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divisio systematis organorum

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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
67509 10152
divisio systematis organorum
subdivision of system of organs
divisio systematis muscularis
subdivision of muscular system
71296 1971
structura muscularis membri superioris
muscular structure of superior limb
284581 10395
divisio systematis musculoskeletalis
subdivision of musculoskeletal system
85544 10387
subdivision of skeletal system
45620 10388
subdivision of cardiovascular system
265130 10389
tractus respiratorium
respiratory tract
45660 10390
divisio tractus respiratorii
subdivision of respiratory tract
71131 10391
divisio systematis digestorii
subdivision of alimentary system
74657 7382
integumentum commune
common integument
74658 10393
division integumenti
subdivision of integument
270175 10394
divisio systematis fasciarum profundarum
subdivision of deep fascial system
45657 10392
divisio systematis urinaris
subdivision of urinary system
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Date: 20.03.2022