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systema organorum

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Taxonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
7149 10150
systema organorum
system of organs
23881 259
systema skeletoarticulare
skeletoarticular system
72979 10376
systema integumentaris
integumentary system
269269 10377
systema integumentaris corporis humani feminini
integumentary system of female human body
269267 10378
systema integumentaris corporis humani masculini
integumentary system of male human body
7158 2765
systema respiratorium
respiratory system
7161 3568
systema cardiovasculare
cardiovascular system
7157 5062
systema nervosum
nervous system
7152 2275
systema digestorium
alimentary system
7159 3040
systema urinarium
urinary system
79063 10379
systema fasciarum profundarum
deep fascial system
7160 10369
systema genitale
genital system
45663 3142
systema genitale femininum
female genital system
45664 3143
systema genitale masculinum
male genital system
7482 10380
systema musculoskeletale
musculoskeletal system
systema musculare
muscular system
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Date: 19.03.2022