Taxonomic list T4, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

nucleus substantiae griseae hypothalami

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 substantia grisea systematis nervosi centralis Short Extended
Level 3 nucleus diencephali Short Extended
Current level nucleus substantiae griseae hypothalami
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
nucleus substantiae griseae hypothalami
nucleus of grey matter of hypothalamus
74877 5780
corpus mammillare
mammillary body
62319 5912
nucleus anterior hypothalami
anterior hypothalamic nucleus
nucleus periventricularis anterior
anterior periventricular nucleus
62320 5918
nucleus paraventricularis hypothalami
paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus
67883 5920
nucleus suprachiasmaticus
suprachiasmatic nucleus
62317 5921
nucleus supraopticus
supraoptic nucleus
62329 5932
nucleus arcuatus ; nucleus infundibularis
arcuate nucleus ; infundibular nucleus
62331 5931
nucleus dorsomedialis hypothalami
dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus
62349 5934
nucleus periventricularis posterior
posterior periventricular nucleus
62332 5937
nucleus ventromedialis hypothalami
ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus
77688 5940
nucleus perifornicalis
perifornical nucleus
77006 5943
nucleus premammillaris dorsalis
dorsal premammillary nucleus
77007 5947
nucleus premammillaris ventralis
ventral premammillary nucleus
62335 5941
nucleus tuberomammillaris
tuberomammillary nucleus
62341 5944
nucleus mammillaris lateralis
lateral mammillary nucleus
62342 5945
nucleus mammillaris medialis
medial mammillary nucleus
62347 5946
nucleus supramammillaris
supramammillary nucleus
62350 5948
nucleus posterior hypothalami
posterior hypothalamic nucleus
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Scientific notes
Type of list T4
List Unit Identifier 11624
Number of children 54 (validated)
Number of units 19 (validated)
Signature 3137 (validated since 1.12.2018)
Date: 20.03.2022