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nucleus diencephali

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 substantia grisea systematis nervosi centralis Short Extended
Current level nucleus diencephali Short
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
nucleus diencephali
nucleus of diencephalon
272352 11634
nucleus of grey matter of pretectum
62402 5805
area pretectalis
pretectal area
272352 5806
nucleus pretectalis
pretectal nucleus
nucleus pretectalis anterior
anterior pretectal nucleus
72403 5808
nucleus tractus optici
nucleus of optic tract
72405 5809
nucleus pretectalis olivaris
olivary pretectal nucleus
84355 5810
nucleus pretectalis posterior
posterior pretectal nucleus
68463 8641
nucleus commissurae posterioris
nucleus of posterior commissure
pars principalis nuclei commissurae posterioris
principal part of nucleus of posterior commissure
pars magnocellularis nuclei commissurae posterioris
magnocellular part of nucleus of posterior commissure
256154 5638
nucleus accessorius tractus optici
accessory nucleus of optic tract
77651 5639
nucleus accessorius posterior tractus optici ; nucleus accessorius dorsalis tractus optici
posterior accessory nucleus of optic tract ; dorsal accessory nucleus of optic tract
77652 5640
nucleus accessorius lateralis tractus optici
lateral accessory nucleus of optic tract
77653 5641
nucleus accessorius medialis tractus optici
medial accessory nucleus of optic tract
nucleus of grey matter of prerubral tegmentum of diencephalon of diencephalon
nucleus interstitialis
interstitial nucleus
nucleus interstitialis rostralis fasciculi longitudinalis medialis telencephali
rostral interstitial nucleus of medial longitudinal fasciculus of telencephalon of telencephalon
nucleus ellipticus
elliptic nucleus
nucleus of grey matter of epithalamus
62372 5803
nucleus habenularis lateralis
lateral habenular nucleus
62373 5804
nucleus habenularis medialis
medial habenular nucleus
nucleus of grey matter of thalamus
nucleus anterior thalami
anterior nucleus of thalamus
62141 5815
nucleus anterodorsalis thalami
anterodorsal nucleus of thalamus
62142 5816
nucleus anteromedialis thalami
anteromedial nucleus of thalamus
62143 5817
nucleus anteroventralis thalami
anteroventral nucleus of thalamus
62176 5819
nucleus dorsalis lateralis thalami
dorsal superficial nucleus of thalamus; laterodorsal nucleus of thalamus; lateral dorsal nucleus of thalamus
nucleus medialis thalami
medial nucleus of thalamus
62156 5833
nucleus mediodorsalis thalami
mediodorsal nucleus of thalamus
nucleus intralaminaris thalami
intralaminar nucleus of thalamus
nucleus intralaminaris anterior
anterior intralaminar nucleus
62171 5828
nucleus centralis medialis thalami
central medial nucleus of thalamus
62172 5830
nucleus paracentralis thalami
paracentral nucleus of thalamus
62170 5827
nucleus centralis lateralis thalami
central lateral nucleus of thalamus
nucleus intralaminaris centralis
central intralaminar nucleus
62165 5829
nucleus centromedianus thalami
centromedian nucleus of thalamus
62166 5831
nucleus parafascicularis thalami
parafascicular nucleus of thalamus
nucleus subparafascicularis thalami
subparafascicular nucleus of thalamus
nucleus intralaminaris posterior thalami
posterior intralaminar nucleus of thalamus
62220 5846
nucleus limitans thalami
limitans nucleus of thalamus
62222 5848
nucleus suprageniculatus thalami
suprageniculate nucleus of thalamus
nucleus lateralis thalami
lateral nucleus of thalamus
62184 5863
nucleus ventralis anterior thalami
ventral anterior nucleus of thalamus
nucleus ventralis lateralis thalami
lateral ventral nucleus of thalamus
nucleus ventrolateralis anterior thalami
anterior ventrolateral nucleus of thalamus
nucleus ventrolateralis posterior thalami
posterior ventrolateral nucleus of thalamus
nucleus ventralis medialis thalami
medial ventral nucleus of thalamus
nucleus ventromedialis basalis thalami
basal ventromedial nucleus of thalamus
nucleus ventromedialis principalis thalami
principal ventromedial nucleus of thalamus
nucleus submedialis thalami
submedial nucleus of thalamus
nucleus ventromedialis posterior thalami
posterior ventromedial nucleus of thalamus
nucleus ventrobasalis thalami
ventrobasal nucleus of thalamus
84350 5852
nucleus ventralis posterolateralis
ventral posterolateral nucleus
62202 5853
nucleus ventralis posteromedialis
ventral posteromedial nucleus
62199 5859
nucleus ventralis posteroinferior
ventral posteroinferior nucleus
nucleus periventricularis thalami
periventricular nucleus of thalamus ; midline nucleus
62151 5839
nucleus parataenialis
parataenial nucleus
62152 5840
nucleus paraventricularis thalami
paraventricular nucleus of thalamus
62153 5843
nucleus medioventralis ; nucleus reuniens
medioventral nucleus ; reuniens nucleus
nucleus posterior thalami
posterior nucleus of thalamus
62177 5820
nucleus lateralis posterior
lateral posterior nucleus
nucleus pulvinaris
pulvinar nucleus
62214 5900
nucleus dorsalis corporis geniculati lateralis
dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus
nucleus corporis geniculati medialis
