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complexus anatomicus

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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
49443 10161
complexus anatomicus
anatomical complex
280613 10803
complexus systematorum organorum
cluster of systems of organs
32406 10804
complexus organorum T2 3 children
cluster of organs
64990 10805
complexus partium organi T2 107 children
cluster of parts of organ
20368 10806
complexus divisionis partis principalis corporis
cardinal body part subdivision cluster
64989 10807
anatomical homogenous complex
62799 10808
complexus texti T2 3 children
tissue cluster
62807 10809
complexus cellulae
cell cluster
83115 10810
complexus partis principalis cellulae
complex of cardinal cell part
83143 15935
complexus systematis nervosi centralis
complex of central nervous system
67242 5069
grey matter of central nervous system ; grey substance ▲
277749 19689
region of grey matter of central nervous system
277763 19731
region of complex of central nervous system
256377 5761
corpus medullare cerebelli
medullary body of cerebellum
83929 5076
white matter of central nervous system ; white substance
83904 19869
septum neuraxis
septum of neuraxis
77437 5146
septum medianum posterius medullae spinalis ; septum medianum dorsale medullae spinalis
posterior median septum of spinal cord ; dorsal median septum of spinal cord
61844 6098
septum pellucidum
septum pellucidum
84362 5134
septum cervicale intermedium
intermediate cervical septum
76739 5078
tractus systematis nervosi centralis
tract of central nervous system
tractus mixtus systematis nervosi centralis
mixed tract of central nervous system
83906 14576
commissura neuraxis
commissure of neuraxis
77035 5255
commissura alba anterior medullae spinalis ; commissura alba ventralis medullae spinalis
anterior white commissure of spinal cord ; ventral white commissure of spinal cord
77034 5256
commissura alba posterior medullae spinalis ; commissura alba dorsalis medullae spinalis
posterior white commissure of spinal cord ; dorsal white commissure of spinal cord
11195 14661
segmentum organi arboris nervosi
segment of neural tree organ
65132 14662
nervus ramus T2 837 children
nerve branch
74941 14663
segmentum nervi rami T2 13 children
segment of nerve branch
5884 6323
ganglion T2 216 children
46787 6370
nervus olfactorius ; nervus cranialis I
olfactory nerve ; cranial nerve I
77624 6195
bulbus olfactorius
olfactory bulb
9647 10811
compartimentum anatomicum T2 25 children
anatomical compartment
27940 10812
divisio compartimenti
subdivision of compartment
242873 10813
canalis anatomicus T2 167 children
anatomical conduit
5898 10814
junctura anatomica T2 661 children
anatomical junction
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
For the updated TNA, the following subdivision of the long fibre tracts has been adopted, based on Swanson and Bota’s proposal (Swanson LW, Bota M 2010 Foundation model of structural connectivity in the nervous system with a schema for wiring diagrams, connectome, and basic plan architecture. Proc Natl Aad Sci USA 107:20610-20617). In essence, this system includes: (1) Radices centrales (Central roots) for the cranial nerve roots within the brain stem, including the genu of the facial nerve, the decussation of the trochlear nerves, the solitary tract, the spinal and mesencephalic tracts of the trigeminal nerve, and the gracile and uneate fasciculi. The tractus opticus may also be viewed as a central root for the diencephalon and hypothalamus. (2) Tractus proprii (Intrinsic tracts), remaing to one part of the brain or within the spinal cord. The Tractus associationis cerebri (Association tracts of cerebrum), intrinsic to the cerebrum, are listed under their usual name. (3) Tractus commissurales (Commissural tracts) for the corpus callosum and the commissures (anterior, habenular, posterior); the term Transverse tracts will not be applied, some 'transverse tracts' are contralateral branches of a long tract. (4) Tractus longi (Longitudinal tracts) to be divided into: (a) Ascending tracts; (b) Cerebellar efferent tracts; and (c) Descending tracts. The problem of redundancy/repitition of terms has been solved by adding a topographical description where appropriate (pars spinalis/spinal part, pars rhombencephalica caudalis/caudal rhombencephalic or pars bulbaris/bubar part), pars rhombencephalica rostralis/rostral rhombencephalic part, pars pontina/pontine part, where appropriate and related to the real pons, pars mesencephalica/mesencephalic part, pars cerebellaris/cerebellar part, pars diencephalica/diencephalic part, par hypothalamica/hypothalamic part, Pars capsularis/capsular part)
Date: 20.03.2022