal nerve
83958 10777
divisio subnuclei caudalis nuclei spinalis nervi trigeminalis
subdivision of caudal subnucleus of spinal nucleus of trigeminal nerve of spinal nucleus of trigeminal nerve
83959 5347
lamina trigeminalis I ; lamina zonalis
trigeminal layer I ; zonal layer
83960 5348
lamina trigeminalis II ; lamina gelatinosa
trigeminal layer II ; gelatinous layer
83961 5349
lamina trigeminalis III-IV ; lamina magnocellularis
trigeminal layer III-IV ; magnocellular layer
viscerosensory nucleus
nucleus viscerosensorius rhombencephali rostralis
viscerosensory nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
nucleus ovalis ; rostrum nuclei solitarii
oval nucleus ; rostral tip of solitary nucleus
nucleus viscerosensorius rhombencephali caudalis
viscerosensory nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
72607 5392
area postrema
postrema area
256691 5364
nucleus tractus solitarii ; nucleus solitarius
nucleus of solitary tract ; solitary nucleus
77467 5372
nucleus solitarius posterior ; nucleus solitarius dorsalis
posterior solitary nucleus ; dorsal solitary nucleus
77091 5365
nucleus parasolitarius
parasolitary nucleus
229579 5373
nucleus solitarius posterolateralis ; nucleus solitarius dorsolateralis
posterolateral solitary nucleus ; dorsolateral solitary nucleus
54597 5366
nucleus solitarius commissuralis
commissural solitary nucleus
77468 5374
nucleus solitarius anterior ; nucleus solitarius ventralis
anterior solitary nucleus ; ventral solitary nucleus
229583 5375
nucleus solitarius anterolateralis ; nucleus solitarius ventrolateralis
anterolateral solitary nucleus ; ventrolateral solitary nucleus
229585 5370
nucleus solitarius medialis
medial solitary nucleus
77463 5367
nucleus solitarius gelatinosus
gelatinous solitary nucleus
77464 5368
nucleus solitarius intermedius
intermediate solitary nucleus
77465 5369
nucleus solitarius interstitialis
interstitial solitary nucleus
77466 5371
nucleus solitarius paracommissuralis
paracommissural solitary nucleus
nucleus vestibularis T4 42 children
vestibular nucleus
nucleus vestibularis rhombencephali rostralis
vestibular nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
54617 5514
nucleus vestibularis superior
superior vestibular nucleus
divisio nuclei vestibularis superioris
subdivision of superior vestibular nucleus
pars magnocellularis nuclei vestibularis superioris
magnocellular part of superior vestibular nucleus
pars parvocellularis nuclei vestibularis superioris
parvocellular part of superior vestibular nucleus
54614 5512
nucleus vestibularis lateralis
lateral vestibular nucleus
83962 14411
divisio nuclei vestibularis lateralis
subdivision of lateral vestibular nucleus
83963 5513
pars parvocellularis nuclei vestibularis lateralis
parvocellular part of lateral vestibular nucleus ; cell group L of lateral vestibular nucleus
nucleus interstitialis nervi vestibularis
interstitial nucleus of vestibular nerve
nucleus vestibularis rhombencephali caudalis
vestibular nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
54611 5379
nucleus vestibularis medialis
medial vestibular nucleus
divisio nuclei vestibularis medialis
subdivision of medial vestibular nucleus
pars parvocellularis nuclei vestibularis medialis
parvocellular part of medial vestibular nucleus
pars magnocellularis nuclei vestibularis medialis
magnocellular part of medial vestibular nucleus
54608 5377
nucleus vestibularis inferior
inferior vestibular nucleus
77472 14412
divisio nuclei vestibularis inferioris
subdivision of inferior vestibular nucleus
77475 5378
pars magnocellularis nuclei vestibularis inferioris
magnocellular part of inferior vestibular nucleus ; cell group F
77095 5380
nucleus marginalis corporis restiformis
marginal nucleus of restiform body ; cell group Y
nucleus acusticus T4 68 children
acoustic nucleus ; auditory nucleus
nucleus acusticus tecti mesencephali ; nucleus auditorius tecti mesencephali
