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plexus nervosus

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 junctura anatomica Short Extended
Current level plexus nervosus
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
5901 10818
plexus nervosus
nervous plexus
plexus autonomicus
autonomic plexus
77597 7697
plexus entericus ; systema nervosum entericum
enteric plexus ; enteric nervous system
plexus entericus ganglionaris
ganglionary enteric plexus
21542 6859
plexus nervosus submucosus
submucosal nervous plexus
plexus nervosus submucosus internus
inner submucosal nervous plexus
plexus nervosus submucosus externus
outer submucosal nervous plexus
63252 6858
plexus nervosus myentericus
myenteric nervous plexus
plexus entericus aganglionaris
aganglionic enteric plexus
plexus aganglionaris mucosus
aganglionic plexus of mucosa
plexus aganglionaris muscularis mucosae
aganglionic plexus of muscularis mucosae
plexus aganglionaris extremus
extreme aganglionic plexus
plexus aganglionaris internus
internal aganglionic plexus of muscular layer
plexus aganglionaris externus
external aganglionic plexus of muscular layer
plexus aganglionaris serosus
aganglionic plexus of serosa
plexus entericus perivascularis
perivascular enteric plexus
5910 6817
plexus visceralis
visceral plexus
5912 6365
plexus perivascularis
perivascular plexus
77574 6828
plexus aorticus thoracicus
thoracic aortic plexus
67532 6823
plexus caroticus externus
external carotid plexus
67533 6820
plexus caroticus internus
internal carotid plexus
61917 6824
plexus subclavius
subclavian plexus
67576 6819
plexus caroticus communis
common carotid plexus
67566 6825
plexus autonomicus brachialis
brachial autonomic plexus
67570 6826
plexus vertebralis
vertebral plexus
67563 6822
plexus cavernosus
cavernous plexus ; lateral sellar plexus
21537 6860
plexus iliacus
iliac plexus
21538 6861
plexus femoralis
femoral plexus
plexus thoracicus
thoracic plexus
6628 6829
plexus cardiacus
cardiac plexus
6225 6831
plexus oesophageus
oesophageal plexus
6629 6832
plexus pulmonalis
pulmonary plexus
plexus abdominalis
abdominal plexus
78579 9550
plexus phrenicus
phrenic plexus
6630 6837
plexus coeliacus
coeliac plexus
6632 6838
plexus hepaticus
hepatic plexus
6634 6839
plexus splenicus ; plexus lienalis
splenic plexus
21540 6841
plexus pancreaticus
pancreatic plexus
6635 6842
plexus suprarenalis
suprarenal plexus
6636 6848
plexus renalis
renal plexus
6638 6851
plexus ovaricus
ovarian plexus
6639 6845
plexus mesentericus superior
superior mesenteric plexus
18049 6847
plexus aorticus abdominalis ; plexus intermesentericus
abdominal aortic plexus ; intermesenteric plexus
6641 6853
plexus mesentericus inferior
inferior mesenteric plexus
6722 6850
plexus uretericus
ureteric plexus
6642 6863
plexus hypogastricus superior ; nervus presacralis
superior hypogastric plexus ; presacral nerve
21536 6855
plexus rectalis superior
superior rectal plexus
plexus gastricus
gastric plexus
pars anterior plexus gastrici
anterior part of gastric plexus
pars posterior plexus gastrici
posterior part of gastric plexus
plexus pelvicus
pelvic plexus
6643 6865
plexus hypogastricus inferior
inferior hypogastric plexus
21539 6867
plexus rectalis inferior
inferior rectal plexus
6645 6866
plexus rectalis medius
middle rectal plexus
6646 6873
plexus vesicalis
vesical plexus
6647 6870
plexus prostaticus
prostatic plexus
21535 6872
plexus deferens
deferential plexus ; plexus of ductus deferens
6648 6869
plexus uterovaginalis
uterovaginal plexus
6637 6852
plexus testicularis
testicular plexus
5903 9664
plexus nervi somatici
plexus of somatic nerves
5904 6570
plexus cervicalis
cervical plexus
45356 6728
plexus coccygeus
coccygeal plexus
5905 8844
5906 6590
plexus brachialis
brachial plexus
5907 6682
plexus lumbosacralis
lumbosacral plexus
65171 16198
subdivision of
65229 16201
divisio plexus nervorum brachialium
subdivision of plexus of brachial nerves
pars supraclavicularis plexus brachialis
supraclavicular part of brachial plexus
pars infraclavicularis plexus brachialis
infraclavicular part of brachial plexus
65230 16202
divisio plexus lumbo lumbosacralis
subdivision of lumbosacral plexus
5908 6683
plexus lumbalis
lumbar plexus
divisio plexus lumbalis
subdivision of lumbar plexus
ramus medialis
medial branch
pars anterior plexus lumbalis
anterior part of lumbar plexus
pars posterior plexus lumbalis
posterior part of lumbar plexus
5909 6709
plexus sacralis
sacral plexus
divisio plexus sacralis
subdivision of sacral plexus
pars anterior plexus sacralis
anterior part of sacral plexus
pars posterior plexus sacralis
posterior part of sacral plexus
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The term Plexus perivasculares replaces Plexus periarteriales, since neural plexuses are also found around veins.
The Plexus intermesentericus is a synonym of the Plexus aorticus abdominalis; in TA as separate entries.
The enteric aganglionic plexuses are networks of nerve fibres consisting of axons and enteric glia but without regular nerve cell bodies. They exist in the mucosa (Plexus aganglionaris mucosus), in the muscularis mucosae (Plexus aganglionaris muscularis mucosae), in the two layers of the muscular coat (circular and longitudinal muscle plexus: Plexus aganglionaris internus muscularis and Plexus aganglionaris externus muscularis) and underneath the serosa (serosal plexus; Plexus aganglionaris serosus). The extreme aganglionic plexus (Plexus aganglionaris extremus) is situated directly at the innermost border of the circular muscle, between the ganglionic external submucosal plexus and the inner border of the circular muscle. Some authors add this plexus to the circular muscle plexus (Brehmer A, Rupprecht H, Neuhuber W 2010 Two submucosal nerve plexus in human intestines. Histochem Cell Biol 133:149-161).
Date: 20.03.2022