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tractus originis medullae spinalis (par)

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Top level systema nervosum
Level 2 tractus systematis nervosi centralis (par) Short Extended
Current level tractus originis medullae spinalis (par) Short
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Partonomy list
Short official Latin term
Short Spanish equivalent
25149 7944
tractus originis medullae spinalis (par)
haces originados en la médula espinal (par)
33793 7945
haces centrales originados en la médula espinal (par)
73941 33796 5246
fasciculus cuneatus (par)
fascículo cuneiformo (par)
258416 33799 5245
fasciculus gracilis (par)
fascículo grácil (par)
25285 7946
haces propioespinales originados en la médula espinal (par); haces intrínsecos del origen de la médula espinal (par)
77029 33802 5242
fasciculus propriospinalis posterior (par) ; fasciculus propriospinalis dorsalis (par)
haz propioespinal posterior (par); haz propioespinal dorsal (par)
77030 33805 5243
fasciculus septomarginalis (par)
fascículo septomarginal (par)
73944 33808 5244
fasciculus interfascicularis (par) ; fasciculus semilunaris (par)
fascículo interfascicular (par) ; fascículo semilunar (par)
33811 7947
fasciculus cornucommissuralis (par)
fascículo cornucomisural (par)
77027 33814 5219
fasciculus propriospinalis lateralis (par)
fascículo proprioespinal lateral (par)
75696 33817 5238
tractus spinocervicalis (par)
haz espinocervical (par)
77026 33820 5206
fasciculus propriospinalis anterior (par) ; fasciculus propriospinalis ventralis (par)
fascículo proprioespinal anterior (par) ; fascículo proprioespinal ventral (par)
77028 33823 5207
fasciculus sulcomarginalis (par)
fascículo sulcomarginal (par)
31766 7954
haces largos originados en la médula espinal (par)
25289 7955
tractus ascendentes originis medullae spinalis (par)
haceses ascendenteses originadoses en la médula espinal (par)
33827 5250
fibrae spinograciles (par)
fibras espinográciles (par)
33831 5249
fibrae spinocuneatae (par)
fibras espinocuneiformas (par)
77766 32029 12531
tractus anterolateralis (par) ; systema anterolaterale (par) ; lemniscus spinalis (par)
haz anterolateral (par) ; sistema anterolateral (par) ; lemnisco espinal (par)
28613 14394
pars thalamica (par)
porción talámica (par)
25991 5616
pars mesencephalica (par)
porción mesencefálica (par)
28608 14393
pars rhombencephalica rostralis (par)
porción rombencefálica rostral (par)
77766 45460 5324
pars rhombencephalica caudalis (par)
porción rombencefálica caudal (par)
25716 14392
pars spinalis (par)
porción espinal (par)
27771 7948
tractus spinoreticularis (par)
haz espinoreticular (par)
33835 5331
fibrae spinorhombencephalica (par)
fibras espinorombencefálicas (par)
31974 8373
fibrae rhombencephalica caudales (par) ; fibrae bulbares (par)
fibras rombencefálicas caudales (par) ; fibras bulbares (par)
33839 5326
fibrae spinoreticulares rhombencephali caudalis (par)
fibras espinoreticulares del rombencéfalo caudal (par)
31501 8372
fibrae spinorhombencephalica rostrales (par)
fibras espinorombencefálicas rostrales (par)
31770 7951
fibrae spinoreticulares rhombencephali rostralis (par)
fibras espinoreticulares del rombencéfalo rostral (par)
25318 8418
fibrae spinofaciales (par)
fibras espinofaciales (par)
31773 7537
tractus spinoparabrachialis (par)
haz espinoparabraquial (par)
33845 7952
fibrae spinoparabrachiales (par)
fibras espinoparabraquiales (par)
73968 33848 5226
tractus spinomesencephalicus (par)
haz espinomesencefálico (par)
26015 7956
fibrae spinointercolliculares (par)
fibras espinointercoliculares (par)
25999 5328
fibrae spinotectales (par)
fibras espinotectales (par)
26003 5329
fibrae spinoperiaqueductales (par)
fibras espinoperiacueductales (par)
25995 5327
fibrae spinomesencephalicae (par)
fibras espinomesencefálicas (par)
31828 7538
tractus spinothalamici (par)
haces espinotalámicos (par)
7538 7538
# tractus spinothalamicus
# haz espinotalámico
26294 8318
fibrae spinothalamicae (par)
fibras espinotalámicas (par)
46287 14265
pars thalamica (par)
porción talámica (par)
46249 14240
pars mesencephalica (par)
porción mesencefálica (par)
46246 14239
pars rhombencephalica rostralis (par)
porción rombencefálica rostral (par)
75206 32033 5325
pars rhombencephalica caudalis (par)
porción rombencefálica caudal (par)
46243 14238
pars spinalis (par)
porción espinal (par)
75684 33851 5217
tractus spinothalamicus anterior (par) ; tractus spinothalamicus ventralis (par)
haz espinotalámico anterior (par) ; haz espinotalámico ventral (par)
