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canalis anatomicus

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 canalis anatomicus Short Extended
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
242873 10813
canalis anatomicus
anatomical conduit
323098 7287
canalis longitudinalis modioli
longitudinal canal of modiolus
75373 811
canalis arteriae vertebralis atlantis
canal of vertebral artery of atlas
75378 301
canalis nutricius
nutrient canal
54370 389
canalis nasolacrimalis
nasolacrimal canal
12256 785
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae
intervertebral foramen of vertebra
72180 10316
foramen intervertebrale cervicale
cervical intervertebral foramen
72181 9308
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae cervicalis tertiae
intervertebral foramen of third cervical vertebra
72182 10315
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae cervicalis quartae
intervertebral foramen of fourth cervical vertebra
72183 10324
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae cervicalis quintae
intervertebral foramen of fifth cervical vertebra
72184 7528
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae cervicalis sextae
intervertebral foramen of sixth cervical vertebra
72185 10336
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae prominentis
intervertebral foramen of vertebra prominens
306219 10349
foramen intervertebrale cervicothoracicum
cervicothoracic intervertebral foramen
9144 10319
foramen intervertebrale thoracicum
thoracic intervertebral foramen
9340 10356
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae secundae
intervertebral foramen of second thoracic vertebra
9341 10357
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae tertiae
intervertebral foramen of third thoracic vertebra
9342 10358
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae quartae
intervertebral foramen of fourth thoracic vertebra
9943 10403
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae quintae
intervertebral foramen of fifth thoracic vertebra
9944 10413
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae sextae
intervertebral foramen of sixth thoracic vertebra
9967 10420
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae septimae
intervertebral foramen of seventh thoracic vertebra
9990 10422
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae octavae
intervertebral foramen of eighth thoracic vertebra
10013 10423
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae nonae
intervertebral foramen of ninth thoracic vertebra
10036 10424
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae decimae
intervertebral foramen of tenth thoracic vertebra
10058 10460
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae undecimae
intervertebral foramen of eleventh thoracic vertebra
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae thoracicae duodecimae
intervertebral foramen of twelfth thoracic vertebra
10101 10350
foramen intervertebrale thoracolumbale
thoracolumbar intervertebral foramen
72186 10320
foramen intervertebrale lumbale
lumbar intervertebral foramen
72188 10101
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae lumbalis secundae
intervertebral foramen of second lumbar vertebra
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae lumbalis tertiae
intervertebral foramen of third lumbar vertebra
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae lumbalis quartae
intervertebral foramen of fourth lumbar vertebra
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae lumbalis quintae
intervertebral foramen of fifth lumbar vertebra
72191 10351
foramen intervertebrale lumbosacrale
lumbosacral intervertebral foramen
306221 10347
foramen intervertebrale sacrale
sacral intervertebral foramen
306223 10352
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae sacralis secundae
intervertebral foramen of second sacral vertebra
306225 10353
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae sacralis tertiae
intervertebral foramen of third sacral vertebra
306227 10354
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae sacralis quartae
intervertebral foramen of fourth sacral vertebra
306229 10355
foramen intervertebrale vertebrae sacralis quintae
intervertebral foramen of fifth sacral vertebra
58837 7025
canalis hyaloideus
hyaloid canal
54774 510
canalis opticus oris sphenoidalis
optic canal of sphenoid
53165 13523
canalis cranii
cranial conduit
75372 7286
canalis spiralis modioli
spiral canal of modiolus
329325 13795
canalis auris
canal of ear
cuniculus organi spiralis
tunnel of spiral organ
cuniculus externus organi spiralis
external tunnel of spiral organ
cuniculus internus
internal tunnel
cuniculus intermedius
intermediate tunnel
53135 383
foramen ethmoidale anterius
anterior ethmoidal foramen
57443 2422
foramen caecum linguae
foramen caecum of tongue
77839 7343
vas prominens ductus cochlearis auris internae
vas prominens of cochlear duct of internal ear of internal ear
53136 384
foramen ethmoidale posterius
posterior ethmoidal foramen
53144 401
foramen sphenopalatinum
sphenopalatine foramen
53154 524
foramen rotundum
foramen rotundum
53155 525
foramen ovale
oval foramen
54785 526
(foramen venosum)
(sphenoidal emissary foramen)
54372 368
canalis palatovaginalis basis externae cranii
palatovaginal canal of external cranial base
53156 527
foramen spinosum
foramen spinosum
53158 528
(foramen petrosum)
(petrosal foramen)
54799 387
fissura orbitalis superior orbitae
superior orbital fissure of orbit
54799 512
fissura orbitalis superior oris sphenoidalis
superior orbital fissure of sphenoid
54802 388
fissura orbitalis inferior orbitae
inferior orbital fissure of orbit
54753 501
sulcus caroticus oris sphenoidalis
carotid groove of sphenoid
56432 358
foramen jugulare basis cranii
jugular foramen of basicranium
54756 542
canalis pterygoideus
pterygoid canal
302859 650
foramen nasale
nasal foramen
53143 2784
53173 362
foramen palatinum majus
greater palatine foramen
59107 365
canalis incisivus
incisive canal
57761 361
canalis palatinus major
greater palatine canal
fissura corporea
material fissure
canalis nervi abducentis
abducens nerve canal
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Date: 20.03.2022