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musculus femoris

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum musculus Short Extended
Level 3 musculus membri inferioris Short Extended
Current level musculus femoris
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
22470 10451
musculus femoris
muscle of thigh
51035 14975
musculus compartimenti femoris anterioris
muscle of anterior compartment of thigh
22353 2086
musculus sartorius
sartorius muscle
22430 2088
musculus rectus femoris
rectus muscle of thigh ; rectus femoris muscle
22431 2091
musculus vastus lateralis
lateral vastus muscle ; vastus lateralis muscle
22433 2092
musculus vastus intermedius
intermediate vastus muscle ; vastus intermedius muscle
22432 2093
musculus vastus medialis
medial vastus muscle ; vastus medialis muscle
22437 2094
musculus articularis genus
articular muscle of knee ; articularis genus muscle
74149 14976
musculus compartimenti femoris medialis
muscle of medial compartment of thigh
22440 2095
musculus pectineus
pectineal muscle
22441 2096
musculus adductor longus
long adductor muscle ; adductor longus muscle
22442 2097
musculus adductor brevis
short adductor muscle ; adductor brevis muscle
22443 2098
musculus adductor magnus
large adductor muscle ; adductor magnus muscle
43885 2099
musculus adductor minimus
minimal adductor muscle ; adductor minimus muscle
43882 2100
musculus gracilis
gracile muscle ; gracilis muscle
51036 14977
musculus compartimenti femoris posterioris
muscle of posterior compartment of thigh
22356 2102
musculus biceps femoris
biceps muscle of thigh ; biceps femoris muscle
22357 2105
musculus semitendinosus
semitendinous muscle ; semitendinosus muscle
22438 2106
musculus semimembranosus
semimembranous muscle ; semimembranosus muscle
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Date: 01.01.2023