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regio componentis organi

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Top level pars principalis organi Short Extended
Level 2 regio componentis organi Short Extended
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Short English equivalent
86103 10937
regio componentis organi
region of organ component
regio corporis musculi skeletalis
region of body of skeletal muscle
regio corporis musculi skeletalis
region of body of skeletal muscle
venter musculi
belly of muscle
venter musculi digastrici
belly of digastric
46302 1748
venter anterior musculi digastrici
anterior belly of digastric
46303 1749
venter posterior musculi digastrici
posterior belly of digastric
venter musculi omohyoidei
belly of omohyoid
46340 1756
venter superior musculi omohyoidei
superior belly of omohyoid
46341 1757
venter inferior musculi omohyoidei
inferior belly of omohyoid
regio pachymeningis T3 10 children
region of pachymeninx
266075 22752
region of leptomeningeal sac
61111 13992
regio labyrinthi membranacei
region of membranous labyrinth
61246 7324
ductus endolymphaticus
endolymphatic duct
75639 7325
saccus endolymphaticus
endolymphatic sac
61255 7307
labyrinthus vestibularis
vestibular labyrinth
61258 13993
regio labyrinthi vestibularis
region of vestibular labyrinth
61252 7326
ductus reuniens
ductus reuniens
61243 7321
ductus utriculosaccularis
utriculosaccular duct
77824 7322
ductus utricularis
utricular duct
77825 7323
ductus saccularis
saccular duct
61122 7311
ductus semicircularis
semicircular duct
61138 13994
divisio ductus semicircularis
subdivision of semicircular duct
61123 7312
ductus semicircularis anterior
anterior semicircular duct
61132 7313
ampulla membranacea anterior ductus semicircularis
anterior membranous ampulla of semicircular duct
61129 7318
ductus semicircularis lateralis
lateral semicircular duct
61139 7319
ampulla membranacea lateralis ductus semicircularis
lateral membranous ampulla of semicircular duct
61126 7314
ductus semicircularis posterior
posterior semicircular duct
61135 7315
ampulla membranacea posterior ductus semicircularis
posterior membranous ampulla of semicircular duct
61262 7317
crus membranaceum ampullare
ampullary membranous limb
71882 7320
crus membranaceum simplex
simple membranous limb
61249 7316
crus membranaceum commune
common membranous limb
macula ductus endolymphatici
macula of endolymphatic duct
61113 7308
67938 13996
divisio utriculi
subdivision of utricle
74960 7328
macula utriculi
macula of utricle
74961 14003
striola utriculi
striola of utricle
49506 3820
arteria tympanica inferior
inferior tympanic artery
61116 7310
74942 13997
divisio sacculi
subdivision of saccule
74944 7329
macula sacculi
macula of saccule
74947 14004
striola sacculi
striola of saccule
59011 7076
tunica conjunctiva
61259 7336
labyrinthus cochlearis
cochlear labyrinth
61119 7338
ductus cochlearis auris internae ; scala media
cochlear duct of internal ear ; scala media
regio ductus cochlearis auris internae auris internae
region of cochlear duct of internal ear of internal ear
77847 7354
caecum vestibulare
vestibular caecum
77848 7355
caecum cupulare
cupular caecum
77843 7349
limbus spiralis
spiral limbus
77844 7350
labium tympanicum limbi spiralis
tympanic lip of spiral limbus
77845 7351
labium vestibulare limbi spiralis ; labium limbi vestibulare
vestibular lip of spiral limbus
79803 14015
paries ductus cochlearis auris internae auris internae
wall of cochlear duct of internal ear of internal ear
77831 7340
paries externus ductus cochlearis auris internae
external wall of cochlear duct of internal ear
77830 7339
paries vestibularis ductus cochlearis auris internae
vestibular wall of cochlear duct of internal ear
77840 7345
paries tympanicus ductus cochlearis auris internae ; membrana spiralis ductus cochlearis auris internae
tympanic wall of cochlear duct of internal ear ; spiral membrane of cochlear duct of internal ear
77833 7342
prominentia spiralis
spiral prominence
77834 7344
ligamentum spirale
spiral ligament
77832 7341
stria vascularis ductus cochlearis auris internae
vascular stria of cochlear duct of internal ear
77837 7346
crista basilaris ; crista spiralis
basal crest; spiral crest
regio corticis cerebri
region of cerebral cortex
62429 6130
isocortex ; neocortex
isocortex ; neocortex
83687 6128
62424 6125
62430 6126
84039 6129
regio parietis bulbi
region of wall of eyeball
regio myocardii
region of myocardium
84628 3634
vortex cordis
vortex of heart
regio septi cordis
region of septum of heart
pars membranacea septi cordis
membranous part of septum of heart
84913 14769
regio partis membranaceae septi interventricularis
region of membranous part of interventricular septum
7136 3629
septum atrioventriculare ; pars atrioventricularis septi membranaceae
atrioventricular part of membranous septum
7135 3628
pars membranacea septi interventricularis ; pars interventricularis septi membranaceae