acoustic nucleus of tectum of mesencephalon ; auditory nucleus of tectum of mesencephalon
272347 5670
nucleus colliculi inferioris
nucleus of inferior colliculus
72413 5671
nucleus centralis colliculi inferioris
central nucleus of inferior colliculus
72412 5672
nucleus externus colliculi inferioris ; cortex externus colliculi inferioris
external nucleus of inferior colliculus ; external cortex of inferior colliculus
72411 5673
nucleus pericentralis colliculi inferioris ; cortex dorsalis colliculi inferioris
pericentral nucleus of inferior colliculus ; dorsal cortex of inferior colliculus
nucleus acusticus tegmenti mesencephali ; nucleus auditorius tegmenti mesencephali
acoustic nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon ; auditory nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
77492 5652
nucleus saguli
sagulum nucleus
nucleus brachii colliculi inferioris
nucleus of brachium of inferior colliculus
77494 5653
nucleus subbrachialis
subbrachial nucleus
nucleus acusticus rhombencephali rostralis ; nucleus auditorius rhombencephali rostralis
auditory nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon; auditory nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
323296 5516
nucleus lemnisci lateralis
nucleus of lateral lemniscus
divisio nuclei lemnisci lateralis
subdivision of nucleus of lateral lemniscus
72483 5517
nucleus dorsalis lemnisci lateralis ; nucleus posterior lemnisci lateralis
dorsal nucleus of lateral lemniscus ; posterior nucleus of lateral lemniscus
72484 5519
nucleus ventralis lemnisci lateralis ; nucleus anterior lemnisci lateralis
ventral nucleus of lateral lemniscus ; anterior nucleus of lateral lemniscus
72472 5501
nucleus olivaris superior lateralis
lateral superior olivary nucleus
72473 5502
nucleus olivaris superior medialis
medial superior olivary nucleus
72475 5504
nucleus periolivaris medialis
medial periolivary nucleus
226217 5505
nucleus periolivaris lateralis
lateral periolivary nucleus
72477 5507
nucleus corporis trapezoidei
nucleus of trapezoid body
nucleus acusticus rhombencephali caudalis ; nucleus auditorius rhombencephali caudalis
auditory nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon; auditory nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
54624 5382
nucleus cochlearis posterior ; nucleus cochlearis dorsalis
posterior cochlear nucleus ; dorsal cochlear nucleus
divisio nuclei cochlearis posterioris
subdivision of posterior cochlear nucleus
lamina molecularis nuclei cochlearis posterioris
molecular layer of posterior cochlear nucleus
lamina granularis nuclei cochlearis posterioris
granular layer of posterior cochlear nucleus
lamina profunda nuclei cochlearis posterioris
deep layer of posterior cochlear nucleus
54621 5383
nucleus cochlearis anterior ; nucleus cochlearis ventralis
anterior cochlear nucleus ; ventral cochlear nucleus
divisio nuclei cochlearis anterioris
subdivision of anterior cochlear nucleus
72571 5384
pars anterior nuclei cochlearis anterioris
anterior part of anterior cochlear nucleus
72572 5385
pars posterior nuclei cochlearis anterioris
posterior part of anterior cochlear nucleus
pars cupularis nuclei cochlearis anterioris
cupular part of anterior cochlear nucleus
nucleus visualis T4 4 children
visual nucleus
nucleus visualis tegmenti mesencephali
visual nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
nucleus terminalis lateralis
lateral terminal nucleus
nucleus somatomotorius T4 21 children
somatomotor nucleus
nucleus somatomotorius tegmenti mesencephali
somatomotor nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
54510 5626
nucleus oculomotorius
oculomotor nucleus ; nucleus of oculomotor nerve
nucleus caudalis centralis
central caudal nucleus
nucleus interoculomotorius
interoculomotor nucleus
nucleus somatomotorius rhombencephali rostralis
