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musculus cranii

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum musculus Short Extended
Current level musculus cranii
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
57791 10427
musculus cranii
muscle of cranium
46750 1677
musculus epicranialis
epicranial muscle ; epicranius muscle
48966 7137
musculus auricularis
auricular muscle
48967 13358
musculus auricularis intrinsicus
intrinsic auricular muscle
48968 7138
musculus helicis major
greater muscle of helix ; helicis major muscle
48971 7139
musculus helicis minor
lesser muscle of helix ; helicis minor muscle
48974 7140
musculus tragicus
tragicus muscle
323070 7141
(musculus incisurae terminalis auriculae auris auris )
(muscle of terminal notch of auricle of ear of ear )
48977 7142
musculus pyramidalis auriculae auris auris
pyramidal muscle of auricle of ear of ear ; pyramidalis auriculae auris muscle
48980 7143
musculus antitragicus
antitragicus muscle
48983 7144
musculus transversus auriculae auris auris
transverse muscle of auricle of ear of ear ; transversus auriculae auris muscle
48986 7145
musculus obliquus auriculae auris auris
oblique muscle of auricle of ear of ear ; obliquus auriculae auris muscle
46854 10483
musculus auricularis extrinsicus
extrinsic auricular muscle
46855 1696
musculus auricularis superior
superior auricular muscle ; auricularis superior muscle
46856 1695
musculus auricularis anterior
anterior auricular muscle ; auricularis anterior muscle
46857 1697
musculus auricularis posterior
posterior auricular muscle ; auricularis posterior muscle
40026 1675
musculus ossiculorum auditus
muscle of auditory ossicles
49027 7223
musculus stapedius
stapedial muscle ; stapedius muscle
49028 7222
musculus tensor tympani
tensor muscle of tympanic membrane ; tensor tympani muscle
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Date: 01.01.2023