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systema musculare membri inferioris

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Short English equivalent
71297 2061
systema musculare membri inferioris
muscular system of lower limb
76577 2062
compartments of free lower limb (pair)
45151 2063
compartimentum femoris anterius (par) ; compartimentum femoris extensorum (par)
anterior compartment of thigh (pair) ; extensor compartment of thigh (pair)
45157 2064
compartimentum femoris posterius (par) ; compartimentum femoris flexorum (par)
posterior compartment of thigh (pair) ; flexor compartment of thigh (pair)
45160 2065
compartimentum femoris mediale (par) ; compartimentum femoris adductorium (par)
medial compartment of thigh (pair) ; adductor compartment of thigh (pair)
45163 2066
compartimentum cruris anterius (par) ; compartimentum cruris extensorum (par)
anterior compartment of leg (pair) ; extensor compartment of leg (pair)
45167 2067
compartimentum cruris posterius (par) ; compartimentum cruris flexorum (par)
posterior compartment of leg (pair) ; flexor compartment of leg (pair)
45178 2068
pars superficialis compartimenti cruris posterioris (par) ; pars tricipitalis (par)
superficial part of posterior compartment of leg (pair)
45173 2069
pars profunda compartimenti cruris posterioris (par)
deep part of posterior compartment of leg (pair)
45185 2070
compartimentum cruris laterale (par) ; compartimentum cruris fibulare (par); compartimentum cruris peroneum (par)
lateral compartment of leg (pair) ; fibular compartment of leg (pair); peroneal compartment of leg (pair)
9622 2071
muscles of lower limb (pair)
muscles of hip joint (pair)
musculi ventrales coxae (par)
ventral muscles of hip (pair)
64918 2072
musculus iliopsoas (par)
iliopsoas muscle (pair)
22310 2073
musculus iliacus (par)
iliac muscle (pair) ; iliacus muscle (pair)
18060 2074
musculus psoas major (par)
greater psoas muscle (pair) ; psoas major muscle (pair)
22350 2075
(musculus psoas minor (par) )
(lesser psoas muscle (pair) ; psoas minor muscle (pair))
musculi dorsales coxae (par)
dorsal muscles of hip (pair)
musculi dorsales coxae superficiales (par)
superficial dorsal muscles of hip (pair)
22314 2076
musculus gluteus maximus (par)
superficial gluteal muscle (pair); superficial muscle of buttock (pair); gluteus maximus muscle (pair)
22315 2077
musculus gluteus medius (par)
intermediate gluteal muscle (pair); intermediate muscle of buttock (pair); gluteus medius muscle (pair)
22317 2078
musculus gluteus minimus (par)
deep gluteal muscle (pair); deep muscle of buttock (pair); gluteus minimus muscle (pair)
77262 2079
aponeurosis glutea (par)
gluteal aponeurosis (pair)
22423 2080
musculus tensor fasciae latae femoris (par)
tensor muscle of fascia lata of thigh (pair) ; tensor fasciae latae femoris muscle (pair)
musculi dorsales coxae profundi (par)
deep dorsal muscles of hip (pair)
19082 2081
musculus piriformis (par)
piriform muscle (pair) ; piriformis muscle (pair)
22298 2082
musculus obturatorius internus (par)
internal obturator muscle (pair) ; obturator internus muscle (pair)
22318 2083
musculus gemellus superior (par)
superior gemellus muscle (pair); gemellus superior muscle (pair)
22320 2084
musculus gemellus inferior (par)
inferior gemellus muscle (pair); gemellus inferior muscle (pair)
22321 2085
musculus quadratus femoris (par)
quadratus muscle of thigh (pair); quadratus femoris muscle (pair)
51035 14975
muscles of anterior compartment of thigh (pair)
22353 2086
musculus sartorius (par)
sartorius muscle (pair)
311256 15274
pes anserinus (par)
pes anserinus (pair)
22428 2087
musculus quadriceps femoris (par)
