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substantia alba hemispherii cerebri (par)

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Top level systema nervosum Short Extended
Level 2 encephalon Short Extended
Level 3 telencephalon Short Extended
Current level substantia alba hemispherii cerebri (par)
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Short official Latin term
Short French equivalent
9449 Tax
substantia alba hemispherii cerebri (par)
matière blanche de l'hémisphère cérébral (paire)
centrum semiovale (par)
centre semiovale (paire)
61960 6267 Tax
capsula extrema
capsule extrême
62076 9508 Tax
pedunculus temporalis
pédoncule temporal
77636 6275
fasciculus uncinatus cerebri
faisceau unciforme du cerveau
77633 6276
fasciculus occipitofrontalis inferior
faisceau occipitofrontal inférieur
61950 6239 Tax
capsula interna (par)
capsule interne (paire)
61952 6241 Tax
crus anterius (par)
segment antérieur (paire)
76976 5877
radiatio thalamica anterior ; radiatio anterior thalami
radiation thalamique antérieure
75223 6243
tractus frontopontinus
voie frontopontique
61953 6244 Tax
genu capsulae internae (par)
genou de la capsule interne (paire)
75222 6245 Tax
pars capsularis
partie capsulaire
61954 6246 Tax
crus posterius capsulae internae (par)
segment postérieur de la capsule interne (paire)
76978 5878
radiatio thalamica centralis ; radiatio centralis thalami
radiation thalamique centrale
8528 Tax
tractus corticoreticularis
voie corticoréticulée
9196 Tax
tractus corticoruber
voie corticorouge
8527 Tax
tractus corticospinalis
voie corticospinale
8525 Tax
fibrae corticothalamicae
fibres corticothalamiques
8535 Tax
fibrae parietopontinae
fibres pariétopontiques
fibrae thalamoparietales
fibres thalamopariétales
61957 6254 Tax
pars retrolentiformis capsulae internae (par) ; crus retrolentiforme capsulae internae (par)
partie rétrolentiforme de la capsule interne (paire) ; segment rétrolentiforme de la capsule interne (paire)
8534 Tax
fibrae occipitopontinae
fibres occipitopontiques
fibrae occipitotectae
fibres occipitocachées
61941 5884
radiatio optica
radiation optique
fibrae geniculocalcarinae
fibres géniculocalcarines
76982 5886
radiatio thalamica posterior ; radiatio posterior thalami
radiation thalamique postérieure
61958 6259 Tax
pars sublentiformis (par)
partie sublentiforme (paire) ; segment souslentiforme (paire)
radiatio acustica
radiation acoustique
fibrae geniculotemporales
fibres géniculotemporales
6261 Tax
fibrae corticotectae
fibres corticocachées
61941 5884
radiatio optica
radiation optique
fibrae geniculocalcarinae
fibres géniculocalcarines
8536 Tax
fibrae temporopontinae
fibres temporopontiques
8525 Tax
fibrae corticothalamicae
fibres corticothalamiques
260714 7616 Tax
tractus associationis originis telencephali ; tractus associationis cerebri
voies d's association de la origine cérébrale ; voies d's association du cerveau
260717 6274 Tax
fibrae associationis breves ; fibrae U-figuratae
fibres d'associationes courtes; fibres ennes Us
77630 6273 Tax
fibrae longae associationis
fibres longues d's association
systema longitudinale superius
système longitudinal supérieur
77631 6272
fasciculus longitudinalis superior
faisceau longitudinal supérieur
fasciculus longitudinalis superior I
faisceau longitudinal supérieur I
fasciculus longitudinalis superior II
faisceau longitudinal supérieur II
fasciculus longitudinalis superior III
faisceau longitudinal supérieur III
fasciculus frontooccipitalis
faisceau frontooccipital
77634 6277
fasciculus occipitofrontalis superior
faisceau occipitofrontal supérieur
276650 6269
fasciculus arcuatus
faisceau arqué
systema longitudinale inferius
système longitudinal inférieur
fasciculus frontooccipitalis inferior
