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zona organi

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Top level pars principalis organi Short Extended
Level 2 zona organi Short Extended
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
55268 11257
zona organi
zone of organ
86142 19516
zona nervi
zone of nerve
zona trunci nervi facialis
zone of trunk of facial nerve
77529 6466
geniculum nervi facialis
geniculum of facial nerve
10474 14531
zona organi musculi
zone of organ muscle
regio myotendinea organi musculi
myotendinous region of organ muscle
zona proximalis organi musculi
proximal zone of organ muscle
caput musculi adductoris pollicis
head of adductor pollicis
46119 2039
caput obliquum musculi adductoris pollicis
oblique head of adductor pollicis
46120 2040
caput transversum musculi adductoris pollicis
transverse head of adductor pollicis
caput musculi flexoris pollicis brevis
head of flexor pollicis brevis
46104 2035
caput superficiale musculi flexoris pollicis brevis
superficial head of flexor pollicis brevis
46107 2036
caput profundum musculi flexoris pollicis brevis
deep head of flexor pollicis brevis
zona distalis organi musculi
distal zone of organ muscle
zona musculi deltoidei
zone of deltoid
34677 1982
pars clavicularis musculi deltoidei
clavicular part of deltoid
34678 1983
pars acromialis musculi deltoidei
acromial part of deltoid
34679 1984
pars spinalis scapularis musculi deltoidei
scapular spinal part of deltoid
zona fasciae profundae
zone of deep fascia
zona fasciae profundae membri superioris
zone of investing fascia of superior limb
zona fasciae profundae membri superioris liberi
zone of investing fascia of free superior limb
zona fasciae profundae antebrachii
zone of investing fascia of forearm
38851 2054
fascia antebrachii
antebrachial fascia
85461 14754
zona cordis
zone of heart
223286 3615
basis cordis ; facies posterior cordis
base of heart ; posterior surface of heart
223291 3620
apex cordis
apex of heart
86138 22554
zona glandulae parotideae
zone of parotid gland
59812 2311
pars profunda glandulae parotideae
deep part of parotid gland
59809 2310
pars superficialis glandulae parotideae
superficial part of parotid gland
87207 14703
zona trunci arteriosi
zone of arterial trunk
zona aortae
zone of aorta
zona aortae ascendentis
zone of ascending aorta
3745 3771
sinus aorticus
aortic sinus
sinus coronarius dexter aortae ; sinus dexter aortae
right coronary aortic sinus; right aortic sinus
sinus coronarius sinister aortae ; sinus sinister aortae
left coronary aortic sinus; left aortic sinus
sinus noncoronarius aortae ; sinus posterior aortae
noncoronary aortic sinus; posterior aortic sinus
zona aortae abdominalis
zone of abdominal aorta
3795 4286
bifurcatio aortae
aortic bifurcation
10483 11258
zona ossis T3 847 children
zone of bone
45729 20623
caput organi
head of organ
45733 13604
collum organi T3 16 children
neck of organ
59659 22547
zone of viscerocranial mucous membrane
54643 22548
zona linguae T3 14 children
zone of tongue
82508 20675
spina ossis
spina ossis
spina iliaca
spina iliaca
49465 1048
spina iliaca anterior superior
superior anterior iliac spine
63614 1049
spina iliaca anterior inferior
anterior inferior iliac spine
49468 1050
spina iliaca posterior superior
posterior superior iliac spine
63615 1051
spina iliaca posterior inferior
posterior inferior iliac spine
17028 1064
spina ischiadica
ischial spine
82507 20810
crista organi T3 12 children
crest of organ
67319 23136
zona venae T3 0 children
zone of vein
66332 23135
zona arteriae T3 32 children
zone of artery
75432 286
eminentia ossis
eminence of bone
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Date: 27.08.2022