Partonomy list P4, primary language: LA, subsidiary: FR, interface: EN, work in progress

supercilium (par)

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Top level systema nervosum
Level 2 organum visuale (par) Short Extended
Level 3 structurae oculi accessoriae (par) Short Extended
Current level supercilium (par)
Subsidiary language with Latin English French Spanish Russian
Non Latin primary language English French Spanish Russian
Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short French equivalent
54237 35113 7052
supercilium (par)
sourcil (paire)
1 lines
100.0 %
100.0 %
Scientific notes
Type of list P4
List Unit Identifier 7052
Number of children 2 (validated)
Number of units 1 (validated)
Signature 19920 (validated since 8.4.2018)
Date: 10.09.2021