membranous part of interventricular septum ; interventricular part of membranous septum
pars muscularis septi cordis
muscular part of septum of heart
7134 3627
pars muscularis septi interventricularis
muscular part of interventricular septum
regio parietis cordis
region of wall of heart
paries camerae cardiacae
wall of cardiac chamber
14137 14811
regio camerae cardiacae
region of cardiac chamber
14140 14842
pars influxionis atrii cordis
part of inlet of atrium of heart
13224 14843
pars influxionis ventriculi cordis
part of inlet of ventricle of heart
aditus ventriculi dextri
inlet of right ventricle
aditus ventriculi sinistri
inlet of left ventricle
14141 14844
pars effluxionis atrii cordis
part of outlet of atrium of heart
13225 14845
pars effluxionis ventriculi cordis
part of outlet of ventricle of heart
7216 3667
conus arteriosus ; infundibulum ventriculi dextri
conus arteriosus; infundibulum of right ventricle; pulmonary conus
9473 3694
vestibulum aortae
aortic vestibule
regio parietis camerae cardiacae
region of wall of cardiac chamber
regio parietis atrii dextri
region of wall of right atrium
9236 3646
crista terminalis atrii dextri
terminal crest of right atrium
regio parietis ventriculi dextri
region of wall of right ventricle
9293 3666
crista supraventricularis
supraventricular crest
13258 14820
crus murale cristae supraventricularis
mural limb of supraventricular crest
13257 14821
crus septale cristae supraventricularis
septal limb of supraventricular crest
regio musculi papillaris
region of papillary muscle
regio musculi papillaris ventriculi dextri
region of papillary muscle of right ventricle
7260 3676
musculus papillaris anterior ventriculi dextri
anterior papillary muscle of right ventricle
7261 3677
musculus papillaris inferior ; musculus papillaris posterior
inferior papillary muscle ; posterior papillary muscle
7262 3678
musculus papillaris septalis
septal papillary muscle
regio musculi papillaris ventriculi sinistri
region of papillary muscle of left ventricle
7264 3692
musculus papillaris superior ventriculi sinistri ; musculus papillaris anterior
superior papillary muscle of left ventricle ; anterior papillary muscle of left ventricle
7266 3693
musculus papillaris inferior ventriculi sinistri ; musculus papillaris posterior ventriculi sinistri
inferior papillary muscle of left ventricle ; posterior papillary muscle of left ventricle
regio pericardii serosi visceralis
region of visceral serous pericardium
9461 3721
musculus pectinatus
pectinate muscle
76529 3651
musculus pectinatus atrii dextri
pectinate muscle of right atrium
76533 3683
musculus pectinatus atrii sinistri cordis cordis
pectinate muscle of left atrium of heart of heart
82484 22725
septum organi
septum of organ
54813 2426
septum linguae
lingual septum
7180 14765
septum cordis
septum of heart
7133 3626
septum interventriculare
interventricular septum
7108 3632
septum interatriale cordis
interatrial septum of heart
85358 22531
regio mucosae T3 15 children
regioin of mucosa
85278 22544
plica anatomica
anatomical fold
85310 22545
plica mucosae viscerocranialis
fold of viscerocranial mucosa
plica palatina transversa
transverse palatine fold
82504 22540
papilla superficii T3 3 children
papilla of surface
54806 22718
regio linguae
region of tongue
242789 19598
region of ventricular system of central nervous system
242770 19870
region of wall of ventricular system
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The Archicortex includes the Hippocampus (Ammon's horn, Dentate gyrus and Subiculum), Presubiculum, Parasubiculum, Entorhinal cortex, Retrosplenial cortex and a cortical band in the Cingulate gyrus (Stephan 1975; Zilles K, Amunts K 2012 Architecture of the cerebral cortex. In: Mai JK, Paxinos G, eds: The Human Nervous System, 3rd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 836-895).
The Paleocortex includes the Olfactory bulb, Retrobulbar region ('Anterior olfactory nucleus'), Olfactory tubercle, Septal and Piriform (BA51) regions and a minor part of the Amygdala (Stephan 1975; Zilles and Amunts 2012).
The Allocortex includes the Paleocortex and the Archicortex (Filimonoff IN 1947 A rational subdivision of the cerebral cortex. Arch Neurol Psychiatry 58:296-311; Stephan H 1975 Allocortex. In: Bargmann W (ed) Handbuch der mikroskopischen Anatomie des Menschen, Vol 4: Nervensystem, Band 9. Springer).
The Mesocortex (Rose M 1927 Der Allocortex bei Tier und Mensch. I. Teil. J Psychol Neurol (Lpz) 34:1-11) comprises the Proisocortex, a transition area between the Isocortex and the Allocortex, and the Periallocortex, the adjoining part of the Allocortex (Filimonoff 1947); also known as Paralimbic cortex (Mesulam 1985). The Periallocortex can further be subdivided into the Peripaleocortex (Claustrum) and the Periarchicortex (Entorhinal, Presubicular and Retrosplenial cortices and part of the Cingulate gyrus; Filimonoff 1947; Zilles and Amunts 2012).
Date: 27.08.2022