somatomotor nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
54518 5643
nucleus trochlearis ; nucleus nervi trochlearis
trochlear nucleus ; nucleus of trochlear nerve
54504 5496
nucleus nervi abducentis
nucleus of abducens nerve
nucleus somatomotorius rhombencephali caudalis
somatomotor nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
54505 5361
nucleus nervi hypoglossi
hypoglossal nucleus
nucleus visceromotorius T4 23 children
visceromotor nucleus
nucleus visceromotorius tegmenti mesencephali
visceromotor nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
nucleus accessorius nervi oculomotorii
accessory nucleus of oculomotor nerve
divisio nuclei accessorii nervi oculomotorii
subdivision of accessory nucleus of oculomotor nerve
pars preganglionaris
preganglionary part
pars nonganglionaris
nonganglionary part
54524 5629
nucleus anteromedialis
anterior medial nucleus
nucleus visceromotorius rhombencephali rostralis
visceromotor nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
72482 5498
nucleus salivatorius superior
superior salivatory nucleus
nucleus visceromotorius rhombencephali caudalis
visceromotor nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
72601 5389
nucleus salivatorius inferior
inferior salivatory nucleus
54585 5363
nucleus posterior nervi vagi ; nucleus dorsalis nervi vagi
posterior nucleus of vagus nerve ; dorsal nucleus of vagus nerve
branchiomotor nucleus
nucleus branchiomotorius rhombencephali rostralis
branchiomotor nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
77090 8361
nucleus retrofacialis ; nucleus facialis accessorius
retrofacial nucleus ; accessory facial nucleus
54582 5497
nucleus nervi facialis
facial nucleus
77089 8387
nucleus retrotrigeminalis ; nucleus trigeminalis accessorius
retrotrigeminal nucleus ; accessory trigeminal nucleus
54562 5495
nucleus motorius nervi trigeminalis
motor nucleus of trigeminal nerve
nucleus branchiomotorius rhombencephali caudalis
branchiomotor nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
nucleus supraspinalis
supraspinal nucleus
54588 5387
nucleus ambiguus
ambiguus nucleus; nucleus ambiguus; ventral nucleus of vagus nerve
nucleus reticularis T4 76 children
reticular nucleus
nucleus reticularis tegmenti mesencephali
reticular nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
72427 5658
nucleus cuneiformis
cuneiform nucleus
regio locomotoria mesencephalica
mesencephalic locomotor region
62402 5651
formatio reticularis mesencephali
mesencephalic reticular formation
nucleus intracuneiformis
intracuneiform nucleus
nucleus reticularis rhombencephali rostralis
reticular nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
72469 5537
nucleus reticularis pontis caudalis
caudal pontine reticular nucleus
72468 5538
nucleus reticularis pontis oralis; nucleus reticularis rostralis pontis
oral pontine reticular nucleus; rostral pontine reticular nucleus
77486 5539
nucleus paralemniscalis
paralemniscal nucleus
nucleus raphes interpositus
interposed raphe nucleus
72583 5540
formatio reticularis pontis paramediana
paramedian pontine reticular formation
nucleus reticularis rhombencephali caudalis
reticular nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
72579 5416
nucleus reticularis centralis
central reticular nucleus
72576 5404
nucleus gigantocellularis
gigantocellular reticular nucleus
divisio nuclei reticularis centralis
subdivision of central reticular nucleus
72581 5417
pars dorsalis nuclei reticularis centralis
dorsal part of central reticular nucleus
72583 5418
pars ventralis nuclei reticularis centralis
ventral part of central reticular nucleus
76832 5406
nucleus gigantocellularis anterior ; nucleus gigantocellularis ventralis
anterior gigantocellular nucleus ; ventral gigantocellular nucleus
72577 5407
nucleus paragigantocellularis lateralis
lateral paragigantocellular reticular nucleus
72575 5414
nucleus reticularis parvocellularis