73965 33854 5227
tractus spinothalamicus lateralis (par)
haz espinotalámico lateral (par)
27837 7957
tractus spinohypothalamicus (par)
haz espinohipotálamico (par)
26007 5330
fibrae spinohypothalamicae (par)
fibras espinohipotálamicas (par)
33857 7958
tractus cervicothalamicus (par)
haz cervicotalámico (par)
32074 12547
tractus spinoolivaris (par)
haz espinoolivar (par)
72643 33860 5304
pars rhombencephalica caudalis (par)
porción rombencefálica caudal (par)
73971 32078 5232
pars spinalis (par)
porción espinal (par)
75213 32037 5332
fibrae spinoolivares (par)
fibras espinoolivares (par)
31831 7539
tractus spinovestibularis (par)
haz espinovestibular (par)
72646 33866 5333
pars rhombencephalica caudalis (par)
porción rombencefálica caudal (par)
75699 33863 5239
pars spinalis (par)
porción espinal (par)
31835 7959
fibrae spinovestibulares (par)
fibras espinovestibulares (par)
27676 7960
tractus spinocerebellares (par)
haces espinocerebelosos (par)
27318 8419
tractus spinocerebellaris rostralis (par)
haz espinocerebeloso rostral (par)
72642 27345 5312
tractus spinocerebellaris anterior (par) ; tractus spinocerebellaris ventralis (par)
haz espinocerebeloso anterior (par) ; haz espinocerebeloso ventral (par)
73950 27315 5319
tractus spinocerebellaris posterior (par) ; tractus spinocerebellaris dorsalis (par)
haz espinocerebeloso posterior (par) ; haz espinocerebeloso dorsal (par)
45147 11904
fibrae afferentes somatosensoriae (par)
fibras aferentes somatosensoriales (par)
45150 11905
fibrae afferentes proprioceptivae (par)
fibras aferentes propioceptivas (par)
45153 11906
fibrae afferentes viscerosensoriae (par)
fibras aferentes viscerosensoriales (par)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Nathan and Smith described the Propriospinal fasciculi as Posterior or Dorsal, Lateral, and Anterior or Ventral Ground bundles (Nathan PW, Smith MC 1959 Fasciculi proprii of the spinal cord in man. Brain 82:610-668). The term Fasciculus septomarginalis (Septomarginal fasciculus) is used for: 1) the Oval bundle of Flechsig, present at lumbar levels; and 2) the Triangle of Philippe-Gombault, present at sacral levels (see Schoenen J, Grant G 2004 The spinal cord: Connections. In: Paxinos G, Mai JK, eds: The Human Nervous System, 2nd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 236-265). The term Fasciculus interfascicularis is also known as the Comma tract of Schultze, present at cervical and high thoracic levels. According to Nathan and Smith (1959), the Comma tract consists of descending divisions of the cervical and upper thoracic dorsal roots. The Fasciculus cornucommissuralis is present throughout the cord, best developed at lumbar levels; situated along the medial side of the posterior grey column abutting the posterior commissure. It consists of ipsilaterally running propriospinal fibres (see Schoenen and Grant 2004).
See note # 5242
See note # 5242
For the Tractus spinoolivaris (Spino-olivary tract) as eponym Helweg tract is used. Smith and Deacon (Smith MC, Deacon P 1981 Helweg's triangular tract in man. Brain 104:249-277) denied that Helweg's tract contains spino-olivary fibres; more likely reticulospinal; Helweg's tract can be identified in Weigert-stained sections, but hardly in Luxol-Fast-Blue-stained sections. The term Fibrae olivospinales is deleted (non-existent); they are probably reticulospinal fibres; see Brodal A 1969 Neurological Anatomy in Relation to Clinical Medicine, 2nd ed. Oxford University Press, New York).
(Tractus anterolateralis): A Tract may be defined as a projection (a set of fibres with one main source and one main site of termination) which manifests itself as a fibre concentration over at least part of its course (Nieuwenhuys R 1998 Structure and organisation of fibre systems. In: Nieuwenhuys R, ten Donkelaar HJ, Nicholson C: The Central Nervous System of Vertebrates. Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, pp 113-157). For fibre systems with a more diffuse organization, the term Fibrae is advocated.
A Tractus spinohypothalamicus (Spinohypothalamic tract) has been characterized functionally in monkeys (Zhang X, Wenk HN, Gokin AP, et al. 1999 Physiological studies of spinohypothalamic tract neurons in the lumbar enlargement of monkeys. J Neurophysiol 82:1054-1058; see also Westlund KN, Willis WD Jr 2012 Pain system. IN: Mai JK, Paxinos G, eds: The Human Nervous System, 3rd ed. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 1144-1186).
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