Taxonomic list T4, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

zona ossis brevis

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Top level pars principalis organi Short Extended
Level 2 zona organi Short Extended
Level 3 zona ossis Short Extended
Current level zona ossis brevis
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
301928 11294
zona ossis brevis
zone of short bone
zona patellae
zone of patella
43670 1133 part
apex patellae
apex of patella
43671 1132 part
basis patellae
base of patella
289653 20618
zona tali
zone of talus
33637 1188 part
corpus tali
body of talus
33635 1180 part
caput tali
head of talus
7 items
15 entities
Scientific notes
Type of list T4
List Unit Identifier 11294
Number of children 14 (validated)
Number of units 7 (validated)
Signature 17145 (validated since 26.6.2024)
Date: 06.07.2024