parvocellular reticular nucleus
zona reticularis intermedia ; nucleus reticularis intermedius
intermediate reticular zone ; intermediate reticular nucleus
72578 5415
nucleus paragigantocellularis posterior ; nucleus paragigantocellularis dorsalis
posterior paragigantocellular reticular nucleus; dorsal paragigantocellular nucleus
centrum respiratorium ventrale rostrale
rostral ventral respiratory group ▲
centrum respiratorium ventrale caudale
caudal ventral respiratory group ▲
centrum expiratorium medullae
medullary expiratory centre ; Bötzinger group of expiratory neurons ▲
centrum generans motus respiratorii
generating centre of respiratory rhythm ; pre-Bötzinger cells ▲
centrum vasomotorium medullae ventrolaterale rostrale
rostral ventrolateral medullary vasomotor centre
centrum vasomotorium medullae ventrolaterale caudale
caudal ventrolateral medullary vasomotor centre
nucleus raphes T4 20 children
raphe nucleus
nucleus raphes mesencephali ; cellula serotonergica
raphe nucleus of mesencephalon; serotonergic cell
77502 5664
nucleus raphes linearis ; cellula serotonergica B8
linear raphe nucleus; serotonergic cells B8
nucleus raphes rhombencephali caudalis
nucleus of raphe of caudal rhombencephalon
72584 5423
nucleus raphes magnus
raphe magnus nucleus
72585 5421
nucleus raphes obscurus
raphe obscurus nucleus
72586 5422
nucleus raphes pallidalis
raphe pallidus nucleus
nucleus raphes rhombencephali rostralis
raphe nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
68875 5543
nucleus raphes pontinus ; cellula serotonergica B5
pontine raphe nucleus; serotonergic cells B5
72465 5544
nucleus raphes medianus ; cellulae serotonergicae B6
median raphe nucleus; serotonergic cells B6
68462 5545
nucleus raphes dorsalis ; cellulae serotonergicae B7
dorsal raphe nucleus; serotonergic cells B7
neuromodulator nucleus
nucleus neuromodulatorius tegmenti mesencephali
neuromodulator nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
nucleus seroton ergicus tegmenti mesencephali
serotonergic nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
divisio nuclei raphes mesencephali
subdivision of raphe nucleus of mesencephalon
nucleus dopaminergicus tegmenti mesencephali
dopaminergic nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
nucleus neuromodulatorius rhombencephali rostralis
neuromodulator nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
nucleus noradrenergicus rhombencephali rostralis
noradrenergic nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
72478 5521
nucleus caeruleus ; nucleus noradrenergicus A6
caerulean nucleus ; noradrenergic nucleus A6 ; locus caeruleus; coerulean nucleus ▲
72479 5522
nucleus subcaeruleus
subcaerulean nucleus ; subcoerulean nucleus
cellula noradrenergica pedunculi cerebellaris superioris ; cellula noradrenergica A4
noradrenergic cell of superior cerebellar peduncle ; noradrenergic cell A4
cellula noradrenergica nuclei lemnisci lateralis ; cellula noradrenergica A7
noradrenergic cell of nucleus of lateral lemniscus ; noradrenergic cell A7
cellulae noradrenergicae rhombencephali rostralis laterales; cellula noradrenergica A5
lateral noradrenergic cell of rostral rhombencephalon ; noradrenergic cell A5
nucleus cholinergicus rhombencephali rostralis
cholinergic nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
nucleus tegmentalis dorsolateralis ; nucleus tegmentalis posterolateralis ; nucleus cholinergicus Ch6
dorsolateral tegmental nucleus ; posterolateral tegmental nucleus ; cholinergic nucleus Ch6
72429 5660
nucleus tegmentalis pedunculopontinus ; nucleus pedunculotegmentalis ; nucleus cholinergicus Ch5
pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus ; pedunculotegmental nucleus ; cholinergic nucleus Ch5
nucleus neuromodulatorius rhombencephali caudalis
neuromodulator nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
nucleus limbicus T4 55 children
