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zona continuentis

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 junctura anatomica Short Extended
Current level zona continuentis
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
11337 10817
zona continuentis
zone of continuation
3726 13756
3727 13757
anastomosis vascularis
vascular anastomosis
3728 13758
anastomosis arterialis
arterial anastomosis
rete acromiale
acromial anastomosis
275093 8757
fasciola cinerea
fasciola cinerea
dens subiculi ; gyrus subsplenialis
tooth of subiculum ; subsplenial gyrus ; gyrus of Andreas Retzius
22838 4152
arcus palmaris profundus
deep palmar arch
44676 4380
rete articulare genus
genicular anastomosis
44677 4381
rete patellare
patellar anastomosis
296683 15657
arcus labiorum oris inferior
inferior arch of lips of mouth
296648 15658
arcus labiorum oris superior
superior arch of lips of mouth
dermis palpebrae
dermis of eyelid ; corium of eyelid
3729 13759
anastomosis venosa
venous anastomosis
50784 4557
confluens sinuum
confluence of sinuses
22914 4717
arcus venosus palmaris superficialis
superficial palmar venous arch
67977 4714
rete venosum dorsale manus
dorsal venous network of hand
58345 6903
anulus conjunctivus
conjunctival ring
58342 6904
limbus corneae
corneoscleral junction; corneal limbus
15957 2581
flexura duodenojejunalis
duodenojejunal flexure ; duodenojejunal junction
19985 3210
fornix vaginae ♀
vaginal fornix ♀; vaginal vault ♀
19986 3211
pars anterior fornicis vaginae ♀
anterior part of vaginal fornix ♀
19987 3212
pars posterior fornicis vaginae ♀
posterior part of vaginal fornix ♀
19988 3213
pars lateralis fornicis vaginae ♀
lateral part of vaginal fornix ♀
19834 3296
rete testis ♂
rete testis ♂
21057 3455
radix mesenterii
root of mesentery
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Several Sinus durae matris have been added: 1) Sinus tentorii (Tentorial sinus; see Matsushima M, Suzuki SO, Fukui M, et al. 1989 Microsurgical anatomy of the tentorial sinuses. J Neurosurg 71:923-928); 2) A variable Sinus occipitalis obliquus (Oblique occipital sinus; see Tubbs RS, Bosmia An, Shoja MM, et al. 2011 The oblique occipital sinus: A review of anatomy and imaging characteristics. Surg Radiol Anat 33:747-749); 3) A variable Plexus venosus falcis (Venous plexus of falx; see Tubbs RS, Loukas M, Shoja MM, et al. 2007 Anatomy of the falcine venous plexus. J Neurosurg 107:155-157); 4) A variabe Sinus intercavernosus inferior (Inferior intercavernous sinus; see Tubbs RS, Griessenauer C, Loukas M, Cohen-Gadol A 2014 Circular sinus: An anatomical study with neurosurgical and neurointerventional applications. World Neurosurg 82:475-478).
New term; the Venulae aquosae ('Wasservenen') were described by Ascher KW (1942) Am J Ophthalmol 25:31. They collect the Humor aquosus from the Sinus venosus sclerae, and drain into the Venae episclerales.
See note # 8762
The Dentes subiculi (Gyri of Andreas Retzius) were described by Retzius (1896) for the Caudal part of CA1 at the Hippocampal tail; the term Gyri subspleniales (Subsplenial gyri) indicate their position. Deep to the Gyri andreae retzii, two obliquely oriented small gyri are found (Duvernoy 1998; Insausti and Amaral 2012): 1) a medial gyrus: the Fasciola cinerea, which forms the visible part of the Dentate gyrus as descibed by Giacomini (1884) and Klingler (1948); and 2) a lateral gyrus: Gyrus fasciolaris (Fasciolar gyrus), corresponding to the caudal end of the CA3 field.
The Arcus labiorum inferior is an arterial anastomosis between both superior labial arteries, located in the musculus orbicularis oris of the lower lip (Kachlik et al. 2021 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 21:208-220).
The Arcus labiorum superior is an arterial anastomosis between both superior labial arteries, located in the musculus orbicularis oris of the upper lip (Kachlik et al. 2021 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 21:208-220).
Date: 31.05.2024