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arteria carotis communis (par)

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Top level systema cardiovasculare Short Extended
Level 2 systema arteriosum Short Extended
Current level arteria carotis communis (par) Short
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
3939 3804
arteria carotis communis (par); arteria carotica communis (par)
common carotid artery (pair)
50096 3807
bifurcatio carotidis (par)
carotid bifurcation (pair)
50095 3805
glomus caroticum (par)
carotid body (pair) ; carotid glomus (pair)
50094 3900
sinus caroticus
carotid sinus
10635 3808
arteria carotis externa (par); arteria carotica externa (par)
external carotid artery (pair)
49472 3809
superior thyroid artery (pair)
49474 3810
ramus infrahyoideus (par)
infrahyoid branch (pair)
49477 3811
ramus sternocleidomastoideus (par)
sternocleidomastoid branch (pair)
49480 3812
arteria laryngea superior (par)
superior laryngeal artery (pair)
49483 3813
ramus cricothyroideus (par)
cricothyroid branch (pair)
49488 3814
ramus glandularis anterior (par)
anterior glandular branch (pair)
49491 3815
ramus glandularis posterior (par)
posterior glandular branch (pair)
49494 3816
ramus glandularis lateralis (par)
lateral glandular branch (pair)
(arteria pyramidalis (par) )
(pyramidal artery (pair) )
49497 3817
ascending pharyngeal artery (pair)
truncus pharyngeus (par)
pharyngeal trunk (pair)
49520 3819
rami pharyngei (par)
pharyngeal branches (pair)
ramus pharyngeus superior (par)
superior pharyngeal branch (pair)
ramus pharyngeus medius (par)
middle pharyngeal branch (pair)
ramus pharyngeus inferior (par)
inferior pharyngeal branch (pair)
truncus neuromeningeus (par)
neuromeningeal trunk (pair)
arteria meningea posterior (par)
posterior meningeal artery (pair)
ramus hypoglossus (par)
hypoglossal branch (pair)
ramus jugularis (par)
jugular branch (pair)
49506 3820
arteria tympanica inferior (par)
inferior tympanic artery (pair)
arteria spinomuscularis (par)
spinomuscular artery (pair)
77438 3821
(truncus linguofacialis (par) )
(linguofacial trunk (pair) )
49526 3822
arteria lingualis (par) P4 14 children
lingual artery (pair)
49540 3823
ramus suprahyoideus (par)
suprahyoid branch (pair)
49546 3824
rami dorsales linguae (par)
dorsal lingual branches (pair)
49543 3825
arteria sublingualis (par)
sublingual artery (pair)
49532 3826
arteria profunda linguae (par)
deep lingual artery (pair)
49549 3827
arteria facialis (par) P4 32 children
facial artery (pair)
49558 3829
ramus tonsillaris (par)
tonsillar branch (pair)
49561 3830
arteria submentalis (par)
submental artery (pair)
71675 3831
rami glandulares (par)
glandular branches (pair)
49567 3832
arteria labialis inferior (par)
inferior labial artery (pair)
296683 15657
arcus labiorum oris inferior (par)
inferior arch of lips of mouth (pair)
49570 3833
arteria labialis superior (par)
superior labial artery (pair)
49573 3834
ramus septi nasi (par)
nasal septal branch (pair)
296648 15658
arcus labiorum oris superior (par)
superior arch of lips of mouth (pair)
49580 3835
ramus nasalis lateralis (par)
lateral nasal branch (pair)
49583 3836
arteria angularis (par)
angular artery (pair)
49586 3837
occipital artery (pair)
49599 3838
ramus mastoideus (par)
mastoid branch (pair)
49602 3839
ramus auricularis (par)
auricular branch (pair)
49590 3840
rami sternocleidomastoidei (par)
sternocleidomastoid branches (pair)
49605 3841
rami occipitales (par)
occipital branches (pair)
49618 3842
(ramus meningeus (par) )
(meningeal branch (pair) )
49608 3843
ramus descendens (par)
descending branch (pair)
49624 3844
posterior auricular artery (pair)
49628 3845
arteria stylomastoidea (par)
stylomastoid artery (pair)
49631 3846
arteria tympanica posterior (par)
posterior tympanic artery (pair)
49635 3847
rami mastoidei (par)
mastoid branches (pair)
49638 3848
(ramus stapedius (par) )
(stapedial branch (pair) )
49641 3849
ramus auricularis (par)
auricular branch (pair)
49644 3850
ramus occipitalis (par)
occipital branch (pair)
49647 3851
ramus parotideus (par)
parotid branch (pair)
49650 3852
superficial temporal artery (pair)
49654 3853
ramus parotideus (par)
parotid branch (pair)
49657 3854
arteria transversa faciei (par)
