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temporal lobe (pair)

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Current level temporal lobe (pair)
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Partonomy list
Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
61825 38441 6017
temporal lobe (pair)
lobus temporalis (par)
38616 8705
superolateral surface (pair)
facies superolateralis (par)
74890 38619 6018
temporal pole (pair)
polus temporalis (par)
61905 38622 6019
superior temporal gyrus (pair)
gyrus temporalis superior (par)
38625 8706
anterior part (pair) ; secondary auditory cortex (pair) ; ERR1
pars anterior (par) ; cortex auditorius secundarius (par)
38628 8708
posterior part (pair)
pars posterior (par)
74891 6020 6020
temporal operculum
operculum temporale
71043 38634 8710
polar plane (pair)
planum polare (par)
273671 38638 6021
transverse temporal gyri (pair)
gyri temporales transversi (par)
31170 12252
primary auditory cortex (pair) ; core area (pair)
cortex auditorius primarius (par)
61909 38641 6022
anterior transverse temporal gyrus (pair)
gyrus temporalis transversus anterior (par)
61910 38644 6023
posterior transverse temporal gyrus (pair)
gyrus temporalis transversus posterior (par)
71045 38647 6024
temporal plane (pair)
planum temporale (par)
83782 38651 6025
transverse temporal sulci (pair)
sulci temporales transversi (par)
38654 8711
anterior transverse temporal sulcus (pair)
sulcus temporalis transversus anterior (par)
38657 8712
intermediate transverse temporal sulcus (pair)
sulcus temporalis transversus intermedius (par)
38660 8713
posterior transverse temporal sulcus (pair)
sulcus temporalis transversus posterior (par)
83783 38663 6026
superior temporal sulcus (pair)
sulcus temporalis superior (par)
61906 38666 6027
middle temporal gyrus (pair)
gyrus temporalis medius (par)
83784 38669 6028
inferior temporal sulcus (pair)
sulcus temporalis inferior (par)
61907 38672 6029
inferior temporal gyrus (pair)
gyrus temporalis inferior (par)
38856 9129
inferomedial surface (pair)
facies inferomedialis (par)
61907 6029 6029
inferior temporal gyrus
gyrus temporalis inferior
74518 6065 6065
occipitotemporal sulcus ; lateral occipitotemporal sulcus
sulcus occipitotemporalis ; sulcus occipitotemporalis lateralis
61908 38843 6063
fusiform gyrus (pair) ; lateral occipitotemporal gyrus (pair)
gyrus fusiformis (par) ; gyrus occipitotemporalis lateralis (par)
27933 12164
medial part of fusiform gyrus (pair)
pars medialis gyri fusiformis (par)
28290 12165
lateral part of fusiform gyrus (pair)
pars lateralis gyri fusiformis (par)
38862 8714
ectorhinal cortex (pair)
cortex ectorhinalis (par)
28302 12166
midfusiform sulcus (pair)
sulcus fusiformis medius (par)
83751 6042 6042
collateral sulcus ; medial occipitotemporal sulcus
sulcus collateralis ; sulcus occipitotemporalis medialis
61918 6070 6070
parahippocampal gyrus
gyrus parahippocampalis
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96.8 %
Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The Gyrus temporalis superior (Superior temporal gyrus; BA22) is not a homogeneous cortical area; it contains various cytoarchitectonically and functionally distinct cortical areas. Its Pars anterior (Anterior part or Belt area) forms the Secondary auditory cortex (BA42 or A2; see Morosan P, Rademacher J, Schleicher A, et al. 2001 Human primary auditory cortex: Cytoarchitecture, subdivisions and mapping into a spatial reference system. Neuroimage 13:684-701; Zilles and Amunts 2012). Its Pars posterior (Posterior part or Wernicke's area) is a loosely defined region which comprises the Posterior part of BA22 but also parts of the Inferior parietal lobule.
See note # 6019
The Dorsal part of the Gyrus temporalis superior contains three Sulci temporales transversi (Transverse temporal sulci): the Planum polare (Polar plane) is separated from the Transverse temporal gyri of Heschl by the Sulcus temporalis transversus anterior (Anterior transverse temporal sulcus), the Gyri temporales transversi (Transverse temporal gyri) are subdivided by the Sulcus temporalis transversus intermedius (Intermediate transverse temporal sulcus), and the Planum temporale (Temporal plane) is separated from the Posterior transverse temporal gyrus by the Sulcus temporalis transversus posterior (Posterior transverse temporal sulcus or Heschl's sulcus; see Duvernoy 1992).
See note # 6021
For the Inferomedial aspect of the Temporal lobe, usually the terms Gyrus temporalis inferior (T3), Gyrus fusiformis (T4) and Gyrus parahippocampalis (T5) are used, separated by the Occipitotemporal and the Collateral sulci.
See note # 6019
See note # 6019
The Cortex ectorhinalis (BA36) is often included as part of the Perirhinal cortex (Ding S-L, Van Hoesen GW 2010 Borders, extent, and topography of human perirhinal cortex as revealed using multiple modern neuroanatomical and pathological markers. Hum Brain Mapp 31:1359-1379) but lies on the other side of the Collateral sulcus.
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