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organum musculus

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum musculus Short Extended
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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
5022 10409
organum musculus
muscle organ
9616 1673
musculus capitis
muscle of head
57791 10427
musculus cranii T3 44 children
muscle of cranium
46751 1676
musculus faciei T3 138 children
muscle of face
329044 13354
musculus proprius corporis
proper muscle of body
58274 10417
musculus trunci T3 178 children
muscle of trunk
85216 1770
musculus dorsi
muscle of dorsum
22594 14550
muscle of vertebral column
musculus superficialis dorsi
superficial muscle of dorsum
musculus dorsi proprius
proper muscle of dorsum
328100 13355
musculus membri
muscle of limb
71296 1980
muscle of upper limb
9622 2071
muscle of lower limb
musculus striatus
striated muscle
musculus nonstriatus
smooth muscle
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Scientific notes
Date: 01.01.2023