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organum fascia

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Top level organum Short Extended
Level 2 organum fascia Short Extended
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
5023 10402
organum fascia
fascia organ
27935 1662
fascia investiens
investing fascia
57782 15224
fascia investiens membri
investing fascia of limb
57783 2142 part
fascia membri inferioris
fascia of lower limb
58383 2047 part
fascia membri superioris
fascia of upper limb
20487 3428 part
fascia perinei ; fascia investiens superficialis
perineal fascia; superficial investing fascia of perineum
25072 1831 part
fascia thoracolumbalis
thoracolumbar fascia
10269 part
fascia thoracis
fascia of thorax
76866 1761 part
fascia cervicalis
cervical fascia
9634 15316
fascia interna
internal fascia
57868 1855 part
fascia endothoracica ; fascia parietalis thoracis
endothoracic fascia ; parietal fascia of thorax
57866 15301 part
membrana suprapleuralis
suprapleural membrane
57867 15302 part
fascia phrenicopleuralis ; fascia superior diaphragmatis
phrenicopleural fascia ; superior fascia of diaphragm
19841 1901 part
fascia abdominis
abdominal fascia
58616 22559
corpus adiposum
fatty body
59799 2291 part
corpus adiposum buccae
buccal fat pad
59005 7036 part
corpus adiposum orbitae
retrobulbar fat body; orbital fat body
77270 2292 part
organum juxtaorale
juxtaoral organ
74054 3313 part
fascia cremasterica ♂
cremasteric fascia ♂
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Scientific notes
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In a recent study based on a large series embalmed with Thiel’s method (Thiel 1992 Ann Anat 174:185-195), Feigl et al. (2020 J Anat (Lond) 237:197-207) clarified aspects of the sometimes confusing terminology for the fascia cervicalis. Their proposal largely follows Hafferl’s approach (Hafferl A 1969 Lehrbuch der topographischen Anatomie. Springer, Berlin, pp 227-235).
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