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venae membri inferioris (par)

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Top level systema cardiovasculare Short Extended
Level 2 systema venosum Short Extended
Current level venae membri inferioris (par) Extended
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Non Latin primary language
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Short official Latin term
Short French equivalent
70914 4775
venae membri inferioris (par)
veines du membre inférieur (paire)
confluens venosus subinguinalis (par)
confluent veineux subinguinal (paire)
valva terminalis (par)
valve terminale (paire)
valva preterminalis (par)
valve préterminale (paire)
70942 4776
venae superficiales membri inferioris (par)
veines superficielles du membre inférieur (paire)
21376 4777
grand veine saphène (paire)
44333 4786
petit veine saphène (paire)
71585 4798
venae profundae membri inferioris (par)
veines profondes du membre inférieur (paire)
vena femoralis communis (par)
veine fémorale commune (paire)
21185 4799
vena femoralis (par)
veine fémorale (paire)
51041 4800
veine profonde de la cuisse (paire)
44327 4804
vena poplitea (par) P4 50 children
veine poplitée (paire)
70922 4803
venae perforantes (par) P4 20 children
veines perforantes (paire)
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69.2 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
In TA, all the veins of the foot were listed as superficial veins but should be identified according to their location, superficial or deep (Caggiati et al. 2002 J Vasc Surg 36:416-422; Kachlik et al. 2010 Phlebology 25:113-123, ibid. 2012, 27:48-58).
It has been suggested to separate the perforating veins. For further subdivision, see Caggiati et al. (2002) J Vasc Surg 36:416-422; Caggiati et al. 2005 J Vasc Surg 41:719-724).
This venous confluence receives blood from superficial veins in the lower abdominal wall, and is bordered by terminal and preterminal valves (Caggiati et al. 2002 J Vasc Surg 36:416-422; Kachlik et al. 2012 Phlebology 27:48-58).
New term for the proximal part of the femoral vein before the entrance of the deep femoral vein (Caggiati et al. 2002, 2005; Kachlik et al. 2012).
Date: 28.06.2023