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musculus manus

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum musculus Short Extended
Level 3 musculus membri superioris Short Extended
Current level musculus manus
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
37372 10448
musculus manus
muscle of hand
42379 10368
musculus extrinsicus manus
extrinsic muscle of hand
64879 10371
musculus extrinsicus dorsi manus
extrinsic muscle of dorsum of hand
64878 10372
musculus extrinsicus palmae manus
extrinsic muscle of palm of hand
musculus medialis plantae
medial muscle of sole
musculus lateralis plantae
lateral muscle of sole
musculus medius plantae
middle muscle of sole
42380 10370
musculus intrinsicus manus
intrinsic muscle of hand
64917 15265
musculus compartimenti hypothenaris
muscle of hypothenar compartment
37383 2042
musculus flexor digiti minimi brevis
short flexor muscle of little finger ; flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle
37384 2043
musculus opponens digiti minimi
opponens muscle of little finger ; opponens digiti minimi muscle
37382 2041
musculus abductor digiti minimi
abductor muscle of little finger ; abductor digiti minimi muscle
37381 2032
musculus palmaris brevis
short palmar muscle ; palmaris brevis muscle
musculus spatii interossei
muscle of interosseous space
37417 10374
musculus interosseus manus
interosseous muscle of hand
37418 2045
musculus interosseus dorsalis
dorsal interosseous muscle ; interossei dorsales muscle
musculus interosseus dorsalis primus
first dorsal interosseous muscle
musculus interosseus dorsalis secundus
second dorsal interosseous muscle
musculus interosseus dorsalis tertius
third dorsal interosseous muscle
musculus interosseus dorsalis quartus
fourth dorsal interosseous muscle
37419 2046
musculus interosseus palmaris
palmar interosseous muscle ; interossei palmares muscle
(musculus interosseus palmaris pollicis ; musculus adductor pollicis accessorius)
(palmar interosseous muscle of thumb )
musculus interosseus palmaris indicis
palmar interosseus muscle of index finger
musculus interosseus palmaris digiti anularis
palmar interosseus muscle of ring finger
musculus interosseus palmaris digiti minimi
palmar interosseus muscle of little finger
64916 15266
musculus compartimenti thenaris
muscle of thenar compartment
37373 2033
musculus abductor pollicis brevis
short abductor muscle of thumb ; abductor pollicis brevis muscle
37380 2038
musculus adductor pollicis
adductor muscle of thumb ; adductor pollicis muscle
37378 2034
musculus flexor pollicis brevis
short flexor muscle of thumb ; flexor pollicis brevis muscle
37379 2037
musculus opponens pollicis
opponens muscle of thumb ; opponens pollicis muscle
musculus spatii palmaris intermedii
muscle of intermediate palmar space
37385 2044
musculus lumbricalis manus
lumbrical muscle of hand ; lumbricales manus muscle
musculus lumbricalis primus manus
first lumbrical of hand
musculus lumbricalis secundus manus
second lumbrical of hand
musculus lumbricalis tertius manus
third lumbrical of hand
musculus lumbricalis quartus manus
fourth lumbrical of hand
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Date: 01.01.2023