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aorta thoracica

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Top level systema cardiovasculare Short Extended
Level 2 systema arteriosum Short Extended
Level 3 aorta descendens Short Extended
Current level aorta thoracica
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Non Latin primary language
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Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
3786 4174
aorta thoracica ; pars thoracica aortae
thoracic aorta
71536 4175
rami bronchiales
bronchial branches of
71537 4176
rami oesophagei ; rami oesophageales
oesophageal branches of
71538 4177
rami pericardiaci
pericardiac branches of
71539 4178
rami mediastinales
mediastinal branches of
70805 4179
arteriae phrenicae superiores (par)
superior phrenic arteries (pair)
63822 4180
arteriae intercostales posteriores (par)
posterior intercostal arteries (pair)
# arteria intercostalis posterior
# posterior intercostal artery
4179 4181
ramus dorsalis (par)
dorsal branch (pair)
4186 4182
ramus cutaneus medialis (par)
medial cutaneous branch (pair)
4191 4183
ramus cutaneus lateralis (par)
lateral cutaneous branch (pair)
4180 4184
rami spinales (par)
spinal branches of (pair)
4181 4185
ramus postcentralis (par)
postcentral branch (pair)
4182 4186
ramus prelaminaris (par)
prelaminar branch (pair)
4184 4187
arteria radicularis posterior (par)
posterior radicular artery (pair)
4183 4188
arteria radicularis anterior (par)
anterior radicular artery (pair)
86039 4189
arteria medullaris segmentalis (par)
segmental medullary artery (pair)
4194 4190
ramus collateralis (par)
collateral branch (pair)
4196 4191
ramus cutaneus lateralis (par)
lateral cutaneous branch (pair)
4197 4192
rami mammarii laterales (par)
lateral mammary branches (pair)
66241 4111
arteria intercostalis posterior prima
first posterior intercostal artery
3994 4112
arteria intercostalis posterior secunda
second posterior intercostal artery
12286 14716
arteria intercostalis posterior tertia (par)
third posterior intercostal artery (pair)
12287 14717
arteria intercostalis posterior quarta (par)
fourth posterior intercostal artery (pair)
12288 14718
arteria intercostalis posterior quinta (par)
fifth posterior intercostal artery (pair)
12289 14719
arteria intercostalis posterior sexta (par)
sixth posterior intercostal artery (pair)
12290 14720
arteria intercostalis posterior septima (par)
seventh posterior intercostal artery (pair)
12291 14721
arteria intercostalis posterior octava (par)
eighth posterior intercostal artery (pair)
12292 14722
arteria intercostalis posterior nona (par)
ninth posterior intercostal artery (pair)
12293 14723
arteria intercostalis posterior decima (par)
tenth posterior intercostal artery (pair)
12294 14724
arteria intercostalis posterior undecima (par)
eleventh posterior intercostal artery (pair)
4613 4193
arteria subcostalis (par)
subcostal artery (pair)
10624 4194
ramus dorsalis (par)
dorsal branch (pair)
4617 4195
ramus spinalis (par)
spinal branch (pair)
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