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compartimentum anatomicum

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Top level complexus anatomicus Short Extended
Level 2 compartimentum anatomicum Short Extended
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
9647 10811
compartimentum anatomicum
anatomical compartment
58895 10921
compartimentum capitis
compartment of head
58896 10922
compartimens colli
compartment of neck
81003 10974
divisio trigoni posteriori colli
subdivision of posterior triangle of neck
46447 1763
spatium suprasternale
suprasternal space
58903 10960
compartimens trunci
compartment of trunk
62570 10961
compartimentum membri
compartment of limb
45233 1972
compartimentum membri superioris liberi
compartment of free upper limb
265176 14474
compartimentum brachii
compartment of arm
37673 1973
compartimentum brachii anterius
anterior compartment of arm
37676 1974
compartimentum brachii posterius
posterior compartment of arm
323387 14475
compartimentum antebrachii
compartment of forearm
12255 1975
compartimentum antebrachii anterius
anterior compartment of forearm
38448 1976
pars superficialis compartimenti antebrachii anterioris
superficial part of anterior compartment of forearm
38449 1977
pars profunda compartimenti antebrachii anterioris
deep part of anterior compartment of forearm
38411 1978
compartimentum antebrachii posterius
posterior compartment of forearm
pars superficialis compartimenti antebrachii posterioris
superficial part of posterior compartment of forearm
pars profunda compartimenti antebrachii posterioris
deep part of posterior compartment of forearm
45090 15271
compartimentum manus
compartment of hand
321805 15252
compartimentum thenare
thenar compartment
321802 15253
compartimentum palmare
palmar compartment
spatium palmare intermedium
intermediate palmar space
spatium interosseum
interosseous space
321806 15264
compartimentum hypothenare
hypothenar compartment
45234 10966
compartimentum membri inferioris liberi
compartment of free lower limb
323388 15120
compartimentum femoris
compartment of thigh
45151 2063
compartimentum femoris anterius ; compartimentum femoris extensorum
anterior compartment of thigh ; extensor compartment of thigh
45157 2064
compartimentum femoris posterius ; compartimentum femoris flexorum
posterior compartment of thigh ; flexor compartment of thigh
45160 2065
compartimentum femoris mediale ; compartimentum femoris adductorium
medial compartment of thigh ; adductor compartment of thigh
323389 15121
compartimentum cruris
compartment of leg
45163 2066
compartimentum cruris anterius ; compartimentum cruris extensorum
anterior compartment of leg ; extensor compartment of leg
45167 2067
compartimentum cruris posterius ; compartimentum cruris flexorum
posterior compartment of leg ; flexor compartment of leg
45185 2070
compartimentum cruris laterale ; compartimentum cruris fibulare; compartimentum cruris peroneum
lateral compartment of leg ; fibular compartment of leg; peroneal compartment of leg
321809 15122
compartimentum pedis
compartment of foot
22405 2153
canalis femoralis
femoral canal
58780 2154
trigonum femorale
femoral triangle
45178 2068
pars superficialis compartimenti cruris posterioris ; pars tricipitalis
superficial part of posterior compartment of leg
45173 2069
pars profunda compartimenti cruris posterioris
deep part of posterior compartment of leg
300178 10967
compartimentum axillae
compartment of axilla
9680 777
canalis vertebralis
vertebral canal
9679 10962
divisio canalis vertebralis
subdivision of vertebral canal
42329 10963
anatomic snuff box
anatomic snuff box
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Date: 14.12.2022