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kidney (pair)

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Short English equivalent
Short official Latin term
7203 3041
kidney (pair)
ren (par) ; nephros (par)
15599 3042
lateral border of kidney (pair)
margo lateralis renis (par)
15598 3043
medial border of kidney (pair)
margo medialis renis (par)
15610 3044
hilum of kidney (pair)
hilum renale (par) ; hilum renis (par)
15611 3045
renal sinus (pair)
sinus renalis (par)
15589 3046
anterior surface of kidney (pair)
facies anterior renis (par)
15590 3047
posterior surface of kidney (pair)
facies posterior renis (par)
15604 3048
superior extremity of kidney (pair) ; superior pole of kidney (pair)
extremitas superior renis (par) ; polus superior renis (par)
15605 3049
inferior extremity of kidney (pair) ; inferior pole of kidney (pair)
extremitas inferior renis (par) ; polus inferior renis (par)
18104 3050
renal fascia (pair)
fascia renalis (par)
prerenal fascia (pair) ; anterior layer of renal fascia (pair)
fascia prerenalis (par) ; lamina anterior fasciae renalis (par)
retrorenal fascia (pair) ; posterior layer of renal fascia (pair)
fascia retrorenalis (par) ; lamina posterior fasciae renalis (par)
laterorenal fascia (pair)
fascia laterorenalis (par)
66610 3053
fibrous capsule of kidney (pair)
capsula fibrosa renis (par)
15876 3052
perirenal fat capsule (pair); perinephric fat (pair)
capsula adiposa perirenalis (par)
74280 3051
pararenal fatty body (pair) ; paranephric fat (pair)
corpus adiposum pararenale (par)
lobes of kidney (pair)
lobi renales (par)
# lobe of kidney
# lobus renalis
15581 3055
renal cortex (pair)
cortex renalis (par) ; cortex renis (par)
76659 3056
cortical labyrinth of kidney (pair)
labyrinthus corticis renalis (par)
76660 3057
cortex corticis (pair)
cortex corticis renis (par)
74299 3058
medullary rays (pair)
radii medullares (par)
74029 3059
renal columns (pair) ; cortical columns (pair)
columnae renales (par)
329238 3060
renal medulla (pair)
medulla renalis (par) ; medulla renis (par)
17733 3061
outer zone of renal medulla (pair)
zona externa medullae renalis (par)
76662 3062
outer stripe (pair)
stria externa (par)
76663 3063
inner stripe (pair)
stria interna (par)
76500 3064
vascular bundles (pair)
fasciculi vasculares (par)
76664 3065
interbundle region (pair)
regio interfascicularis (par)
17734 3066
inner zone of renal medulla (pair)
zona interna medullae renalis (par)
15622 3067
renal papilla (pair)
papilla renalis (par)
76666 3068
renal crest (pair)
crista renalis (par)
74268 3069
renal pyramids (pair)
pyramides renales (par)
# renal pyramid
# pyramis renalis
74311 3070
cribriform area (pair)
area cribrosa (par)
opening of papillary ducts (pair); papillary foramina (pair)
foramina papillaria pyramidis renalis (par)
15615 3072
renal segments (pair) P3 17 children
segmenta renalia (par)
15616 3073
superior segment of kidney (pair)
segmentum superius renis (par)
15617 3074
superior anterior segment of kidney (pair)
segmentum anterius superius renis (par)
15618 3075
inferior anterior segment of kidney (pair)
segmentum anterius inferius renis (par)
15619 3076
inferior segment of kidney (pair)
segmentum inferius renis (par)
15620 3077
posterior segment of kidney (pair)
segmentum posterius renis (par)
71636 3078
intrarenal arteries
arteriae intrarenales
intrarenal veins
venae intrarenales
15575 3093
renal pelvis (pair) P3 23 children
pelvis renalis (par)
77044 3094
calices of dendritic type (pair)
calices typi dendritici (par)
76506 3095
major calices (pair)
calices renales majores (par)
18676 3096
superior calix (pair)
calix superior (par)
18677 3097
middle calix (pair)
calix medius (par)
18678 3098
inferior calix (pair)
calix inferior (par)
76507 3099
minor calices (pair)
calices renales minores (par)
77045 3100
(calices of ampullary type (pair) )
(calices typi ampullaris (par) )
laminae pelvis renalis (par)
17913 3101
adventitia of renal pelvis (pair); adventitial coat of renal pelvis (pair)
tunica adventitia pelvis renalis (par)
17925 3102
muscular layer of renal pelvis (pair) ; muscular coat of renal pelvis (pair)
tunica muscularis pelvis renalis (par)
external longitudinal muscular layer of renal pelvis (pair)
stratum musculare longitudinale externum pelvis renalis (par)
circular muscular layer of renal pelvis (pair)
stratum musculare circulare pelvis renalis (par)
internal longitudinal muscular layer of renal pelvis (pair)
stratum musculare longitudinale internum pelvis renalis (par)
17931 3103
mucosa of renal pelvis (pair); mucous membrane of renal pelvis (pair)
tunica mucosa pelvis renalis (par)
263274 16267
proper layer of mucosa of renal pelvis (pair)
lamina propria mucosae pelvis renalis (par)
epithelial layer of mucosa of renal pelvis (pair)
lamina epithelialis mucosae pelvis renalis (par)
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Scientific notes
Libelle of note
The kidney is covered by a Capsula fibrosa around which the Capsula adiposa (perirenalis) is found. The whole is enclosed with the Fascia renalis, which consists of an anterior layer or Fascia prerenalis and a posterior layer or Fascia retrorenalis. Between the Fascia retrorenalis and the dorsal body wall with the Fascia transversalis, the Corpus adiposum pararenale is found. The Fascia lateroconalis is the peritoneal thickening, which extends anterolaterally from the adjoining merging lateral borders of the prerenal and retrorenal fascia.
Subdivision following Gray’s Anatomy (38th ed) and Benninghoff (16th ed).
Here, the old ‘calyx’ should be replaced by the correct term calix (Faller A 1978 Die Fachwörter der Anatomie, Histologie und Embryologie, 29. Auflage, Bergmann, Munich; Marecková et al. 2001 Ann Anat 183:201-207).
Date: 02.11.2023