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segmentum gyri cerebri

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Top level pars principalis organi Short Extended
Level 2 segmentum organi Short Extended
Level 3 segmentum neuraxis Short Extended
Current level segmentum gyri cerebri
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
67957 11525
segmentum gyri cerebri
segment of cerebral gyrus
274569 11549
segmentum gyri lobi frontalis
segment of gyrus of frontal lobe
61979 12423
segmentum gyri frontalis inferioris
segment of inferior frontal gyrus
61982 5995
pars orbitalis gyri frontalis inferioris
orbital part of inferior frontal gyrus
61980 5996
pars triangularis gyri frontalis inferioris
triangular part of inferior frontal gyrus
61981 5997
pars opercularis gyri frontalis inferioris
opercular part of inferior frontal gyrus
70671 12424
segmentum gyri frontalis medii
segment of middle frontal gyrus
70672 12425
segmentum gyri frontalis superioris
segment of superior frontal gyrus
274573 12427
segmentum gyri lobi parietalis
segment of gyrus of parietal lobe
274530 12432
segmentum lobuli parietalis inferioris
segment of inferior parietal lobule
61898 6005
gyrus angularis
angular gyrus
61897 6012
gyrus supramarginalis lobi parietalis
supramarginal gyrus of parietal lobe
274579 12428
segmentum gyri lobi occipitalis
segment of gyrus of occipital lobe
274571 12429
segmentum gyri lobi temporalis
segment of gyrus of temporal lobe
275026 12430
segmentum gyri lobi limbici
segment of gyrus of limbic lobe
segmentum gyri cingularis
segment of cingulate gyrus
segmentum gyri parahippocampalis
segment of parahippocampal gyrus
segmentum formationis hippocampi
segment of hippocampal formation
77604 6145
62486 6148
74414 6149
274575 12431
segmentum gyri insulae
segment of insular gyrus
273506 12436
segmentum lobuli paracentralis
segment of paracentral lobule
77537 6046
gyrus paracentralis anterior
anterior paracentral gyrus
77538 6058
gyrus paracentralis posterior
posterior paracentral gyrus
segmentum operculi insularis
segment of insular operculum
74886 5993
operculum frontale
frontal operculum
74889 6007
operculum parietale
parietal operculum
74891 6020
operculum temporale
temporal operculum
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
For subdivision of Broca’s area, see Amunts K, Schleicher A, Bürgel U, et al. (1999 Broca’s region revisited: Cytoarchitecture and intersubject variability. J Comp Neurol 412:319-341). The Sulcus diagonalis (of Eberstaller) is a variable branch of the Sulcus lateralis, dividing the Pars opercularis into two parts. The Sulcus radiatus (of Eberstaller) may indent the Pars triangularis from above.
See note # 6006
See note # 6006
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