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musculus trunci

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Level 2 organum musculus Short Extended
Current level musculus trunci
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
58274 10417
musculus trunci
muscle of trunk
9619 10434
musculus thoracis
muscle of thorax
13295 1856
13354 10263
musculus intercostalis
intercostal muscle
9756 1847
musculus intercostalis externus
external intercostal muscle
9758 1849
musculus intercostalis intimus
innermost intercostal muscle
71135 24979
musculus intercostalis intimus primus
first innermost intercostal muscle
9812 24982
musculus intercostalis intimus secundus
second innermost intercostal muscle
71139 24980
musculus intercostalis intimus tertius
third innermost intercostal muscle
71142 24978
musculus intercostalis intimus quartus
fourth innermost intercostal muscle
71145 24977
musculus intercostalis intimus quintus
fifth innermost intercostal muscle
71148 24976
musculus intercostalis intimus sextus
sixth innermost intercostal muscle
71151 24975
musculus intercostalis intimus septimus
seventh innermost intercostal muscle
71154 24974
musculus intercostalis intimus octavus
eighth innermost intercostal muscle
71157 24973
musculus intercostalis intimus nonus
ninth innermost intercostal muscle
71160 24972
musculus intercostalis intimus decimus
tenth innermost intercostal muscle
71163 24981
musculus intercostalis intimus undecimus
eleventh innermost intercostal muscle
9757 1848
musculus intercostalis internus
internal intercostal muscle
46369 24961
musculus intercostalis internus primus
first internal intercostal muscle
46370 24962
musculus intercostalis internus secundus
second internal intercostal muscle
46371 24963
musculus intercostalis internus tertius
third internal intercostal muscle
46372 24964
musculus intercostalis internus quartus
fourth internal intercostal muscle
46373 24965
musculus intercostalis internus quintus
fifth internal intercostal muscle
46374 24966
musculus intercostalis internus sextus
sixth internal intercostal muscle
46375 24967
musculus intercostalis internus septimus
seventh internal intercostal muscle
46376 24968
musculus intercostalis internus octavus
eighth internal intercostal muscle
46377 24969
musculus intercostalis internus nonus
ninth internal intercostal muscle
46378 24970
musculus intercostalis internus decimus
tenth internal intercostal muscle
46379 24971
musculus intercostalis internus undecimus
eleventh internal intercostal muscle
82353 1844
musculus levator costarum
levator muscle of ribs ; levatores costarum muscle
82353 1846
musculus levator costarum brevis
short levator muscle of ribs
82354 9960
musculus levator brevis costae primae
short levator muscle of first rib
82355 9961
musculus levator brevis costae secundae
short levator muscle of second rib
82356 9962
musculus levator brevis costae tertiae
short levator muscle of third rib
82357 9963
musculus levator brevis costae quartae
short levator muscle of fourth rib
82358 9964
musculus levator brevis costae quintae
short levator muscle of fifth rib
82359 9965
musculus levator brevis costae sextae
short levator muscle of sixth rib
82360 9966
musculus levator brevis costae septimae
short levator muscle of seventh rib
82361 9967
musculus levator brevis costae octavae
short levator muscle of eighth rib
82362 9968
musculus levator brevis costae nonae
short levator muscle of ninth rib
82363 9969
musculus levator brevis costae decimae
short levator muscle of tenth rib
82364 9977
musculus levator brevis costae undecimae
short levator muscle of eleventh rib
82365 10075
musculus levator brevis costae duodecimae
short levator muscle of twelfth rib
musculus levator costarum longus
long levator muscle of ribs
musculus levator longus costae nonae
long levator muscle of ninth rib
musculus levator longus costae decimae
long levator muscle of tenth rib
musculus levator longus costae undecimae
long levator muscle of eleventh rib
musculus levator longus costae duodecimae
long levator muscle of twelfth rib
71315 1850
musculus subcostalis
subcostal muscle
musculus subcostalis primus
first subcostal muscle
musculus subcostalis secundus
second subcostal muscle
musculus subcostalis tertius
third subcostal muscle
musculus subcostalis quartus
fourth subcostal muscle
musculus subcostalis quintus
fifth subcostal muscle
musculus subcostalis sextus
sixth subcostal muscle
musculus subcostalis septimus
seventh subcostal muscle
musculus subcostalis octavus
eighth subcostal muscle
musculus subcostalis nonus
ninth subcostal muscle
musculus subcostalis decimus
tenth subcostal muscle
musculus subcostalis undecimus
eleventh subcostal muscle
9760 1851
musculus transversus thoracis
transverse muscle of thorax ; transversus thoracis muscle
19086 10436
musculus pelvis
muscle of pelvis
19726 1950
diaphragma pelvis
pelvic diaphragm ; pelvic floor
19087 1951
musculus levator ani
levator muscle of anus ; levator ani muscle
19088 1961
musculus ischiococcygeus ; musculus coccygeus
ischiococcygeal muscle ; coccygeal muscle ; ischiococcygeus muscle; coccygeus muscle
9623 10437
musculus perinei
muscle of perineum
19728 10485
musculus perinealis superficialis
superficial perineal muscle
19731 3429
musculus transversus perinei superficialis
superficial transverse muscle of perineum ; transversus perinei superficialis muscle
19729 3431
musculus bulbospongiosus
bulbospongious muscle ; bulbocavernosus muscle
19730 3430
musculus ischiocavernosus
ischiocavernous muscle ; ischiocavernosus muscle
21930 1962
musculus sphincter ani externus
external sphincter muscle of anus ; external anal sphincter; sphincter externus ani muscle
19727 10486
musculus perinealis profundus
deep perineal muscle
19732 3435
musculus transversus perinei profundus ♂
deep transverse muscle of perineum ♂ ; transversus perinei profundus muscle ♂
30438 3436
musculus compressor urethrae femininae ♀
compressor muscle of female urethra ♀ ; compressor urethrae femininae muscle ♀
30439 3437
musculus sphincter urethrovaginalis ♀
urethrovaginal sphincter muscle ♀ ; sphincter urethrovaginalis muscle ♀
85274 10488
musculus sphincter externalis urethralis
external urethral sphincter
19778 3262
musculus sphincter urethrae ♀ ; musculus sphincter urethrae externus ♀
urethral muscle of sphincter ♀; external urethral muscle of sphincter ♀
19733 3399
musculus sphincter urethrae ♂ ; musculus sphincter urethrae externus ♂
urethral muscle of sphincter ♂; external urethral sphincter muscle ♂
9623 1970
musculus perinei
muscle of perineum
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Going back to DeLancey (1996 J Pelvic Surg 2:260-263) and Shafik (1999 World J Urol 17:266-273), it would be wise to keep the term Musculus levator ani as the top position of the partonomy.
Since there is no Musculus sphincter urethrae femininae internus (Oelrich et al. 1983 Anat Rec 205:223-232; Gosling 1985 Urol Clin North Am 12:207-214), the term Musculus sphincter urethrae feminimae externus should be changed to Musculus sphincter urethrae ♀.
Dorschner et al. (2001 Adv Anat Embryol Cell Biol Vol 159) renamed the Musculus sphincter urethrae masculinae externus as Musculus sphincter urethrae ♂ (urethral muscle of external sphincter), and the Musculus sphincter urethrae internus as Musculus sphincter vesicae ♂ (vesical muscle of internal sphincter)
As noted by Oelrich (1983 Anat Rec 205:223-232) the Musculus transversus perinei profundus is absent in the female perineum; Dorschner et al. (2001 Adv Anat Embryol Cell Biol Vol 159) also doubted its presence in the male perineum.
Date: 01.01.2023