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musculi perinei

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Top level systema musculare Short Extended
Level 2 pars pelvica systematis muscularis Short Extended
Current level musculi perinei
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Short official Latin term
Short French equivalent
1970 Tax
musculi perinei
muscles du périnée
20244 3420 Tax
raphe perinei
raphé du périnée
27378 3426 Tax
saccus subcutaneus perinei
sac périnéal subcutané
27378 3427 Tax
saccus superficialis perinei; compartimentum superficiale
sac périnéal superficiel
22062 16573
spatium perineale superficiale
espace périnéal superficiel
19731 3429 Tax
musculus transversus perinei superficialis
muscle transverse superficiel du périnée
19730 3430 Tax
musculus ischiocavernosus
muscle ischiocaverneux
19729 3431 Tax
musculus bulbospongiosus
muscle bulbospongieux
27379 3432 Tax
saccus profundus perinei
sac périnéal profond
22061 16574
spatium perineale profundum
espace périnéal profond
19732 3435 Tax
musculus transversus perinei profundus
muscle transverse profond du périnée
19733 3399 Tax
musculus sphincter urethrae ♂ ; musculus sphincter urethrae externus ♂
muscle sphinctère d'urèthre ♂
19778 3262 Tax
musculus sphincter urethrae ♀ ; musculus sphincter urethrae externus ♀
muscle sphinctère d'urèthre ♀
30439 3437 Tax
musculus sphincter urethrovaginalis ♀
muscle sphinctère uréthrovaginal ♀
30438 3436 Tax
musculus compressor urethrae femininae ♀
muscle compresseur de l'urèthre féminin ♀
musculi regionis analis
muscles de la région anale
21930 1962 Tax
musculus sphincter ani externus
muscle sphinctère externe de l'anus
musculi regionis urogenitalis
muscles de la région urogénitale
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Since there is no Musculus sphincter urethrae femininae internus (Oelrich et al. 1983 Anat Rec 205:223-232; Gosling 1985 Urol Clin North Am 12:207-214), the term Musculus sphincter urethrae feminimae externus should be changed to Musculus sphincter urethrae ♀.
Dorschner et al. (2001 Adv Anat Embryol Cell Biol Vol 159) renamed the Musculus sphincter urethrae masculinae externus as Musculus sphincter urethrae ♂ (urethral muscle of external sphincter), and the Musculus sphincter urethrae internus as Musculus sphincter vesicae ♂ (vesical muscle of internal sphincter)
The subcutaneous perineal pouch is a potential space between the membranous layer of perineal subcutaneous tissue and the superficial layer of the investing fascia of perineal muscles. Extravasations or collections in the subcutaneous pouch may track, deep to the membranous layer of subcutaneous tissue, into the anterior abdominal wall, along the clitoris/penis and far into the labia or scrotum.
The superficial perineal pouch is a fully enclosed compartment, being bounded below by the perineal fascia (the superficial layer of the investing fascia of the superficial perineal muscles) and above the perineal membrane.
The deep perineal pouch on the other hand, is not an enclosed compartment but is open to above. This and the deep urogenital muscles are bounded below by the perineal membrane but extend up into the pelvis rendering the old term diaphragma urogenitalis and fascia diaphragmatis urogenitalis inferior misnomers (Oelrich 1980 Am J Anat 158:229-264; 1983 Anat Rec 205:223-232).
As noted by Oelrich (1983 Anat Rec 205:223-232) the Musculus transversus perinei profundus is absent in the female perineum; Dorschner et al. (2001 Adv Anat Embryol Cell Biol Vol 159) also doubted its presence in the male perineum.
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