quadriceps muscle of thigh (pair) ; quadriceps femoris muscle (pair)
22430 2088
musculus rectus femoris (par)
rectus muscle of thigh (pair) ; rectus femoris muscle (pair)
22435 2089
caput rectum (par)
straight head (pair)
22436 2090
caput reflexum (par)
reflected head (pair)
22431 2091
musculus vastus lateralis (par)
lateral vastus muscle (pair) ; vastus lateralis muscle (pair)
22433 2092
musculus vastus intermedius (par)
intermediate vastus muscle (pair) ; vastus intermedius muscle (pair)
22432 2093
musculus vastus medialis (par)
medial vastus muscle (pair) ; vastus medialis muscle (pair)
46900 15275
tendo musculi quadricipitis femoris (par)
tendon of quadriceps muscle of thigh (pair)
44581 1557
ligamentum patellae
patellar ligament
44587 1558
retinaculum mediale patellae
medial patellar retinaculum
44590 1559
retinaculum laterale patellae
lateral patellar retinaculum
22437 2094
musculus articularis genus (par)
articular muscle of knee (pair) ; articularis genus muscle (pair)
74149 14976
muscles of medial compartment of thigh (pair)
22440 2095
musculus pectineus (par)
pectineal muscle (pair)
22441 2096
musculus adductor longus (par)
long adductor muscle (pair) ; adductor longus muscle (pair)
22442 2097
musculus adductor brevis (par)
short adductor muscle (pair) ; adductor brevis muscle (pair)
22443 2098
musculus adductor magnus (par)
large adductor muscle (pair) ; adductor magnus muscle (pair)
43885 2099
musculus adductor minimus (par)
minimal adductor muscle (pair) ; adductor minimus muscle (pair)
43882 2100
musculus gracilis (par)
gracile muscle (pair) ; gracilis muscle (pair)
22299 2101
musculus obturatorius externus (par)
external obturator muscle (pair) ; obturator externus muscle (pair)
51036 14977
muscles of posterior compartment of thigh (pair)
22356 2102
musculus biceps femoris (par)
biceps muscle of thigh (pair) ; biceps femoris muscle (pair)
45887 2103
caput longum musculi bicipitis femoris (par)
long head of biceps muscle of thigh (pair)
45890 2104
caput breve musculi bicipitis femoris (par)
short head of biceps muscle of thigh (pair)
22357 2105
musculus semitendinosus (par)
semitendinous muscle (pair) ; semitendinosus muscle (pair)
22438 2106
musculus semimembranosus (par)
semimembranous muscle (pair) ; semimembranosus muscle (pair)
51052 14978
muscles of anterior compartment of leg (pair)
22532 2107
musculus tibialis anterior (par)
anterior tibial muscle (pair) ; tibialis anterior muscle (pair)
22534 2108
musculus extensor digitorum longus (par)
long extensor muscle of toes (pair) ; extensor digitorum longus muscle (pair)
aponeurosis extensoria pedis (par)
extensor aponeurosis of foot (pair)
fasciculus centralis (par)
central band (pair)
fasciculi collaterales (par)
collateral bands (pair)
22538 2109
musculus fibularis tertius (par) ; musculus peroneus tertius (par)
third fibular muscle (pair) ; third peroneus muscle (pair); fibularis tertius muscle (pair); peroneus tertius muscle (pair)
22533 2110
musculus extensor hallucis longus (par)
long extensor muscle of great toe (pair) ; extensor hallucis longus muscle (pair)
22474 14979
muscles of posterior compartment of leg (pair)
musculi partis superficialis compartimenti cruris posterioris (par)
muscles of superficial part of posterior compartment of leg (pair)
51062 2113
musculus triceps surae (par)
triceps muscle of calf (pair) ; triceps surae muscle (pair)
22541 2114
musculus gastrocnemius (par)
gastrocnemius muscle (pair)
45959 2115
caput laterale musculi gastrocnemii (par)
lateral head of gastrocnemius muscle (pair)
45956 2116
caput mediale musculi gastrocnemii (par)
medial head of gastrocnemius muscle (pair)
