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lamina componentis organi

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Top level pars principalis organi Short Extended
Level 2 componens organi Short Extended
Current level lamina componentis organi
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
82485 11297
lamina componentis organi
layer of organ component
231545 7801
lamina durae matris cranialis
layer of cranial dura mater
85355 22715
tunica mucosa
mucous membrane
60109 8235
tunica mucosa partis osseae tubae auditivae
mucosa of osseous part of auditory tube
54807 2413
tunica mucosa linguae
mucous membrane of tongue
45637 14831
tunica serosa
serous layer
85423 14896
tunica serosa organi
serous layer of organ
77000 3722
tunica serosa epicardii
serosa of epicardium; serous coat of epicardium
83563 14891
divisio laminae musculi
12154 14892
musculus papillaris
papillary muscle
7259 14851
musculus papillaris ventriculi dextri
papillary muscle of right ventricle
9352 14877
musculus papillaris ventriculi sinistri
papillary muscle of left ventricle
lamina interna musculi
internal layer of muscle
lamina interna musculi regionis organi
internal layer of muscle of region of organ
7269 14827
trabecula carnea
carneus trabeculation
7270 14860
trabecula carnea ventriculi dextri
carneus trabeculation of right ventricle
7271 14878
trabecula carnea ventriculi sinistri
carneus trabeculation of left ventricle
7272 3679
trabecula septomarginalis
septomarginal trabeculation
trabecula apicalis
apical trabeculation
trabecula apicalis crassa ventriculi dextri
coarse apical trabeculation of right ventricle
trabecula apicalis tenuis ventriculi sinistri
fine apical trabeculation of left ventricle
12225 14893
chorda tendinea
tendinous chorda
9300 3636
chorda tendinea valvae atrioventricularis dextrae ; chorda tendinea tricuspidalis
tendinous chorda of right atrioventricular valve ; tendinous cord of right atrioventricular valve
76528 3637
chorda tendinea spuria ventriculi dextri
false tendinous chorda of right ventricle
9349 14879
chorda tendinea valvae atrioventricularis sinistrae ; chorda tendinea mitralis
tendinous chorda of left atrioventricular valve ; tendinous cord of left atrioventricular valve
chorda tendinea spuria ventriculi sinistri
false tendinous chorda of left ventricle
82496 11298
lamina membranea parietis organi
membranous layer of organ wall
24041 266
32692 297
77829 8875
membrana vestibularis
vestibular membrane
60106 7243
lamina membranacea cartilaginis tubae auditivae
membranous layer of cartilage of auditory tube
58617 7645
stratum retinae
retinal layer
58371 6901
lamina cribrosa sclerae
cribriform layer of sclera
58101 15514
lamina parietis bulbi oculi
layer of wall of eyeball
58102 6891
tunica fibrosa bulbi oculi
fibrous layer of eyeball
58269 6892
58238 6902
58103 6913
tunica vasculosa bulbi oculi ; uvea
vascular layer of eyeball ; uvea
lamina supraciliaris
supraciliary layer
58301 6949
tunica interna bulbi oculi
internal layer of eyeball
58362 6898
lamina episcleralis sclerae
episcleral layer of sclera
58476 6931
lamina basalis corporis ciliaris
basal layer of ciliary body
58462 7453
lamina choroideae
layer of choroid
58368 6900
lamina fusca sclerae
suprachoroid layer of sclera
58301 6950
82500 14327
lamina membranacea
membranous layer
85272 13883
58881 7005
capsula lentis
capsule of lens
21792 13884
fascia musculi
fascia of muscle
54071 7753
fascia orbitalis
orbital fascia
38353 1986
fascia supraspinata
supraspinous fascia
38530 1988
fascia infraspinata
infraspinous fascia
9722 22726
46768 1682
galea aponeurotica; aponeurosis epicranialis
epicranial aponeurosis
54841 2427
aponeurosis linguae
lingual aponeurosis
58734 7033
vagina bulbi oculi
fascial sheath of eyeball; bulbar sheath of eyeball
77710 7275
lamina spiralis ossea
bony spiral lamina
58373 7531
lamina sclerae
scleral layer
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The Tunica fibrosa has been subdivided into the Sclera, the Cornea and the Limbus corneae, a transitional zone between sclera and cornea, of utmost importance for the maintenance of intra-ocular pressure, since the removal of aqueous humor occurs here. The terminology used follows Hogan MJ, Alvarado JA, Weddell JE (1971) Histology of the Human Eye. Saunders, Philadelphia, PA.
Date: 27.08.2022