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substantia alba telencephali

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 substantia alba systematis nervosi centralis Short Extended
Current level substantia alba telencephali
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
substantia alba telencephali
white matter of telencephalon
241998 12021
substantia alba cerebralis
cerebral white matter
256174 11999
segmentum substantiae albae cerebralis
segment of cerebral white matter
62466 12022
capsula hemispherii cerebri
capsule of cerebral hemisphere
61960 6267
capsula extrema
extreme capsule
61959 6266
capsula externa
external capsule
61950 6239
capsula interna
internal capsule
61951 14403
divisio capsulae internae
subdivision of internal capsule
61952 6241
crus anterius capsulae internae
anterior limb of internal capsule
61953 6244
genu capsulae internae
knee of internal capsule
61954 6246
crus posterius capsulae internae
posterior limb of internal capsule
61957 6254
pars retrolentiformis capsulae internae
retrolentiform limb of internal capsule; retrolenticular limb of internal capsule
61958 6259
pars sublentiformis capsulae internae
sublentiform limb of internal capsule; sublenticular limb of internal capsule
62076 9508
pedunculus temporalis
temporal peduncle
61943 12023
segmentum corporis callosi
segment of corpus callosum
61945 6078
rostrum corporis callosi
rostrum of corpus callosum
61946 6079
genu corporis callosi
genu of corpus callosum
61947 6080
truncus corporis callosi ; corpus corporis callosi
trunk of corpus callosum ; body of corpus callosum
61948 6081
splenium corporis callosi
splenium of corpus callosum
61961 5799
commissura anterior
anterior commissure
61962 9149
divisio commissurae anterioris
subdivision of anterior commissure
61963 6089
pars anterior commissurae anterioris
anterior part of anterior commissure
61964 6090
pars posterior commissurae anterioris
posterior part of anterior commissure
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The Pars retrolentiformis of the Internal capsule should be treated as a separate component, not as part of the Posterior limb; Crus retrolentiforme suggested as synonym. The Pars sublentiformis also forms a separate component of the Internal capsule; Crus sublentiforme suggested as synonym.
See note # 6254
The Capsula extrema (Extreme capsule) forms one of the Long association systems involved in language processing (see Catani M, Thiebaut de Schotten M 2012 Atlas of Human Brain Connections. Oxford University Press, Oxford).
The Pedunculus temporalis (Temporal peduncle) forms the connection between the temporal and frontal lobes and contains: (1) the Fasciculus occipitofrontalis inferior (Inferior occipitofrontal fasciculus); and (2) the Fasciculus uncinatus cerebri (Uncinate fasciculus).
Date: 20.03.2022