22542 2117
musculus soleus (par)
soleus muscle (pair)
arcus tendineus musculi solei (par)
tendinous arch of soleus muscle (pair)
51061 2118
tendo calcanei (par)
calcaneal tendon (pair)
22543 2119
musculus plantaris (par)
plantar muscle (pair) ; plantaris muscle (pair)
musculi partis profundae compartimenti cruris posterioris (par)
muscles of deep part of posterior compartment of leg (pair)
22590 2120
musculus popliteus (par)
popliteal muscle (pair) ; popliteus muscle (pair)
51099 2121
musculus tibialis posterior (par)
posterior tibial muscle (pair) ; tibialis posterior muscle (pair)
51071 2122
musculus flexor digitorum longus (par)
long flexor muscle of toes (pair) ; flexor longus digitorum muscle (pair)
22593 2123
musculus flexor hallucis longus (par)
long flexor muscle of great toe (pair) ; flexor hallucis longus muscle (pair)
muscles of lateral compartment of leg (pair)
22539 2111
musculus fibularis longus (par) ; musculus peroneus longus (par)
long fibular muscle (pair) ; long peroneus muscle (pair); fibularis longus muscle (pair); peroneus longus muscle (pair)
22540 2112
musculus fibularis brevis (par) ; musculus peroneus brevis (par)
short fibular muscle (pair) ; short peroneus muscle (pair); fibularis brevis muscle (pair); peroneus brevis muscle (pair)
37369 14962
musculi pedis (par) P4 104 children
muscles of foot (pair)
65045 14442
musculi dorsi pedis (par)
muscles of dorsum of foot (pair)
51141 2124
musculus extensor hallucis brevis (par)
short extensor muscle of great toe (pair) ; extensor hallucis brevis muscle (pair)
51140 2125
musculus extensor digitorum pedis brevis (par)
short extensor muscle of toes (pair) ; extensor digitorum brevis muscle (pair)
65046 14433
musculi plantae (par)
muscles of sole (pair)
musculi mediales plantae (par)
medial muscles of sole (pair)
37448 2126
musculus abductor hallucis (par)
abductor muscle of great toe (pair) ; abductor hallucis muscle (pair)
37449 2127
musculus flexor hallucis brevis (par)
short flexor muscle of great toe (pair) ; flexor hallucis brevis muscle (pair)
45969 2128
caput mediale musculi flexoris hallucis brevis (par)
medial head of short flexor muscle of great toe (pair)
45970 2129
caput laterale musculi flexoris hallucis brevis (par)
lateral head of short flexor muscle of great toe (pair)
37454 2130
musculus adductor hallucis (par)
adductor muscle of great toe (pair) ; adductor hallucis muscle (pair)
46014 2131
caput obliquum musculi adductoris hallucis (par)
oblique head of adductor muscle of great toe (pair)
46015 2132
caput obliquum musculi adductoris hallucis (par)
oblique head of adductor muscle of great toe (pair)
musculi laterales plantae (par)
lateral muscles of sole (pair)
37451 2133
musculus abductor digiti minimi (par)
abductor muscle of little toe (pair) ; abductor digiti minimi muscle (pair)
51207 2134
(musculus abductor ossis metatarsi quinti (par))
(abductor muscle of fifth metatarsal bone (pair) )
86033 2135
(musculus opponens digiti minimi (par) )
(opponens muscle of little toe (pair) ; opponens digiti minimi muscle (pair))
37455 2136
musculus flexor digiti minimi brevis (par)
short flexor muscle of little toe (pair) ; flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle (pair)
musculi medii plantae (par)
middle muscles of sole (pair)
37450 2137
musculus flexor digitorum pedis brevis (par)
short flexor muscle of toes (pair) ; flexor digitorum brevis muscle (pair)
37452 2138
musculus quadratus plantae (par) ; musculus flexor accessorius (par)
quadrate muscle of sole (pair) ; quadratus plantae muscle (pair); flexor accessorius muscle (pair)
37453 2139
musculi lumbricales pedis (par)