faisceau frontooccipital inférieur
77636 6275
fasciculus uncinatus cerebri
faisceau unciforme du cerveau
77633 6276
fasciculus occipitofrontalis inferior
faisceau occipitofrontal inférieur
systema longitudinale medium
système longitudinal moyen
fasciculus longitudinalis medius
faisceau longitudinal moyen
systema longitudinale basale
système longitudinal basique
77632 6271
fasciculus longitudinalis inferior
faisceau longitudinal inférieur
systema longitudinale mesiale
système longitudinal mésial
260761 6270
systema transversum anterius
système transverse antérieur
fasciculus frontalis obliquus
faisceau frontal oblique
systema transversum posterius
système transverse postérieur
83457 11830
fasciculus temporoparietalis verticalis
faisceau temporopariétal vertical
fibrae associationis lobares
fibres d's association lobaires
fasciculus frontalis orbitopolaris
faisceau frontal orbito polaire
fasciculus frontomarginalis
faisceau frontomarginal
fasciculi occipitales verticales
faisceaux occipitaux verticaux
fibrae laterales
fibres latérales
fibrae caudales
fibres caudales
fasciculi occipitales horizontales
faisceaux occipitaux horizontaux
fibrae cuneatae
fibres cunéiformes
fibrae lingulares
fibres lingulaires
8522 Tax
tractus commissurales originis cerebri; tractus commissurales cerebri
voies commissurales d'origines dans les télencéphales; voies commissurales du cerveau
fibrae corporis callosi
fibres du corps calleux
77693 6085 Tax
radiatio corporis callosi
radiation du corps calleux
61944 6086
forceps minor ; forceps frontalis
forceps mineur ; forceps frontal
61949 6087
forceps major ; forceps occipitalis
forceps majeur ; forceps occipital
77208 6088
61970 6286
commissura hippocampi ; psalterium
commissure de l'hippocampe ; psaltérium
61961 5799 Tax
commissura anterior
commissure antérieure
61963 6089 Tax
pars anterior commissurae anterioris
partie antérieure de la commissure antérieure
61964 6090 Tax
pars posterior commissurae anterioris
partie postérieure de la commissure antérieure
61959 6266 Tax
capsula externa (par)
capsule externe (paire)
8524 Tax
tractus descendentes originis cerebri
voies descendantes d'origines cérébrales
77637 9509
fasciculus subcallosus
faisceau subcalleux
84379 6193
fasciculus peduncularis descendens
faisceau pédonculaire descendant
fasciculus angularis
faisceau angulaire
tractus perforans
voie perforante
9544 Tax
fibrae corticostriatales
fibres corticostriées
8525 Tax
fibrae corticothalamicae
fibres corticothalamiques
fibrae occipitotectae
fibres occipitocachées
72634 8526 Tax
tractus pyramidalis
voie pyramidale
9196 Tax
tractus corticoruber
voie corticorouge
8528 Tax
tractus corticoreticularis
voie corticoréticulée
tractus corticonuclearis
voie corticonucléaire
8527 Tax
tractus corticospinalis
voie corticospinale
tractus corticopontini
voies corticopontiques
8532 Tax
fibrae frontopontinae
fibres frontopontiques
8535 Tax
fibrae parietopontinae
fibres pariétopontiques
8536 Tax
fibrae temporopontinae
fibres temporopontiques
8534 Tax
fibrae occipitopontinae
fibres occipitopontiques
18661 6265 Tax
corona radiata (par)
couronne rayonnante (paire)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The Pars retrolentiformis of the Internal capsule should be treated as a separate component, not as part of the Posterior limb; Crus retrolentiforme suggested as synonym. The Pars sublentiformis also forms a separate component of the Internal capsule; Crus sublentiforme suggested as synonym.
See note # 6254
The Capsula extrema (Extreme capsule) forms one of the Long association systems involved in language processing (see Catani M, Thiebaut de Schotten M 2012 Atlas of Human Brain Connections. Oxford University Press, Oxford).
