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nucleus precerebellaris

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 substantia grisea systematis nervosi centralis Short Extended
Level 3 nucleus trunci encephali Short Extended
Current level nucleus precerebellaris
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
nucleus precerebellaris
precerebellar nucleus
nucleus precerebellaris tegmenti mesencephali
precerebellar nucleus of tegmentum of mesencephalon
62407 5647
nucleus ruber
red nucleus
pars nuclei rubri
part of red nucleus
72431 5648
pars magnocellularis nuclei rubri
magnocellular part of red nucleus
72430 5649
pars parvocellularis nuclei rubri
parvocellular part of red nucleus
77493 5650
pars posteromedialis nuclei rubri ; pars dorsomedialis nuclei rubri
posteromedial part of red nucleus ; dorsomedial part of red nucleus
nucleus precerebellaris rhombencephali rostralis
precerebellar nucleus of rostral rhombencephalon
72471 5541
nucleus reticulotegmentalis
reticulotegmental nucleus
nucleus rostralis tractus paramediani
rostral paramedian tract nucleus
nucleus supragenualis
supragenual nucleus ; paramedian tract cell group 3
cupula rostralis nuclei nervi abducentis
rostral cap of nucleus of abducens nerve; paramedian tract cell group 4a
subnucleus dorsalis nuclei raphes pontis
dorsal subnucleus of pontine raphe nucleus ; paramedian tract cell group 5b + 5c
77775 5523
nucleus intrafascicularis
intrafascicular nucleus ; paramedian tract cell group 5a
cellula pontina mediana dorsalis
dorsal midline pontine cell; paramedian tract cell group 6
nucleus precerebellaris rhombencephali caudalis
precerebellar nucleus of caudal rhombencephalon
72592 5354
nucleus olivaris principalis
principal olivary nucleus
72581 5362
nucleus paramedianus posterior ; nucleus paramedianus dorsalis
posterior paramedian nucleus ; dorsal paramedian nucleus
72593 5359
nucleus olivaris accessorius posterior ; nucleus olivaris accessorius dorsalis
posterior accessory olivary nucleus ; dorsal accessory olivary nucleus
72594 5360
nucleus olivaris accessorius medialis
medial accessory olivary nucleus
72574 5410
nucleus reticularis lateralis
lateral reticular nucleus
divisio nuclei reticularis lateralis
subdivision of lateral reticular nucleus
76833 5411
pars magnocellularis nuclei reticularis lateralis
magnocellular part of lateral reticular nucleus
76834 5412
pars parvocellularis nuclei reticularis lateralis
parvocellular part of lateral reticular nucleus
77111 5413
pars subtrigeminalis nuclei reticularis lateralis
subtrigeminal part of lateral reticular nucleus
nucleus perihypoglossus
perihypoglossal nucleus
68574 5397
nucleus subhypoglossus
subhypoglossal nucleus
72597 5398
nucleus intercalatus
intercalated nucleus
72596 5399
nucleus prepositus
prepositus nucleus
72609 5390
nucleus arcuatus
arcuate nucleus
nucleus conterminalis
conterminal nucleus
54575 5408
nucleus interfascicularis nervi hypoglossi
interfascicular nucleus of hypoglossal nerve
72608 5401
nucleus pontobulbaris
pontobulbar nucleus
nucleus caudalis partis cerebellaris fibrae pontocerebellaris
caudal paramedian tract nucleus
nucleus inter fascicularis medullae spinalis
medullary interfascicular nucleus ; paramedian tract cell group 1
nucleus pararaphealis
pararapheal nucleus
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Scientific notes
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The Nucleus paramedianus posterior is also known as the Nucleus of the anterior funiculus, and possibly, is a precerebellar nucleus (Baizer JS, Baker JF, Haas K, Lima R 2007 Neurochemical organization of the nucleus paramedianus dorsalis in the human. Brain Res 1176:45-52; Olszewski and Baxter3, page 281).
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