lumbrical muscles of foot (pair) ; lumbricalis pedis muscles (pair)
37479 14429
musculus lumbricalis primus pedis (par)
first lumbrical muscle of foot (pair)
37480 14430
musculus lumbricalis secundus pedis (par)
second lumbrical muscle of foot (pair)
37481 14431
musculus lumbricalis tertius pedis (par)
third lumbrical muscle of foot (pair)
37482 14432
musculus lumbricalis quartus pedis (par)
fourth lumbrical muscle of foot (pair)
37457 2140
musculi interossei dorsales pedis (par)
dorsal interosseous muscles of foot (pair)
37726 14425
musculus interosseus dorsalis primus pedis (par)
first dorsal interosseous muscle of foot (pair)
37727 14426
musculus interosseus dorsalis secundus pedis (par)
second dorsal interosseous muscle of foot (pair)
37728 14427
musculus interosseus dorsalis tertius pedis (par)
third dorsal interosseous muscle of foot (pair)
37729 14428
musculus interosseus dorsalis quartus pedis (par)
fourth dorsal interosseous muscle of foot (pair)
37458 2141
musculi interossei plantares pedis (par)
plantar interosseous muscles of foot (pair)
37738 14422
musculus interosseus plantaris primus (par)
first plantar interosseous muscle (pair)
37739 14423
musculus interosseus plantaris secundus (par)
second plantar interosseous muscle (pair)
37740 14424
musculus interosseus plantaris tertius (par)
third plantar interosseous muscle (pair)
57783 2142
fasciae of lower limb (pair)
13902 2143
fascia lata femoris (par)
fascia lata of thigh (pair)
51048 2144
tractus iliotibialis (par)
iliotibial tract (pair)
58746 2145
septum intermusculare lateralfemoris e (par)
lateral intermuscular septum of thigh (pair) ; lateral femoral intermuscular septum (pair)
58749 2146
septum intermusculare medialefemoris (par)
medial intermuscular septum of thigh (pair) ; medial femoral intermuscular septum (pair)
58781 2147
canalis adductorius (par)
adductor canal (pair)
76868 2148
septum intermusculare vastoadductorium (par) ; membrana vastoadductoria (par)
vastoadductor intermuscular septum (pair); vastoadductor membrane (pair); subsartorial fascia (pair)
58784 2149
hiatus adductorius (par)
adductor hiatus (pair)
18097 1909
pars iliaca fasciae iliopsoaticae
iliac part of iliopsoas fascia
322833 2151
lacuna musculorum (par)
muscular space (pair)
57861 1910
arcus iliopectinatus
iliopectinate arch
322834 2152
lacuna vasorum (par)
vascular space (pair)
22405 2153
canalis femoralis (par)
femoral canal (pair)
58780 2154
trigonum femorale (par)
femoral triangle (pair)
77263 2155
anulus femoralis (par)
femoral ring (pair)
77264 2156
septum femorale (par)
femoral septum (pair)
58767 2157
hiatus saphenus (par)
saphenous opening (pair)
58770 2158
margo falciformis (par) ; margo arcuatus (par)
falciform margin (pair)
77265 2159
cornu superius hiatus sapheni (par) ; crus superius hiatus sapheni (par)
superior horn of saphenous opening (pair)
77266 2160
cornu inferius hiatus sapheni (par) ; crus inferius hiatus sapheni (par)
inferior horn of saphenous opening (pair)
58735 2161
fascia cribrosa (par)
cribriform fascia (pair)
47173 15291
fascia poplitea (par)
popliteal fascia (pair)
45206 2162
fascia cruris (par)
deep fascia of leg (pair)
58755 2163
septum intermusculare anteriucruris s (par)
anterior intermuscular septum of leg (pair)
58758 2164
septum intermusculare postericruris us (par)
posterior intermuscular septum of leg (pair)
septum intermusculare transvecruris rsum (par)
transverse intermuscular septum of leg (pair)
77267 2165
arcus tendineus musculi solei (par)
tendinous arch of soleus muscle (pair)
49384 2166
retinaculum musculorum extensorum superius (par)
superior extensor retinaculum (pair)
49372 2167