limbic nucleus
nucleus limbicus tegmenti mesencephali
limbic nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
72439 5637
nucleus interpeduncularis
interpeduncular nucleus
72437 5646
nucleus peripeduncularis
peripeduncular nucleus
nucleus limbicus rhombencephali rostralis
limbic nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
nucleus parabrachialis
parabrachial nucleus
72481 5526
nucleus parabrachialis lateralis
lateral parabrachial nucleus
76798 5527
pars lateralis nuclei parabrachialis lateralis ; subnucleus lateralis nuclei parabrachialis lateralis
lateral part of lateral parabrachial nucleus ; lateral subnucleus of lateral parabrachial nucleus
76799 5528
pars medialis nuclei parabrachialis lateralis ; subnucleus medialis nuclei parabrachialis lateralis
medial part of lateral parabrachial nucleus ; medial subnucleus of lateral parabrachial nucleus
76800 5529
pars posterior nuclei parabrachialis lateralis ; pars dorsalis nuclei parabrachialis lateralis ; subnucleus posterior nuclei parabrachialis lateralis ; subnucleus dorsalis nuclei parabrachialis lateralis
posterior part of lateral parabrachial nucleus ; dorsal part of lateral parabrachial nucleus ; posterior subnucleus of lateral parabrachial nucleus ; dorsal subnucleus of lateral parabrachial nucleus
76812 5530
pars anterior nuclei parabrachialis lateralis ; pars ventralis nuclei parabrachialis lateralis ; subnucleus anterior nuclei parabrachialis lateralis ; subnucleus ventralis nuclei parabrachialis lateralis
anterior part of lateral parabrachial nucleus ; ventral part of lateral parabrachial nucleus ; anterior subnucleus of lateral parabrachial nucleus ; ventral subnucleus of lateral parabrachial nucleus
72480 5531
nucleus parabrachialis medialis
medial parabrachial nucleus
76817 5532
pars medialis nuclei parabrachialis medialis ; subnucleus medialis nuclei parabrachialis medialis
medial part of medial parabrachial nucleus ; medial subnucleus of medial parabrachial nucleus
76818 5533
pars lateralis nuclei parabrachialis medialis ; subnucleus lateralis nuclei parabrachialis medialis
lateral part of medial parabrachial nucleus ; lateral subnucleus of medial parabrachial nucleus
77220 5525
nucleus subparabrachialis
subparabrachial nucleus
divisio nuclei parabrachialis
subdivision of parabrachial nucleus
pars nuclei parabrachialis lateralis
part of lateral parabrachial nucleus
pars nuclei parabrachialis medialis
part of medial parabrachial nucleus
centrum micturitionis ; regio M
micturition centre; M region ▲
regio L
L region
72435 5520
nucleus tegmentalis ventralis ; nucleus tegmentalis anterior
ventral tegmental nucleus ; anterior tegmental nucleus
72434 5534
nucleus tegmentalis dorsalis ; nucleus tegmentalis posterior
dorsal tegmental nucleus ; posterior tegmental nucleus
nucleus limbicus rhombencephali caudalis
limbic nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
77096 5388
nucleus retroambiguus
retroambiguus nucleus; nucleus retroambiguus
nucleus precerebellaris T4 85 children
precerebellar nucleus
nucleus precerebellaris tegmenti mesencephali
precerebellar nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
62407 5647
nucleus ruber
red nucleus
pars nuclei rubri
part of red nucleus
72431 5648
pars magnocellularis nuclei rubri
magnocellular part of red nucleus
72430 5649
pars parvocellularis nuclei rubri
parvocellular part of red nucleus
77493 5650
pars posteromedialis nuclei rubri ; pars dorsomedialis nuclei rubri
posteromedial part of red nucleus ; dorsomedial part of red nucleus
nucleus precerebellaris rhombencephali rostralis
precerebellar nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
72471 5541
nucleus reticulotegmentalis
reticulotegmental nucleus
nucleus rostralis tractus paramediani
rostral paramedian tract nucleus
nucleus supragenualis
supragenual nucleus ; paramedian tract cell group 3
