Partonomy list P3, primary language: EN, subsidiary: LA, interface: EN, work in progress

renal pelvis (pair)

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Top level urinary system Short Extended
Level 2 kidney (pair) Short Extended
Current level renal pelvis (pair)
Subsidiary language with Latin
Non Latin primary language
Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
15575 3093
renal pelvis (pair)
pelvis renalis (par)
77044 3094
calices of dendritic type (pair)
calices typi dendritici (par)
76506 3095
major calices (pair)
calices renales majores (par)
18676 3096
superior calix (pair)
calix superior (par)
18677 3097
middle calix (pair)
calix medius (par)
18678 3098
inferior calix (pair)
calix inferior (par)
76507 3099
minor calices (pair)
calices renales minores (par)
77045 3100
(calices of ampullary type (pair) )
(calices typi ampullaris (par) )
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50.0 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
Here, the old ‘calyx’ should be replaced by the correct term calix (Faller A 1978 Die Fachwörter der Anatomie, Histologie und Embryologie, 29. Auflage, Bergmann, Munich; Marecková et al. 2001 Ann Anat 183:201-207).
Date: 02.11.2023