retinaculum musculorum flexorum (par)
flexor retinaculum (pair)
49385 2168
retinaculum musculorum extensorum inferius (par)
inferior extensor retinaculum (pair)
51117 2169
retinaculum musculorum fibularium superius (par); retinaculum musculorum peroneorum superius (par)
superior fibular retinaculum (pair) ; superior peroneal retinaculum (pair)
51118 2170
retinaculum musculorum fibularium inferius (par); retinaculum musculorum peroneorum inferius (par)
inferior fibular retinaculum (pair) ; inferior peroneal retinaculum (pair)
58793 2171
fascia dorsalis pedis (par)
dorsal fascia of foot (pair)
45171 2172
aponeurosis plantaris (par)
plantar aponeurosis (pair)
58854 15293
ligamentum calcaneometatarsale (par)
calcaneometatarsal ligament (pair)
58851 2173
fasciculi transversi (par)
transverse fascicles (pair)
44560 2174
ligamenta metatarsalia transversa superficialia (par)
superficial transverse metatarsal ligaments (pair)
44564 15051
ligamentum metatarsale transversum superficiale secundum (par)
second superficial transverse metatarsal ligament (pair)
44565 15052
ligamentum metatarsale transversum superficiale tertium (par)
third superficial transverse metatarsal ligament (pair)
44567 15053
ligamentum metatarsale transversum superficiale quartum (par)
fourth superficial transverse metatarsal ligament (pair)
44566 15054
ligamentum metatarsale transversum superficiale quintum (par)
fifth superficial transverse metatarsal ligament (pair)
321553 2225
bursae of lower limb (pair)
43581 2226
bursa subcutanea trochanterica (par)
subcutaneous trochanteric bursa (pair)
45063 2227
bursa trochanterica musculi glutei maximi (par)
trochanteric bursa of superficial gluteal muscle (pair)
45072 2228
bursa trochanterica musculi glutei medii (par)
trochanteric bursa of intermediate gluteal muscle (pair)
45066 2229
bursa trochanterica musculi glutei minimi (par)
trochanteric bursa of deep gluteal muscle (pair)
45069 2230
bursa musculi piriformis (par)
bursa of piriform muscle (pair)
45078 2231
bursa ischiadica musculi obturatorii interni (par)
sciatic bursa of internal obturator muscle (pair)
45021 2232
bursa subtendinea musculi obturatorii interni (par)
subtendinous bursa of internal obturator muscle (pair)
45061 2233
bursae intermusculares musculorum gluteorum (par)
intermuscular gluteal bursae (pair)
45075 2234
bursa ischiadica musculi glutei maximi (par)
sciatic bursa of superficial gluteal muscle (pair)
75385 2235
(bursa iliopectinea (par) )
(iliopectineal bursa (pair) )
45022 2236
bursa subtendinea iliaca (par)
subtendineous bursa of iliac muscle (pair)
45195 2237
bursa superior musculi bicipitis femoris (par)
superior bursa of biceps muscle of thigh (pair)
45198 2238
bursa subcutanea prepatellaris (par)
subcutaneous prepatellar bursa (pair)
45048 2239
(bursa subfascialis prepatellaris (par) )
(prepatellar subfascial bursa (pair) )
45051 2240
(bursa subtendinea prepatellaris (par) )
(subtendinous prepatellar bursa (pair))
12253 2241
bursa suprapatellaris (par)
suprapatellar bursa (pair)
43791 2242
bursa subcutanea infrapatellaris (par)
subcutaneous infrapatellar bursa (pair)
43794 2243
bursa infrapatellaris profunda (par)
deep infrapatellar bursa (pair)
45036 2244
bursa subcutanea tuberositatis tibialis (par)
subcutaneous bursa of tibial tuberosity (pair)
45027 2245
bursae subtendineae musculi sartorii (par)
subtendinous bursae of sartorius muscle (pair)
45201 2246
bursa anserina (par)
anserine bursa (pair)
45030 2247
bursa subtendinea inferior musculi bicipitis femoris (par)
inferior subtendinous bursa of biceps muscle of thigh (pair)
45204 2248
recessus subpopliteus (par)
subpopliteal recess (pair)
45054 2249
