Taxonomic list T3, primary language: LA, subsidiary: EN, interface: EN, work in progress

cavitas organi

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Top level res incorporea Short Extended
Level 2 spatium anatomicum Short Extended
Current level cavitas organi
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
12237 10572
cavitas organi
cavity of organ
24021 13865
cavitas oris
cavity of bone
314947 13866
cavitas intraossea
intraosseous cavity
83698 296
cavitas medullaris
medullar cavity
58246 13867
cavitas bulbi oculi
cavity of eyeball
14585 13868
cavitas gastris
cavity of stomach
9398 13871
lumen oesophagi
lumen of oesophagus
17745 13869
cavitas uteri
cavity of uterus
17608 13872
lumen ureteris
lumen of ureter
15924 13870
cavitas vesicae urinariae
cavity of urinary bladder
19709 13873
lumen urethrae
lumen of urethra
19711 13876
lumen urethrae femininae
lumen of female urethra
19710 13875
lumen urethrae masculinae
lumen of male urethra
19982 13874
lumen vaginae
lumen of vagina
85378 13878
lumen ductus lacrimalis
lumen of lacrimal duct
79843 13879
lumen labyrinthi membranacei
lumen of membranous labyrinth
60079 13880
lumen tubae auditivae
lumen of auditory tube
77744 13796
sulcus spiralis
spiral sulcus
77850 7358
sulcus spiralis internus
inner spiral sulcus
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Date: 20.03.2022