transverse facial artery (pair)
71679 3855
rami auriculares anteriores (par)
anterior auricular branches (pair)
49663 3856
(arteria zygomaticoorbitalis (par) )
(zygomaticoorbital artery (pair) )
49666 3857
arteria temporalis media (par)
middle temporal artery (pair)
49669 3858
ramus frontalis (par)
frontal branch (pair)
49670 3859
ramus parietalis (par)
parietal branch (pair)
49675 3860
arteria maxillaris (par) P4 116 children
maxillary artery (pair)
49689 3861
arteria auricularis profunda (par)
deep auricular artery (pair)
49692 3862
arteria tympanica anterior (par)
anterior tympanic artery (pair)
49695 3863
arteria alveolaris inferior (par)
inferior alveolar artery (pair)
49699 3864
rami dentales (par)
dental branches (pair)
49700 3865
rami peridentales (par)
peridental branches (pair)
49701 3866
ramus mentalis (par)
mental branch (pair)
49702 3867
ramus mylohyoideus (par)
mylohyoid branch (pair)
49711 3868
arteria meningea media (par)
middle meningeal artery (pair)
49715 3869
ramus accessorius (par)
accessory branch (pair)
49716 3870
ramus frontalis (par)
frontal branch (pair)
49717 3871
ramus orbitalis (par)
orbital branch (pair)
49718 3872
ramus parietalis (par)
parietal branch (pair)
49719 3873
ramus petrosus (par)
petrous branch (pair)
49720 3874
arteria tympanica superior (par)
superior tympanic artery (pair)
49733 3875
ramus anastomoticus lacrimalis (par)
anastomotic branch of lacrimal artery (pair)
49739 3877
arteria masseterica (par)
masseteric artery (pair)
49745 3878
arteria temporalis profunda anterior (par)
anterior deep temporal artery (pair)
49746 3879
arteria temporalis profunda posterior (par)
posterior deep temporal artery (pair)
49751 3880
rami pterygoidei (par)
pterygoid branches (pair)
49754 3881
arteria buccalis (par)
buccal artery (pair)
49757 3882
arteria alveolaris superior posterior (par)
posterior superior alveolar artery (pair)
71683 3883
rami dentales (par)
dental branches (pair)
71684 3884
rami peridentales (par)
peridental branches (pair)
49767 3885
arteria infraorbitalis (par)
infraorbital artery (pair)
arteria alveolaris superior media (par)
middle superior alveolar artery (pair)
71685 3886
arteriae alveolares superiores anteriores (par)
anterior superior alveolar arteries (pair)
71686 3887
rami dentales (par)
dental branches (pair)
71687 3888
rami peridentales (par)
peridental branches (pair)
85528 3889
arteria canalis pterygoidei (par)
artery of pterygoid canal (pair)
49797 3890
ramus pharyngeus (par)
pharyngeal branch (pair)
arteria pterygovaginalis (par)
pterygovaginal artery (pair)
49791 3891
arteria palatinalis descendens (par)
descending palatal artery (pair)
49795 3892
arteria palatinalis major (par)
greater palatal artery (pair)
71688 3893
arteriae palatinales minores (par)
lesser palatal arteries (pair)
49797 3894
ramus pharyngeus (par)
pharyngeal branch (pair)
49804 3895
arteria sphenopalatinalis (par)
sphenopalatal artery (pair)
71689 3896
arteriae nasales posteriores laterales (par)
lateral posterior nasal arteries (pair)
71690 3897
rami septales posteriores (par)
posterior septal branches (pair)
3947 3898
arteria carotis interna; arteria carotica interna
internal carotid artery
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
New subdivision: Following Hacein-Bey et al. (2002 Am J Neuroradiol AJNR 23:1246-1256), the ascending pharyngeal artery divides into two trunks, pharyngeal and neuromeningeal .
The Arteria alveolaris superior media typically supplies the upper premolars and adjacent gingiva.
The Arteria pyramidalis is a variant branch from the distal part of the superior thyroid artery, supplying the pyramidal lobe of the thyroid gland, when present (Mangalgiri et al. 2018 Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 70:313-318).
The Arcus labiorum inferior is an arterial anastomosis between both superior labial arteries, located in the musculus orbicularis oris of the lower lip (Kachlik et al. 2021 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 21:208-220).
The Arcus labiorum superior is an arterial anastomosis between both superior labial arteries, located in the musculus orbicularis oris of the upper lip (Kachlik et al. 2021 Bosn J Basic Med Sci 21:208-220).
Date: 22.05.2024