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musculi compartimenti brachii anterioris (par)

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Top level systema musculare Short Extended
Level 2 systema musculare membri superioris Short Extended
Level 3 musculi membri superioris (par) Short Extended
Current level musculi compartimenti brachii anterioris (par)
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Short official Latin term
Short French equivalent
37711 14462 Tax
musculi compartimenti brachii anterioris (par)
muscles de la loge antérieure du bras (paire)
37670 1992 Tax
musculus biceps brachii (par)
muscle braquial biceps (paire)
37683 1993 Tax
caput longum musculi bicipitis brachii (par)
chef long du muscle braquial biceps (paire)
14503 Tax
tendo intertubercularis (par)
tendon intertuberculaire (paire)
37682 1994 Tax
caput breve musculi bicipitis brachii (par)
chef court du muscle braquial biceps (paire)
39085 1995 Tax
aponeurosis musculi bicipitis brachii (par) ; aponeurosis bicipitalis (par); lacertus fibrosus (par)
aponévrose du muscle braquial biceps (paire)
37664 1996 Tax
musculus coracobrachialis (par)
muscle coracobraquial (paire)
37667 1997 Tax
musculus brachialis (par)
muscle braquial (paire)
37701 2003 Tax
musculus articularis cubiti (par)
muscle articulaire du coude (paire)
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Scientific notes
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The musculus articularis cubiti is formed by deep fibres of the musculus brachialis and has been relocated in the anterior compartment of arm.
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Date: 29.05.2024