cupula rostralis nuclei nervi abducentis
rostral cap of nucleus of abducens nerve; paramedian tract cell group 4a
subnucleus dorsalis nuclei raphes pontis
dorsal subnucleus of pontine raphe nucleus ; paramedian tract cell group 5b + 5c
77775 5523
nucleus intrafascicularis
intrafascicular nucleus ; paramedian tract cell group 5a
cellula pontina mediana dorsalis
dorsal midline pontine cell; paramedian tract cell group 6
nucleus precerebellaris rhombencephali caudalis
precerebellar nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
72592 5354
nucleus olivaris principalis
principal olivary nucleus
72581 5362
nucleus paramedianus posterior ; nucleus paramedianus dorsalis
posterior paramedian nucleus ; dorsal paramedian nucleus
72593 5359
nucleus olivaris accessorius posterior ; nucleus olivaris accessorius dorsalis
posterior accessory olivary nucleus ; dorsal accessory olivary nucleus
72594 5360
nucleus olivaris accessorius medialis
medial accessory olivary nucleus
72574 5410
nucleus reticularis lateralis
lateral reticular nucleus
divisio nuclei reticularis lateralis
subdivision of lateral reticular nucleus
76833 5411
pars magnocellularis nuclei reticularis lateralis
magnocellular part of lateral reticular nucleus
76834 5412
pars parvocellularis nuclei reticularis lateralis
parvocellular part of lateral reticular nucleus
77111 5413
pars subtrigeminalis nuclei reticularis lateralis
subtrigeminal part of lateral reticular nucleus
nucleus perihypoglossus
perihypoglossal nucleus
68574 5397
nucleus subhypoglossus
subhypoglossal nucleus
72597 5398
nucleus intercalatus
intercalated nucleus
72596 5399
nucleus prepositus
prepositus nucleus
72609 5390
nucleus arcuatus
arcuate nucleus
nucleus conterminalis
conterminal nucleus
54575 5408
nucleus interfascicularis nervi hypoglossi
interfascicular nucleus of hypoglossal nerve
72608 5401
nucleus pontobulbaris
pontobulbar nucleus
nucleus caudalis partis cerebellaris fibrae pontocerebellaris
caudal paramedian tract nucleus
nucleus inter fascicularis medullae spinalis
medullary interfascicular nucleus ; paramedian tract cell group 1
nucleus pararaphealis
pararapheal nucleus
77113 5442
nucleus pontis T4 20 children
nucleus of pons
77114 5443
nucleus anterior pontis ; nucleus ventralis pontis
anterior pontine nucleus; ventral nucleus of pons
77116 5444
nucleus lateralis pontis
lateral pontine nucleus
77117 5445
nucleus medianus pontis
median pontine nucleus
77122 5446
nucleus paramedianus pontis
paramedian pontine nucleus
77123 5447
nucleus peduncularis pontis
peduncular pontine nucleus
77118 5448
nucleus posterior pontis ; nucleus dorsalis pontis
posterior pontine nucleus; dorsal nucleus of pons
77120 5449
nucleus posterior lateralis pontis; nucleus dorsolateralis pontis
posterolateral pontine nucleus; dorsolateral nucleus of pons
77121 5450
nucleus posterior medialis pontis; nucleus dorsomedialis pontis
posteromedial pontine nucleus; dorsomedial nucleus of pons
ventral tegmental nucleus of mesencephalon ; anterior tegmental nucleus of mesencephalon
nucleus linearis caudalis ; nucleus linearis inferior
caudal linear nucleus ; inferior linear nucleus
77495 5655
nucleus interfascicularis
interfascicular nucleus
nucleus linearis rostralis ; nucleus linearis superior
rostral linear nucleus ; superior linear nucleus
77497 5657
nucleus paranigralis
parablack nucleus
77496 5656
nucleus parabrachialis pigmentosus
pigmented parabrachial nucleus
84341 5685
nucleus parapeduncularis
parapeduncular nucleus
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
For the Nucleus cuneatus (Cuneate nucleus), the new subdivision into 4 parts by Florence SL, Wall JT, Kaas JH (1989 Somatotopic organization of inputs from the hand to the spinal gray and cuneate nucleus of monkeys. J Comp Neurol 286:48-70) is used, as in Paxinos G, Huang X-F (1995 Atlas of the Human Brainstem. Academic Press, San Diego).
