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superficies divisionis organi

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Top level res incorporea Short Extended
Level 2 superficies anatomica Short Extended
Current level superficies divisionis organi Extended
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Non Latin primary language
Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
45688 10503
superficies divisionis organi
surface of subdivision of organ
33365 13539
superficies regionis ossis
surface of region of bone
53147 13540
superficies divisionis ossis cranii
surface of region of bone of cranium
53148 13541
superficies divisionis ossis sphenoidalis
surface of region of sphenoid
53149 514
facies cerebralis
cerebral surface
53150 515
facies temporalis
temporal surface
53151 516
facies infratemporalis
infratemporal surface
75321 518
facies maxillaris
maxillary surface
53153 519
facies orbitalis
orbital surface
37022 21042
superficies regionis vertebrae
surface of region of verterba
24063 21043
superficies corporis vertebrae
surface of vertebral body
65159 21044
divisio superficiei corporis vertebrae
subdivision of surface of vertebral body
13577 21445
costal surface of body of thoracic vertebra
65557 21045
facies articularis
articular facet
24091 816
facies articularis anterior
anterior articular facet
24092 817
facies articularis posterior
posterior articular facet
75792 781
epiphysis anularis T4 53 children
anular epiphysis
65159 780
facies intervertebralis T4 53 children
intervertebral surface
24411 792
superior articular facet
24412 794
inferior articular facet
65133 19551
superficies divisionis ossis coxae
surface of subdivision of hip bone
16965 1069
facies symphysialis
symphysial surface
16935 1058
caruncula auricularis
auricular caruncle
16975 1057
facies sacropelvica
sacropelvic surface
33525 1034
facies lunata acetabuli
lunate surface of acetabulum
17269 1032
fossa acetabuli
acetabular fossa
superficies divisionis ossis tarsi
surface of subdivision of tarsal bone
divisio superficiei tali
subdivision of surface of talus
divisio superficiei capitis tali
subdivision of surface of head of talus
33610 1181
facies articularis navicularis
navicular articular surface
33616 1186
facies articularis calcanea media
middle facet
33616 1184
facies articularis calcanea anterior
anterior facet of calcaneus
33617 1182
facies articularis ligamenti calcaneonavicularis plantaris
facet of plantar calcaneonavicular ligament
75825 1183
facies articularis partis calcaneonavicularis ligamenti bifurcati
facet of calcaneonavicular part of bifurcate ligament
77235 1187
sulcus tali
groove of talus
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Date: 06.02.2024