Although in the Fasciculus arcuatus (Arcuate fasciculus) three segments (anterior, long and posterior) were distinguished (Cayani M, Jones DK, ffytche DH 2005 Perisylvian language pathways. Ann Neurol 57:8-16), more recent research showed that the anterior segment belongs to the superior longitudinal fasciculus and the posterior segment is in reality separate and was renamed Fasciculus temporoparietalis verticalis (temporoparietal vertical or aslant tract), leaving the long segment as the true arcuate fasciculus (Fernandez-Miranda JC, Wang Y, Pathak S, et al. 2015 Asymmetry, connectivity, and segmentation of the arcuate fascicle in the human brain. Brain Struct Funct 220:3665-3680)
The Fasciculus longitudinalis superior (Superior longitudinal fasciculus) appears to be composed of three bundles (SLFI-III or Superior, Middle and Inferior; Makris N, Kennedy DN, McInerney S, et al. 2005 Segmentation of subcomponents within the superior longitudinal fascicle in humans: A quantitative, in vivo, DT-MRI study. Cereb Cortex 15:854-869) as in monkeys (Schmahmann JD, Pandya DN 2006 Fiber Pathways of the Brain. Oxford University Press, New York; Thiebaut de Schotten M, Dell'Acqua F, Valabreque R, Catani M 2012 Monkey to human comparative anatomy of the frontal lobe association tracts. Cortex 48:82-96).
Here, the new nomenclature for the long association fibres of the cerebrum is advocated as proposed by Mandonnet E, Sarubbo S, Petit L (2018 The nomenclature of human white matter association pathways: Proposal for a systematic taxonomic anatomical classification. Front Neuroanat 12:94).
The Fibrae U-figuratae (U-shaped fibres) were first described by Meynert (1872), and replaced the term Fibrae arcuatae cerebri (Arnold 1838) that became obsolete.
Recently, the Fasciculus temporoparietalis verticalis (Temporoparietal aslant tract) was demonstrated, replacing the vertical segment of the arcuate fasciculus (Panesar SS, Belo JT, Yeh F-C, Fernandez-Miranda JC 2019 Structure, asymmetry, and connectivity of the human temporo-parietal asland and vertical occipital fasciculi. Brain Struct Funct 224:907-923; see also 6273).
(Commissura hippocampi): The old term Psalterium has been added; much in use by clinicians; for a study on the cells of origin of commissural connections of the monkey hippocampal formation, see Amaral DG, Insausti R, Cowan WM (1984) The commissural connections of the monkey hippocampal formation. J Comp Neurol 224:307-336.
This term, introduced in 1684 by Vieussens as 'Centrum ovale' to indicate the oval shape of the Cerebral white matter, continuous with the Internal capsule, was later changed into Centrum semiovale by Flatau E (1894 Atlas des menschlichen Gehirns und des Faserverlaufes. Karger, Berlin) and others. In the clinical literature, this term is common usage. It was included by His and colleagues in the BNA.
The Pedunculus temporalis (Temporal peduncle) forms the connection between the temporal and frontal lobes and contains: (1) the Fasciculus occipitofrontalis inferior (Inferior occipitofrontal fasciculus); and (2) the Fasciculus uncinatus cerebri (Uncinate fasciculus).
The Fasciculus subcallosus (Subcallosal fasciculus or Bundle of Muratoff; Muratoff W 1893 Secundäre Degenerationen nach Durchschneidung des Balkens. Neurol Centralbl 12:714-729) forms a separate bundle of Corticostriatal fibres (see Schmahmann JD, Pandya DN 2007 The complex history of the fronto-occipital fasciculus. J Hist Med 16:362-377).
The Fasciculus frontalis obliquus (Frontal aslant tract or Frontal oblique tract) connects the SMA and pre-SMA with the opercular part of the Inferior frontal gyrus (Catani M, Dell'Acqua F, Vergani F, et al. 2012 Short frontal lobe connections of the human brain. Cortex 48:273-291).
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