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musculus brachii

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum musculus Short Extended
Level 3 musculus membri superioris Short Extended
Current level musculus brachii
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
37370 10446
musculus brachii
muscle of arm
37711 14462
musculus compartimenti brachii anterioris
muscle of anterior compartment of arm
37670 1992
musculus biceps brachii
biceps muscle of arm ; biceps brachii muscle
37667 1997
musculus brachialis
brachial muscle ; brachialis muscle
37664 1996
musculus coracobrachialis
coracobrachial muscle ; coracobrachialis muscle
37701 2003
musculus articularis cubiti
articular muscle of elbow ; articularis cubiti muscle
37712 14463
musculus compartimenti brachii posterioris
muscle of posterior compartment of arm
37688 1998
musculus triceps brachii
triceps muscle of arm ; triceps brachii muscle
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The musculus articularis cubiti is formed by deep fibres of the musculus brachialis and has been relocated in the anterior compartment of arm.
Date: 01.01.2023