bursa subtendinea capitis lateralis musculi gastrocnemii (par)
subtendinous bursa of lateral head of gastrocnemius muscle (pair)
45057 2250
bursa subtendinea capitis medialis musculi gastrocnemii (par)
subtendinous bursa of medial head of gastrocnemius muscle (pair)
45081 2251
bursa musculi semimembranosi (par)
bursa of semimembranous muscle (pair)
45039 2252
bursa subcutanea lateralis (par)
subcutaneous bursa of lateral malleola (pair)
45042 2253
bursa subcutanea medialis (par)
subcutaneous bursa of medial malleola (pair)
45033 2254
bursa subtendinea musculi tibialis anterioris (par)
subtendinous bursa of anterior tibial muscle (pair)
45045 2255
bursa subcutanea calcanea (par)
subcutaneous calcaneal bursa (pair)
45084 2256
bursa tendinis calcanei (par)
bursa of calcaneal tendon (pair) ; bursa of calcaneal tendon (pair); retrocalcaneal bursa (pair)
71601 2257
tendinous sheath of lower limbs (pair)
71602 2258
vaginae capita musculi supinatoris tarsales anteriores (par)
anterior tarsal tendinous sheaths of foot (pair)
45100 2259
vagina tendinum musculi tibialis anterioris (par)
tendinous sheath of anterior tibial muscle (pair)
45103 2260
vagina tendinum musculi extensoris hallucis longi (par)
tendinous sheath of long extensor muscle of great toe (pair)
45106 2261
vagina tendinum musculi extensoris digitorum longi (par)
tendinous sheath of long extensor muscle of toe (pair)
71603 2262
vaginae capita musculi supinatoris tarsales tibiales (par)
tibial tarsal tendinous sheaths (pair)
45110 2263
vagina tendinea musculi flexoris digitorum longi (par)
tendinous sheath of long flexor muscle of toes (pair)
45113 2264
vagina tendinea musculi tibialis posterioris (par)
tendinous sheath of posterior tibial muscle (pair)
45116 2265
vagina tendinis musculi flexoris hallucis longi (par)
sheath of tendon of long flexor muscle of great toe (pair)
71604 2266
vaginae capita musculi supinatoris tarsales fibulares (par)
fibular tarsal tendinous sheaths (pair)
45120 2267
vagina communis tendinum musculorum fibularium (par); vagina communis tendinum musculorum peroneorum (par)
common tendinous sheath of fibular muscles (pair); common tendinous sheath of peroneal muscles (pair)
45122 2268
vagina tendinea plantaris musculi fibularis longi (par) ; vagina plantaris tendinis musculi peronei longi (par)
plantar tendinous sheath of long fibular muscle (pair); plantar tendinous sheath of long peroneus muscle (pair)
71605 2269
vaginae tendinum digitorum pedis (par)
tendinous sheaths of toe (pair)
71606 2270
vaginae fibrosae digitorum pedis (par)
fibrous sheaths of toe (pair)
# vagina fibrosa digitorum pedis
# fibrous sheath of toe
71607 2271
pars anularis (par)
anular part (pair)
71608 2272
pars cruciformis (par)
cruciform part (pair)
71609 2273
vaginae synoviales digitorum pedis (par)
synovial sheaths of toe (pair)
# vagina synovialis digitorum pedis
# synovial sheath of toe
76455 2274
vincula manuum (par)
mesotendons of hands (pair)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The pes anserinus is the common insertion of the sartorius, gracilis and semitendinosus muscles.
Several new terms are added to the Musculus extensor digitorum longus: (1) the extensor expansion; (2) the central band of fibres of the extensor expansion, which attaches to the basis of the middle phalanx; and (3) the collateral bands of the extensor expansion, which attach to the distal phalanx.
The transverse intermuscular septum separates the superficial and deep posterior compartments of the leg.
The calcaneometatarsal ligament represents a lateral portion of the plantar aponeurosis .
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