nucleus of medial geniculate body
62217 5907
nucleus ventralis corporis geniculati medialis
ventral principal nucleus of medial geniculate body
62216 5908
nucleus dorsalis corporis geniculati medialis
dorsal nucleus of medial geniculate body
62218 5909
nucleus magnocellularis medialis corporis geniculati medialis
medial magnocellular nucleus of medial geniculate body
62178 5772
62023 5776
62209 5777
corpus geniculatum laterale
lateral geniculate body
62211 5778
corpus geniculatum mediale
medial geniculate body
nucleus of grey matter of prethalamus
62026 5849
nucleus reticularis prethalami ; nucleus reticularis thalami
reticular nucleus of prethalamus ; reticular nucleus of thalamus
62215 5904
nucleus ventralis corporis geniculati lateralis ; nucleus pregeniculatus
ventral lateral geniculate nucleus; pregeniculate nucleus
nucleus campi perizonalis
nucleus of perizonal field
62037 5895
nucleus campi medialis
nucleus of medial field ; H field
77526 5896
nucleus campi dorsalis
nucleus of dorsal field ; H1 field
258760 11625
nucleus of grey matter of subthalamus
62035 5893
nucleus subthalamicus
subthalamic nucleus
62038 5898
zona incerta
zona incerta
nucleus of grey matter of hypothalamus
74877 5780
corpus mammillare
mammillary body
62319 5912
nucleus anterior hypothalami
anterior hypothalamic nucleus
nucleus periventricularis anterior
anterior periventricular nucleus
62320 5918
nucleus paraventricularis hypothalami
paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus
67883 5920
nucleus suprachiasmaticus
suprachiasmatic nucleus
62317 5921
nucleus supraopticus
supraoptic nucleus
62329 5932
nucleus arcuatus ; nucleus infundibularis
arcuate nucleus ; infundibular nucleus
62331 5931
nucleus dorsomedialis hypothalami
dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus
62349 5934
nucleus periventricularis posterior
posterior periventricular nucleus
62332 5937
nucleus ventromedialis hypothalami
ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus
77688 5940
nucleus perifornicalis
perifornical nucleus
77006 5943
nucleus premammillaris dorsalis
dorsal premammillary nucleus
77007 5947
nucleus premammillaris ventralis
ventral premammillary nucleus
62335 5941
nucleus tuberomammillaris
tuberomammillary nucleus
62341 5944
nucleus mammillaris lateralis
lateral mammillary nucleus
62342 5945
nucleus mammillaris medialis
medial mammillary nucleus
62347 5946
nucleus supramammillaris
supramammillary nucleus
62350 5948
nucleus posterior hypothalami
posterior hypothalamic nucleus
nucleus of preoptic area
62326 5915
nucleus preopticus lateralis
lateral preoptic nucleus
67890 5916
nucleus preopticus medialis
medial preoptic nucleus
62323 5917
nucleus preopticus medianus
median preoptic nucleus
62324 5919
nucleus preopticus periventricularis
periventricular preoptic nucleus
nucleus preopticus ventrolateralis
ventrolateral preoptic nucleus
nucleus interstitialis hypothalami
interstitial nucleus of hypothalamus
nucleus dimorphus sexualis
sexual dimorphic nucleus
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
New term, described by Horn, AKE, Büttner-Ennever, JA (1998 Premotor neurons for vertical eye-movements in the rostral mesencephalon of monkey and man: The histological identification by parvalbumin immunostaining. J Comp Neurol 392:413-427) as a premotor nucleus for vertical eye movements.
See note # 8641
The Nucleus preopticus ventrolateralis is a recently discovered Preoptic nucleus, a sleep-promoting nucleus (Saper CB, Chou TC, Scammell TE 2001 The sleep switch: Hypothalamic control of sleep and wakefulness. Trends Neurosci 24:726-731).
The Nucleus ventromedialis posterior (Ventromedial posterior nucleus; VMpo) is a newly discovered nucleus involved in pain perception as part of the Ventromedial nucleus (Blomqvist A, Zhang ET, Craig AD 2000 Cytoarchitectonic and immunohistochemical characterization of a specific pain and tempearature relay, the posterior portion of the ventral medial nucleus, in the human thalamus. Brain 123:601-619).
Replaced from Mesencephalon; for the subdivision of this nucleus, Principal and Magnocellular parts are adopted, following Olszewski and Baxter3. The Ventral division is renamed as Nucleus ellipticus (coming from Cetacea and Proboscidea) or Nucleus of Darkschewitsch, not part of the Nucleus of the posterior commissure.
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List Unit Identifier 11623
Sublist 1 8623 nucleus areae preopticae 19/8 on 1.12.2018
Sublist 2 11624 nucleus substantiae griseae hypothalami 54/19 on 1.12.2018
Sublist 3 11625 nucleus substantiae griseae subthalami 6/3 on 1.12.2018
Sublist 4 11626 nucleus substantiae griseae prethalami 16/7 on 1.12.2018
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Sublist 5 11627 nucleus substantiae griseae thalami 117/50 on 1.12.2018
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Sublist 6 11632 nucleus substantiae griseae epithalami 6/3 on 1.12.2018
Sublist 7 11633 nucleus substantiae griseae tegmenti prerubralis 9/4 on 1.12.2018
Sublist 8 11634 nucleus substantiae griseae pretecti 35/14 on 1.12.2018
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