The Nucleus paramedianus posterior is also known as the Nucleus of the anterior funiculus, and possibly, is a precerebellar nucleus (Baizer JS, Baker JF, Haas K, Lima R 2007 Neurochemical organization of the nucleus paramedianus dorsalis in the human. Brain Res 1176:45-52; Olszewski and Baxter3, page 281).
It should be noted that the Inferior and Superior salivatory nuclei appear to be a distributed set of neurons that do not condense into nuclei as such (Blessing WB 2004 Lower brain stem regulation of visceral, cardiovascular, and respiratory function. In: Paxinos G, Mai JK, eds: The Human Nervous System, 2nd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam. pp 465-478).
The Zona reticularis intermedia (Intermediate reticular zone of Paxinos et al. 1990) is the junctional zone between the alar and basal plates in the medulla oblongata and retropontine tegmentum. It contains the motoneurons of the ambiguus, retrofacial and facial nuclei, and the retroambiguus nucleus (Paxinos G, Huang X-F 1995 Atlas of the Human Brain Stem. Academic Press, CA). The IRZ around this motoneuron column includes the Bötzinger complex, the pre-Bötzinger complex and rostral and ventral respiratory and vasomotor groups (Blessing WW, Benarroch EE 2012 Lower brainstem regulation of visceral, cardiovascular, and respiratory function. In: Mai JK, Paxinos G, eds: The Human Central Nervous System, 3rd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 1058-1073). Alternatively, certain nuclei have been grouped as Lateral reticular formation (Nieuwenhuys R, Voogd J, van Huijzen C 2008 The Human Central Nervous System, 4th ed. Springer, Heidelberg).
The Nucleus externus is a laminar structure; in Amunts K, Morosan P, Hilbig H, Zilles K (2012 Auditory system. In: Mai JK, Paxinos G, eds: The Human Nervous System, 3rd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 1270-1300) described as External cortex of Inferior colliculus (ECIC) to replace the TA term Nucleus lateralis. In TH, the Nucleus pericentralis is described as Dorsal cortex with Layers I-IV, based on: Geniec P, Morest DK (1971) The neuronal architecture of the human posterior colliculus; Acta Oto-Laryngol 295:(Suppl):1-33; supported by immunohistochemical data in rhesus monkeys by Amunts et al. (2012; their Dorsal cortex of inferior colliculus).
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List Unit Identifier 11850
Sublist 1 5442 nucleus pontis 20/9 on 6.12.2018
Sublist 2 5654 nucleus tegmentalis ventralis mesencephali 18/7 on 6.12.2018
Sublist 3 11791 nucleus viscerosensorius 42/17 on 6.12.2018
Sublist 4 11795 nucleus somatosensorius 62/25 on 6.12.2018
Error in sublist Found children 59 Found units 24
Sublist 5 11802 nucleus acusticus 57/26 on 6.12.2018
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Error in sublist Found children 68 Found units 31
Sublist 6 11803 nucleus somatomotorius 21/10 on 6.12.2018
Sublist 7 11804 nucleus visceromotorius 23/12 on 6.12.2018
Sublist 8 11821 nucleus branchiomotorius 20/9 on 6.12.2018
Sublist 9 11822 nucleus reticularis 66/25 on 6.12.2018
Error in sublist Found children 76 Found units 29
Sublist 10 11823 nucleus raphes 20/11 on 6.12.2018
Sublist 11 11824 nucleus neuromodulatorius 27/18 on 6.12.2018
Error in sublist Found children 23 Found units 16
Sublist 12 11825 nucleus limbicus 55/24 on 6.12.2018
Sublist 13 11826 nucleus precerebellaris 91/38 on 6.12.2018
Error in sublist Found children 85 Found units 36
Sublist 14 11853 nucleus visualis 4/3 on 6.12.2018
Subtotals subchildren 526 subunits 234
Proper children 14
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Proper units 1
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